Chapter 0:

My previous life

How I was reincarnated as a Finn

It was the spring of my first year in High School. Different school, same people. I was kind of disappointed at how few people were new to me, but I guess that's the catch with living in a suburban city. At least I could easily escape the same faces by taking a short train trip. I could go from a suburb to one of the largest cities in the world in less than an hour.

Although only a few new faces showed up at my new school, I was happy with my new school. I could spend my time with Kaji, my friend from kindergarten and try to confess my crush Sayuri. Even though my chances with Sayuri were low, I could just imagine getting married with her and starting a family. Of course this wouldn't be possible without actually confessing my feelings to her. Kaji and I would plan giving a love letter to her for days, but it always fell apart with my shyness.

I was a hardworking student in my opinion. I would cram like crazy for exams, but I couldn't focus during class. I would just think about the hypothetical situation of me failing an exam or getting rejected by Sayuri. I did well during exams, but teachers just saw me as a lazy student. They suspected me of cheating due to the discrepancies between my class performance and exam results. I was often called to the principal's office to sort out these problems. No matter how many times I tried to explain my way of not focusing during classes and cramming before exams, I just ended up in his office time after time. The teachers couldn't just imagine a student who excelled during exams without studying hard during class.

Nonetheless, I felt like I was living a good life. I had good friends, an accepting family and ambitions. I felt I was going to have a bright future. I just wonder how my friends and family are surviving without me. It must be hard.

Joe Gold