Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Next Chance my New Liefe in a other wolrd

I would be bullied my whole life longh because I am different from everyone else

because I am tall for a girl.

I am now him the upper school and 1.90 m tall on the first school day all the

faces like they are looking at me.

I hate my life ....

See you again Akone .

Said my mother when I left the house. I didn't answer once, I just


And in front of our house I would be run over by a car.

I only heard the soft voice of my mother saying.

Akone Akone I need a kraken car I still heard how the sick car came

But after that I heard nothing.

And now I was sitting on a bench above the ground next to me were other people.

One after the other would be nahmentlich auf geruffen and then disappeared I

came after 3 hours I think.

I was teleported to a room where I saw an old man, a little girl and a young man.

and a young man all dressed up and looking like they came from the

from the ancient greek land.


Who do you see whom I may ask

We are the gods who watch over your world.

And why am I here?

You died, and everyone who dies, whether of old age or something else

ends up here with us.

And what happens to me here.

You will be sent to a new world, every man who sends you to this world or to another world

will be sent to another world, so there will always be a number of people.

not new men are born, but from another world the men who have died

get a new life in another world.

But not all are born again you can also be ported with your body and age to another world.

be ported to another one.



I don't want to be with this body in another world I would be bullied so far only because

I am so big I want a new body please please.

A tear rolled down my face.

But the little girl got up and came to me but you have a beautiful body

really schnieffffff: someone else said that except my parents

but i would still have another body if i could please.

ok of course it is possible so now we come to the world you come to ok.


in this world there is no technic like in your old world it is more like him direction

middle age on your old world but there is something crucial difference.

There is magic.

Yes exactly magic is built into your everyday life you will also be able to use magic.

Ok cool but how does it work how do I get to the new world I am not born again.

We drop him off in a forest near a city with a little money in his pocket.


so you're not completely helpless.

Do you have any questions?

Not really, I just hope life will be better than my last one.

Ok then have fun with your life said all 3 of them and I fainted.

When I came to I was lying in a forest with my back against a tree.


I look around I lie on the edge of the woods I see a city.

As I continued to look around I saw a clearing I made my way to


arrived there I saw a wolf lying which is injured

I go to him.

I can use magic veleicht I can use heal magic I try it once

HAEL I hold my hand over the wound and it closes again

the wolf sits up and looks at me and jumps at me and I think he is happy.


All is well again I stroke him over the head.

Suddenly the wolf turns into a man and a little girl stands in front of me.

eeeeeehhhh what why passirt that.

Hello my name is seki.

Eeh weren't you just a wolf how did you do that.

I am Akone.

I am a wolf human I can turn into a wolf and a human.

only the tail and the ears remain, because I am a man.

Ok and why were you hurt soh what happened.

I escaped from the village back there because the people there attacked me.

because animal people are equated with monsters, but that's not true.

But why were you hurt because I fell down and then I wanted to transform

because I'm faster that way but then they got me and hit me and then

and then luckily you came and helped me.

She jumps around my neck and smiles.

Don't you have anything against me Akome?

No why you're cute how old are you seki if I may ask.

Emh I'm 10 and you.

I am 16.

You don't have any parents seki.

No, they've been dead for four years. I've been moving around on my own ever since.

Seki's belly is hurting.