Chapter 31:

Epilogue- My husband and Hero

The Husband and Hero

As the news of victory for Robal spread throughout both kingdoms, the two rulers quickly met to discuss the outcomes. While not a complete change, Frostala allowed most of the Robal citizens to return home to family members they had originally been left behind. Knowing there was still much more to fight forward towards, the kingdom of Robal kept their harden resolve.

Crowriff returned home to his family after keeping half of his promise to Birch. Although filled with regret, a sense of happiness returned to him.

Killian and Richi devoted their lives into helping the soldiers alongside Edgar, who provided the sweets and refreshments. 

And as for Birch and Shinkyo...


Sitting beside the open window leading into my bedroom, I look outwards onto my kingdom. Ever since the end of the war, I've locked myself within my palace. While I am pleased with the outcome, I am drenched in guilt. My pale resolve reflects off of the window sill. 

I knew there was no possibility of a happy ending between us, but this...this isn't what I wanted to happen to him.

Birch: "Shinkyo."

Startled by his sudden appearance, I wave him over to the chair sitting besides me. Taking a seat, Birch positions himself into a more relaxed posture. 

Birch: "I know your heart hurts...mine does too, but he's gone. He wouldn't want you to live like this."

Shinkyo: "How do you know, Birch? I'm sure he's angry and-"

Birch: "I know more than anyone else!"

Turning towards him, I notice his eyes are filled with tears ready to burst.

Birch: "I know because I love you! And I know that if he loved you even an inch as much as I do, he wouldn't feel that way!"

Shocked by his confession, I find myself speechless.

Birch: "When you love someone, you want to always seem them happy and smiling. I know he loved you, and that's all he would ever want! So-"

Birch stands upwards, out of his seat, and stared down at me with a serious expression. 

Birch: "Stop carrying this unnecessary guilt...and if you can't do that, least let me carry it with you." 

Looking up at Birch, it reminds me of Zaro's last words.

I want to see you smiling.

Before I know it, I find myself laughing, not at Birch, but at how right he is.

Zaro wouldn't want to see me this way. He said it himself.

Shinkyo: "You're right, Zaro wouldn't want me to carry this guilt...I can't just get rid of it easily but, I'll start trying to lighten it a little at a time."

Extending his hand out to me, I gladly reach out and take it with a smile.

I'm not ready to give up on this guilt just yet.

But, I'll start living again Zaro.

I'll start living for us -for you-, my husband and my hero.