Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Blue Epilogue (Part 1)

Grimson: Blue Future

Kring!! Kring!! Kring!!

My alarm clock suddenly rang with a loud noise.

All of the noises woke me up, I thrust my left arm from underneath

the blanket in search of the alarm.

Took me few moments before I find the clock and stop the alarm.

I woke up from the bed, grunting and stretch my arms out.

"Today is the last day of the exam..."

I left my bed and head to the shower.

After taking my clothes off, I enter the bathroom and twist the knob, releasing the water from the shower.

My name is Aito, Kuji Aito.

I am a second-year student at Mihama high school.

To clarify, I am but a regular person, just like many of us here.

The reason I said that was because... well supposedly those superpower thingies we watch in theaters turn out to be a real thing in the world I lived in.

Around 2 decades ago, there's a big organization known as Litch here in japan.

They are the previous government we had here before the one we currently have now.

From what I learn in my school, it is said that many join the organization with nobles making up the high ranks.

I do not know how or why, but only those with noble blood can and know how to use magic.

Yes, magic, told you that the superpower thingy in the theater is real.

Anyway, back to the topic, the organization soon show its true nature and declare a full-scale war against the entire world.

The reason was not that the organization tries to conquer the world or anything, it was but to solely shed some blood.

Yes, the organization causes the death of innocents all over the world solely to "have some fun".

Needless to say, the organization was mad, especially their leader, Altair.

Had government and military from all over the world didn't come together and put an end to her madness, then there won't be any of us here today.

There's another major event happening in the other parts of the world not long after Litch collapse and Altair death.

But nothing as serious as it was with Litch back then and there's only a little bit of info regarding them.

Well, whatever happens, it's all in the past and the best we can do is to not repeat them.

I believe that and the current government we have has done a good job in that regard.

I twist the knob back and turned the shower off.

I finished my bath and dry myself with the towel and headed back to my bedroom.

I open my wardrobe and take out the school uniform that I already hang in there the night before, and wore them.

I take a good look at myself in the mirror and what do you know, I think I look pretty cool and handsome.

I feel confident, grab my school bag, and headed out from my bedroom.

I climbed down the stairs and smells something nice.

"Good morning, dear."

My mom greeted me.

"Good morning, mom."

I greeted her back and sat comfortably at the dining table.

The sweet smells of fried eggs, bacon, and bread fill my nose and make me hungry.

"I am digging in~!"

I clap my hands together and start digging in.

My mom walked from the kitchen and bring a pair of bowls of soup, one for me and one for her.

"Thanks, mom."

I thanked my mom.

"Today is the last day of your exam, right?" "What would the subject be?"

Mom opens a conversation.


I answered her while continue eating.

"Oh, that's your specialty, right?" "That means you will certainly get a good grade."

Mom reassures herself and starts digging in as well.

"That's not all, mom." "I aim to surpass Aoi."

I said with determination in my voice.

"Aoi? you mean that Aoi-chan?"

Mom looks at me in disbelief.

"Yup, one and only."

I finish my breakfast and drank a cup of water.

"Well, I do not know why and where did you get the motivation, but knowing you, I know that you can do it." "Mom believes in you."

Mom smiled at me, expressing her faith in me.

"Thank you, I head out now, mom."

I grab my school bag and bid my mom goodbye before heading out.

"Yes, have a safe trip."

Mom waves at me.

I walked out of my house and headed out.

My house was quite far from school, I need to take a train to get there.

Thankfully after I walked out from the train, the school won't be that far.

Well, not something that I haven't gotten used to by now.

I walk the area around my neighborhood and the neighbor greeted me one by one as I walked past their home.

Of course, I do not forget to greet them back and even have a brief conversation with some of them.

After quite a walk, I reached the station and it's already crowded.

Adults going for works and students from different schools made up the majority of the crowd, which is given, remembering this early in the morning.

I brought a ticket from the locket and wait for my train to come.

I do not know if I am lucky or simply unlucky, by the time I arrive, the train has arrived as well, letting the passager inside to walked out.

Right after the very last person walked out, every last one of us rushed in inside the train.

I manage to get inside, while a bunch other was not.

Some are even unable to properly get inside and have to stand just barely inside the train, thanks to that, it's not possible to close the train door.

The officer saw the problem and soon approach those who stand outside the train door.

He pushed them in and squeeze as many passengers as possible inside until the train door can finally close on itself.

Needless to say, having all of us lump together inside like this in such small and tight spaces make it extremely excruciating and suffocating.

This is how it looks like during the rush hour here in japan and I hate to say that I am already getting used to this.

Minutes pass by and the train makes multiple stops along the way.

Bit by bit, more and more people would leave the train with every consecutive stop, giving me and the other much more needed room to breathe.

Well not really in my case, because the very next station was my stop.

I didn't have the luxury to catches my breath and walked out into the station.

I take a deep breath after I made it out, silently thanking the god above.

Afterward, I walked out from the station, and from here, the school was already visible for me to see.

There's also a lot of students wearing the same uniform as mine who walk past me and head into the school directly.

I join in the crowd and walk alongside them.

"Yo, Aito!"

A loud and familiar yell calls me from behind.

I turn around to see who it was, a pair of boys slowly approached me, walking side by side to each other.

The left one was a bald boy with sharp looks on his face as if he had seen better things today, you are forgiven if you think of him as a delinquent.

But that's my classmate and friend, Yamato, I assure you that he's not a delinquent.

The other one, on the other hand, was the complete opposite, he wore his uniform tidily, stand tall on his feet, and wore glasses.

You know, like those people that you know would be one of the smartest ones around.

This is Kuji, yet another classmate of mine, just like Yamato.

"I thought you say that we're going to walk together to school on the last day of the exam, what's with you? walking on your own like that."

Yamato bicker.

"Well, I thought that you guys might have gone ahead, so..."

I came up with an excuse and say it while scratching the back of my head.

"Like hell, we would do that, listen here, Aito, you do not leave a friend behind and we won't leave anyone behind as well, that's what a friend is!"

Yamato points at me and shouts.

"Well, putting the topic of "What a friend is" aside, today is the final day." "You think you can pull it off, Aito?"

Kuji fixed his glasses and asks.

"Of course I am, I already prepared myself and study hard for all of this." "There's no conceivable way that I am not going to make it!"

I shout in determination and clench my fists together and raise it to the height of my shoulder.

"...Man, you're hyped up about this, didn't you?"

Yamato looks disinterested and scratches the back of his head.

"Agree, normally, I would be on your side, but I think that you might have put yourself against impossible odds." "I mean, it was that "Aoi" we talking about here..."

Kuji looks just as disinterested.

"What about me that you guys talking about~?"

Suddenly a female voice caught the three of us by surprise.

Both Yamato and Kuji turn around to see who the owner of the voice was.

It was a woman... no a goddess.

With flowing long blue hair, resembling that of flowing water.

Her eyes match her hair color and reflect the lights that hit it back, like a pond.

Her beauty rival that of a moon in the middle of a clear night, if someone says that she was a goddess sent from the moon to watch over us puny humans, then I will absolutely buy that story.

This is Kougami Aoi, the school madonna- I mean goddess.


Kuji suddenly tensed up and getting all flustered.

I can somehow imagine smokes coming out from his noses and ears and his eyes take the shape of a heart.

All of his previous "Student Model" persona collapse completely.

Yeah, this Kuji over here, is head all over heels for our school goddess here."Good morning, Kougami."

Yamato and I greeted Aoi.

"Good morning."

Aoi flashes a smile toward us and greeted us back.

"So? what is this about me that you guys talking about?"

She immediately got back to the topic and look at us, one by one.


I scratched the back of my head and look away.

She was the last person that I want to see right now, not because I dislike her or anything, far from it.

She just so happen to be the hurdle that I need to overcome to achieve my goal, that's all.

"Nah, just the usual stuff, Aoi." "Anyway, this Kuji over here-"

"Hey hey hey!! What are you trying to say!?"

Yamato was about to spill the beans, but Kuji acts first and comedically choke Yamato first before he can finish his line and lift him while shaking him around.

I am confused about who's the real yankee here.

Aoi just stares at them, oblivious to what's happening.

"I don't quite get it, but I am glad to see you guys fired up." "Today is the last day of the exam, let's tough it out."

Aoi smiles and cheers all of us.

"Yes, ma'am!!"

Kuji drops Yamato to the ground and salutes to Aoi.


A pair of girls approach Aoi from behind, they're another classmate of ours.

"Walking to school? let's walk together!"One of the girls offer.

"Sure." "See you guys later, Aito, Yamato, Kuji."

Aoi waves at us and bids her farewell.

"Yeah, see ya around, Aoi."

I responded.

"Don't worry, Aoi! be it continent or sea, if you call for me, I am going to cross all of them to made it to you!!"

Kuji shouts like a soldier and salutes.

Aoi and the girls then walk ahead and left.

I can faintly hear the two girls gossiping about what a weirdo Kuji is.

Aoi herself didn't participate in the gossip and ask the girls to stop.

Well, I can't blame those girls.

I am too wondering how can I still hanging out with such a weirdo as well.

"Geez, man, if you really like her, why don't you just confess?"

Yamato returns to his feet.

"C-c-confess!? what are you talking about!?"

Kuji gets all embarrassed and shouts to hid his embarrassment.

"I told you if you like her, then just confess."

Yamato lazily adds.

As interested I am to listen to their conversation, I do not want to be late on the last day of the exam.

"Hey, let's just walk or we're going to be late."

I interrupt their talk and seconds later, the school bell rang.


I add.

The three of us quickly make the run for it and head to school.

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