Chapter 0:

The Dog Named Truck-Kun...

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Dog

Arima was having fun. He was eating and drinking and just enjoying himself at his neighbors party.  Then he heard a familiar voice. 

"Yo, Arima!" A man exclaimed, waving his hand as he walked towards Arima. Arima grinned. 

"Yosuke!" He yelled. He put down his drink, and ran over to him. Yosuke had a wide grin on his face. 

"How you doin', Arima?" Yosuke asks. Arima grins. 

"Well, I just got a promotion at work, so things are going pretty well for me." Yosuke smiles. 

"Good to hear, buddy!" A dog walks up to Yosuke. "Hey, Truck!" He says with a chuckle. He bends down and pets him. 

"This is your dog?" Arima asks. Yosuke nods. 

"Yep! He's a bulldog. I named him Truck-Kun." Arima couldn't help hiding his shock. 

"....Truck-Kun...? Isn't that an internet meme?" He asks. Arima laughs. 

"Yep! I thought it would be pretty funny to name him that!" He says as Truck-Kun pounces over him, licking his face. "Hey! Down boy!" Yosuke yells. The other people at the party turn their heads at the sound of Truck-Kun barking, and walk over to Yosuke and Truck-Kun. They all ask for permission to pet Truck-Kun, and when they get that permission, they go crazy with it. Arima groans as he walks away. 

I can't believe that idiot named his dog after an Isekai trope... Arima thinks as he walks away. Then he hears a scream.

"Arima! Watch out!" Someone yells. Arima's eyes widen. He slowly turns around, and sees Truck-Kun charging at him with the force of a truck going at full speed. Arima attempts to move out of the way, but can't make it in time. Truck-Kun is right in front of Arima, and all Arima can do is ready himself for the hit. Truck-Kun hits Arima as hard as he can, and he gets thrown straight through the fence, tumbling from the yard all the way to the road. He groans in pain. 

"I think...that stupid dog broke my ribs..." Arima says, lying down in the middle of the road. 

"Arima, are you ok!?" Arima's wife, Ayaname, yells out, running towards the road. Arima slowly starts getting up.

"Yeah...I'm oka-" A loud honk could be heard by all, before a huge truck ran straight over Arima. 

He died instantly.