Chapter 24:

Epilogue: And so, the World Remained

Crescendo at the End of the World

I wasn’t born human, but from the many experiences I’ve had helping and understanding humans, I think I’ve grown to understand them. There was much more work left to be done, I was sure, and the people I’d met, Celeste, Flander, and Aria, would be found within my room in due time. They had become my friends, and, I was sure that somehow, someway, they found my being and time worth their own, and they would keep me company whenever they could. I hoped so. I hoped so with everything I had. But, I would not know when that would be, and I would not know what the room I was born into could do to me, and all I had for company was Dusk, a manifestation of the very room which kept me contained. With how long I waited, it felt as if I could wait for all eternity and no one would arrive, but I knew the passage of time was not that fickle, and that it was just a product of my own worries, my own emotions coming to the surface. I would wait, and keep waiting, until I was needed again.

The life I had thus lived was simply a crescendo at the end of the world, with many more notes left to be played. 

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