Chapter 1:

the fatal test


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Chapter-1. Blue Union and the fatal test -
(Pais da água, Cidade Café, Escola Estadual Ana Maria Caetano)
The State School Ana Maria Caetano was one of the best schools in the Water country, its high rate of training and productivity were always in the top 10, towards the formation of New skilled professionals, the school was the final stretch all learned in just 4 years several advanced subjects so choosing 2 paths, room 6 was filled with its 60 students at their technological tables with tablets attached to it, the place was comforting with an air of retro and technology in perfect harmony, the students were waiting for the arrival of the teacher, and several conversations were going on in the classroom that was quite large.
"Dude did you see yesterday's game?"
" yes bro o flatengo gave 7 goals in the urugais."
"DAMN IT! I thought they won..."
" HAHAHA! Bro your team is the biggest shit that's wide of this until the little boys beat them!"
if you guy respects the team of others.
"that's it ae dude everybody loses."
"loser crying wing."
" chola, baitola hehe"
"time, you piece of shit, I'm going to kick your ass."
the two boys begin to cap in the frantic beating between the wallets, and the dawn begins in the classroom and general is watching, several began to scream.
the beating was would be every punch was a flying tooth and the two neither Knew but by what they were fighting, until a staff screams deep down.
"Bite his bag!."
"she didn't call her mother a man."
" i ala said you can't take 10 minutes of beating!"
that was the last straw the two boys got into the pure adrenaline increasing the density of the blows
until you drop the cake of a girl you were eating.
and the gang is silent and everyone was taking a good distance from the place, and the two were still in the frantic beating.
some were watching videos or playing on their holographic devices the so-called DH, and didn't even understand the situation.
one of the brawlers is played face on the wall thus sinking his head, and the other had his face sunk on the floor and one foot on his face.
"calm my sister can do another after..."
she takes her foot off the boy's head with a lively and happy look, her eyes sparkled.

" Serious Dianir?

All the dominant races on the planet are humanoides (human appearance).
The race Înger was second race with the most beautiful individuals on the planet, his peculiarity was his eyes with cross-shaped pupil, and his spiritual aure her above his head of yellow color.

Dianir:" is Of Course Draelir, she loves to cook, i'll ask her to make a lot!”

The Draak race are of strong and fearless beings descendants of Dragons, its peculiarity is its greyish brown skin, its pairs of horns and its long tail with scales like ravines on the upper part of its tail from the beginning of it to the tip, with scales in the forearm to the hands and knee to the foot, these scales increases the resistance of such sites. Because draak is a warrior race.
Draelir:" ah wonder I'll want 60 of this cake!"
the whole class Is with his mouth open to the two brawlers who were on the floor all busted.
Dianir puts his hand on his face with an impression look, everyone there was thinking.
how she eats all this and has this beautiful healed body?"
Dianir:" I am always impressed by your hunger Draelir... how do you maintain this body?"
Draelir's eyes shine as a child getting the Christmas present who so kindof wanted happiness to talk about her hobby, she loved challenges and exercises.
Draelir:" ue... I always ate a lot because of the workouts in the gym and my work and in draak we have a differentiated metabolism, so with minimal maintenance my body is always up to time, incidentally you will never see a fat Draak or magro of moreOh! The workouts and exercises just thinking I get excited!”
Dianir: "thinking well I never saw another Draak in school, and our so lucky You've got it.”
"true I eat too much fat fast."
"and If I eat too much I don't get fat so I'm too skinny."
Draelir: "let this folks do not be sad the solution is..."
everyone was aware of what Draelir was going to say, some were even swallowing saliva of so much tension.
Draelir: "you must do 5,000 push-ups, 10,000 squats, 15,000 sit-ups and run 20 kilometers round trip hehe.”
the whole class was perplexed by Draelir's words.
Dianir:" interesting, Never thought of doing that."
" if Is of zoa Draelir that's a lot."
" I doubt that Kaô yours."
" know not in doubt.”
Draelir Gives a nice smile and beat their fists among themselves.
Draelir: "good so I'll show you, hehe i'm excited!”
Dianir:" ah she's going to do it again...”
a great wind hung over the classroom and suddenly the lull came upon the place.
Draelir:" I'm done."
What? you didn't even leave the place lying!"
"Shut up Jorginho didn't you see?"
Jorginho:" No, she didn't even leave the place. “
Dianir: "Damn Draelir you be even faster awesome."
Draelir:" thank you Dianir I've been training."
"I've only seen one figure."
"I saw everything she did"
the gang was divided on the issue so out of nowhere someone near the door screams.
"Go back to your places the teacher is coming!"
the structures and objects who suffered damage was almost finished being rebuild, grace the nano high repair technology embedded in them.
all return to their respective wallets as if nothing had happened.
the door opens and the teacher enters with slow steps goes toward his desk and sits at his desk arranging your perfectly aligned material, he looks at the class and fixedly putting a strain on the class, with a calm voice he says.
"Good morning Class."
and the class with the tension in the air responds.
everyone was afraid of him finding out of the that went there, it didn't even pass a needle of so much tension.
Alfonso:" So... “
he found out...
shit tamo Fucked..."
a My mom's going to kill me.."
" not to see just today that I wanted to see the Live of the cuicas brothers on Tutube, I'll be without HD if my father knows that..."
Dianir:" it looks like the sporro will eat loose hehe...
Draelir: "is there a long time to go for lunch? The aunt's food of the snack makes a very tasty food.
Professor Afonso subtly figgled his glasses, and this classic movement was the fatal blow to the class.
Alfonso:" congratulations to all for reaching the final test!, I'm very happy to get here, now you have received the last matter to do the tests profession."
attention of all there had come out with a slight sigh, some were still quite nervous distrusting the teacher's action.
a large hologram is activated for everyone in the class to see.
[ be welcome Mr. Afonso]

Alfonso:" Thank you, activate the world difference class."
various information was appearing in front of the screen, and everyone was paying attention.
Afonso:" well everyone present here is aware of which way and profession will follow now raise your hand who wants to go to a common profession?
34 people raised their hands, and several were surprised by the choice.
"Man thought you were going to be an adventurer."
"I changed my mind I like mathematics so much that I want to be a manager and I can't go on with that life either."
"Understand good luck dude."
"I say the same bro."
several conversations about thes subjects was rolling there, until the teacher Afonso speak.
Afonso:" very well go to another room for common work, your classes have now begun with another teacher."
Draelir:" a lot of people went to the ordinary.
Dianir:" mys Calculations was right to expect it.
everyone who chose this path went near Afonso and took some pictures together, Afonso was very excited but did not want to show for your students, The students who followed the path to the common profession retired to the other class, Afonso returns to his place.
Afonso: "now you who stayed, let us recall some concepts of what is be a adventurous as well as everyone knows, an adventurer is position for beings who that awakened his soul gaining physical and spiritual status far above a normal person, and graduating from university to become an adventurer and registering in a guild, so being able to do jobs that ordinary people have difficulty doing or you cannot because of your physical and spiritual limitations, you are aware that some missions may take your life if you agree to continue... you will take a physical test so you move on to the next step that is the university where you will train your physical and spiritual status, who wants to proceed say yes and the why to follow this path, after this sign the terms that appeared on your tablets that are aware of the risks and gains, the time is now say yes or no."
"yes, I want to form myself as an adventurer to have fame."
"yes I want to protect people."
"not thinking much better doesn't get into it."
"no I changed my mind."
almost all said yes and twenty two said no the motives were well differentiated and peculiar, the last to answer was Dianir and Draelir, Dianir then pass his hand on his hair and says with all his conviction.
Dianir:" Yes, I want to become a great researcher and inventor, I want to discover every new detail of this world and etc."
everyone around is impressed by Dianir's words.
"damn that conviction."
"beautiful dream wanted to be like this."
"eita and I just wanted money anyway."
Afonso: "beautiful goal Dianir, and now all that remains is for you Draelir to tell us your choice."
Draelir get up slowly and sketch a beautiful smile and with all conviction she says these words.
Draelir: "YES I want to find the Blue Union and make an order!"
everyone in the room is silent and most of them get a laugh.
"ward that dream beast haha!"
" idiot as if you will find something that is a legend and does not exist haha!"
Dianir:" shut up your idiots most can't even say anything, all dream half-mouth without purpose even one!."
Draelir:" haha thank you Dianir for the strength I'm already used to it, I know it seems beast more that I believe and I will go on to the end of my life."
Afonso:" understand.... well let's proceed, those who have given up go to the other room, and the one who have accepted follow me to the test room."
everyone's going out towards Your respective rooms, on the way Dianir was talking to Draelir.
Dianir: "Is this serious what you said Draelir?"
Draelir: "yes very serious that's my goal."
Dianir: "even though you know it's a legend and maybe it doesn't exist?"
Draelir:" yes something tells me that Blue Union exists and be somewhere and I believe it. “
Dianir: "now I'm curious about it."
all arrived in the test area, it was a large room with various equipment.
Draelir:" wow, that's cool! “
Dianir: "damn how much I'm crazy to mess with each one and i found out what it does."
Afonso:" now let's go to the last explanation, if you want to go to a mission or space area you should be aware of this, the our Blue planet is a colossal planet with Diameter: 838,920 km, Circumference: 2,635,584 km with a severity of 98.07 m/s² "
Dianir: "Our planet is then the largest in the solar system, is 6x larger than Jupiter, and witho gravity is 10x greater than Earth à blue moon, that has or Diameter

12,742 km, Circumference 40,075 km and Gravity 9,807 m/s² "
Afonso:" as always very intelligent Dianir, Is correct, knowing this, you are now awares of which planets with less gravity than blue, things get more light and so you manage to lift things that in blue were not able, well with everything explained now, one at a time will try to raise this black cube, made of Metalrite the metal but resistant of the universe.
Draelir:" hehe now yes said my tongue I'm excited will I get it up? How much does it weigh? “
[activate hologram]
Afonso shows them how would be the basic test, so proceed to the university, the cube of Metalrite was dark as night, Your Properties can be changed using various cosmic pressure radiation techniques, thus causing their density to increase or decrease, all students have made an Indian queue toward the cube.
"Why is there only one cube professor Afonso?"
Afonso: "for the analyses to be done properly in order not to have Cheating in addition to then speed testing, well now enough of the first conversation is you John, try to raise this, it's only 15 tons, and so the weight will be increased, to be approved in the testor minimum Right 30 Tons, if I let the cube touch the ground, it will fail and you can try one year later”
some participants are concerned about this, and the tension increases on the site.
Draelir: "that's all? I thought it was more haha."
Dianir:" this time even I'm worried about it..."
Draelir smile, that smile was you get, with a sign of joinha.
Dianir:" thanks for the support Draelir, but this challenge I will have to overcome."
John was full of himself, he makes a slight gesture on his nose with an expression of being superior to all.
John:" this is going to be easy, look idiots as it is done, you wimps don't even try to just give up and have an ordinary life, because good life is for you to have blue blood, ' as I the almighty John Hearts!."
what a stupid guy."
"you rich piece of shit, i hope you fuck."
"ah João is so beautiful he will surely succeed, date me your beautiful."

John get down and hold with both handss the cube that was the size of a shoebox that was on the floor, then its muscles expands and veins appear.
then John lifts the cube above his head keeping a distance forward his arms were trembling, Draelir looks at John with a look of concern, and then look at Dianir.
Draelir:" this guy be okay? He's just sweating with it.."
" amazing John is so strong and beautiful!"
"damn I wasn't going to get that weight."
John: "your idiots saw how fuck I am!"
Afonso smile lightly.
Afonso: "now that things are going to be good."
[start 30 tons]
suddenly John feels like he's raising a Tank of war, he try to hold on with all his might let the weight go down with everything, throwing John face down on the ground creating a hole in the ground iron in the shape of his face, with a pose of blood around him, John was unconscious and his hands were crushed.
"ahhhhh John!!"
"Damn he died?"
Dianir: "um so that was it..."
Draelir: "I knew this guy wasn't a big deal..."
Afonso: "don't worry he's not dead, the medica units will take him to the recovery room, now it's the last chance who wants to give up go along with the units as I said their lives are not guaranteed, they depend on their performance.
the robotic units arrived using ante gravity technology and carrying John's body that was being placed on a stretcher before gravity, and a high healing band was wrapped above his body floating straight above his body,
[ move away]
the units then withdraw and the students drop out Leaving then.
Draelir: "quite gave up that strange."
Dianir was sweating because he wasn't sure he could do it.several participants could not pass 25 tons, and others passed with some effort or as if it were nothing, only missing Dianir and Draelir to do the physical strength test.
Afonso:" well now all you're missing, It's your turn to Dianir."
Dianir was a slight tremble as she was heading towards the cube, when she gets close, looks at the object.
Dianir:" Do I have that strength? My soul awaken only weeks ago that was awakened, I do not know, I'm not like Draelir that train every day with absurd weights, good arrives Dianir ... be thinking will not help anything if I fail here I will not be able to enter this year, and I can not lose a year and try next, or all my calculations will be flawed, I have to follow my goal and also see the goal of Draelir, ahhh I'm so curious about, ah enough bora end this, Dianir you can do it!."
Draelir:" will Dianir der o your best the secret is breathing!"
Afonso: "start."
[ start 15 tons]
Dianir raise more easily and is surprised about the act.
Dianir:" eu? I thought it was heavier? It's serious I raised 15 tons look at this draelir i get Hihi!"
Draelir: "I said this was nothing, your fool now yes comes the challenge."
[start 30 tons]
Dianir feels the weight and his arm was slowly lowering, Draelir was sweating and his strength was waning.
she's not going to make it."
Dianir: "no... I can't let it fall... drug... That's so heavy. shit I'm starting to get dizzy from so much strength i'm doing..."
Dianir washerself remembering her sister, of always her being helped by her, and yet her sister always got carried over with Your Difficulties, Dianir's hands were beginning to bleed because of the pressure exerted on her, the cube was almost touching the ground but Dianir does not give up.
a white flame-shaped aura wrap the body of Dianir that lift the cube having a little difficulty to keep it high, but this time the cube was not coming down.
Dianir:" Am? What the other year? I feel stronger, I get sister..."
the teacher put your finger straightening your glasses, he was impressed that such a young girl had this done.
Afonso: "oh, then you had your first awakening of aura the pure awakening, to awaken this a great feeling or a lot of training, so you raised the cube, because your base status has increased by 25%, congratulations you passed the physical strength test”
Dianir Gives a slight smile and feels a slight dizziness letting the cube fall from his hands.
Draelir appears next to Dianir and holds the cube with one hand, while with his tail holds Dianir's waist in order to avoid his fall.
"I do."
"ah more or less."
" What happened?
Draelir: "Dianir you be well?"
Dianir opens his eyes and look at Draelir's hand that was holding the cube.
Dianir: "I'm fine, it was a slight dizziness, and how do you be holding it like it's nothing?"
Draelir: "oh it's true I didn't even realize I had handled it."
Alfonso:" she held the cube with one hand impressive, do not worry in some cases the aura awaken causes a temporary fatigue, but be aware that the aura breaks the limit of your body providing you with more power, so use wisely, by the fact of soul consumption, remember the soul is the fuel, if it ends... death is certain... with the right training this effect can be diminished but never nullified."
Draelir and Dianir are impressed by this fact, Draelir then puts Dianir on the ground.
Draelir:"hey teacher now it's my turn hehe."
Afonso: "do not need you already did the test, remember you raised 30 tons."
Draelir: "ahhh? Serious? I wanted to see my limit, this would seem like a great workout hehe."
Afonso:" no need, test Your limits in the last testthis the chances of fatality are the final test, the speed test."
Draelir feels excited and beats his fists to each other, and Dianir begin healing their hands, a yellow light comes out of them, that was a skill of the race Înger who could heal injuries and diseases.
Draelir:" now feel the challenge, if it's easy it's not funny, you can send!"
Dianir: "I'm ready now nothing stop me!"
Draelir: "hehe that's how you talk!"
" what a strong spirit!
" ohhhhhh! I'm excited too!"
"After that I'm more confident!"
~Truuum ~trinc
the room closes completely by closing the doors,
Dianir: "what? Where's the teacher?"
Afonso: "I'm in another room watching the final test, the rule will be simple, swerve from the cubes by Metalrite which will be shot from various directions at mach 20 speed until you beat the time of 15 seconds the final speed of the cubes will be at Mach 32, if hit 2 times will be disqualified or worse if this will cause his death, do not worry this room is reinforced with Metalrite, so do not hold on or you will die .
"damn now I can't miss or I'm going to die."
"this is going to be easy."
Dianir:" by my calculations the cubes will go into blind spots I have to be smart with this."
Draelir: "now I'm going to give it my all, I feel like some will try things wrong ones."
Afonso:" good... start final stage, speed test!"
[start shots at Mach speed 20 end time 15 seconds of consecutive shots]
Several cubes of Metalrite are fired simultaneously in several directions several begin to divert from multiple cubes.
until athe boy is hita on the head causing his skull to explode and his body shattered by the cubes that hit him at high speed.
"damn it! drug! damn it!"
Dianir:" shit if you have a hit death is instantaneous by the fact that the other cubes tear you apart, I have to calculate faster”
[ 8 seconds increase speed to Mach 25]
the cubes got even faster, Draelir was doresding from several cubes his attention was at its maximum, but his smile before the challenge was this clearly with a defiant smile.
Draelir:" i have to keep changing places, stay in the same place is to be hit because there is no space to move, is different from people attacking at the same time.”
Draelir jump back disappearing to the left, the impacts of the cubes on the ground created some deep craters, causing heat in place by high speed, a girl jumps back when a cube cuts her leg, she comes flipping between the ground being torn apart in the ground by several cubes.
[ 12 seconds increase to final speed Mach 32 ]
this time the speed was even more absurd, several students were being torn apart in the worst ways and the ground was increasingly staining more blood, Dianir was swerve dribouring quietly, while Draelir was swerve attentively.
Dianir:" now that I've gotten used to it I realized that my speed is much higher than Mach 32, Spent DRae.."
[ 14 seconds increases to Mach 40]
everyone is surprised and suddenly a cube hits Draelir's face ripping off half of his face, Active Dianir try to go toward to save her from being destroyed.
Draelir:" drug i can't see the cubes are very fast, will be the end of me? I'm good a loses his senses and die, and yet I'm excited, I just got to my speed limit, but No I want to die, and rather overcome my limits and improve my skills that's what I want!"
Draelir has her first aura awaken so she swerves through a collision of the cubes, Dianir was very close to Draelir but several cubes were coming around them.
Draelir's face was coming out a smoke as if it were steam coming out of a pressure cooker, and Diango activates your aura giving boost in Draelir that pulls him throwing the two in the same direction, then when the cubes were about to arrive at them again the time runs out and the cubes stop on time getting fluent in place, Dianir and Draelir disable your aura.
Dianir:" this time was for little, Draelir your face! Am what?"
Draelir's face was almost entirely reconstructed.
Draelir:" I don't know how I did it... let my face be regenerating."
Alfonso had a macabre smile with a sense of malice.
Alfonso:" then Draelir also awakened his aura, fascinating the healing factor of the Draak are the best of the dominant breeds, in just 10 seconds her face was reconstructed totally without scars, fascinating if I had this power... hahahaha! this year's test was worth it..."
Draelir: "our feel great doesn't even seem like I was without half my face, and what a hunger...."
Dianir:" this healing factor was monstrous never i saw this, it's much better than my cure that has limits, you did not know you could do this Draelir?"
Draelir:" haha I do not, it is the first time I hurt myself and never got sick also has something wrong?"
Dianir:"yes by the factor of you not repairing this you almost died you idiot!, so this cure factor nullifies diseases too."
Draelir:" do not cry Dianir our conquer was grace to teamwork, especially for you I would not be here, let's get up we got it, even though my heart is strange...”
the two get up and realize that there are few left, the place was tense the face of death was there the pain and suffering mixed with effort and overcoming were mixed with each other creating various feelings of insonos.
"drug almost died"
" shit to RAni and Maire Died..."
" that was nothing I thought would be challenging...”
"Hey you guys are good person?"
"yes by little."
"Why did this happen?"
Alfonso appeared before them looking at the remains that were there.
Alfonso:" unfortunately several were not fortunate enough to survive, that their souls rest in peace, and congratulations to the survivors who have passed, now a minute's silence for the deaths."
everyone went into silence as the tears fell, it was a victory but in the background no one was happy that several classmates or classmates had died, it was a victory with many losses was that the thought of Draelir ...

Next Chapter: The day of the hunt and the hunter.

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