Chapter 30:

Efforts of Training

Every Side of the World

The owner stopped and looked at everyone in the arena. He saw Maru, Stereo, the announcer, and a familiar face.

“Kizou?!” Kosta exclaimed as he saw Kizou standing there. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean?!” Kizou exclaimed. “I literally told you that I was going to be here!”

“Come to think of it,” Kosta said as he looked up to think about what he said. “I might’ve not been too specific about where you were supposed to go to find the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“You think?!” Kizou said angrily with his fist up.

“Kizou, you know him?” Maru asked after seeing their overfamiliarity.

“Not really,” Kizou said with a sigh. “He just told me that my backpack was my I.D..”

His backpack was his I.D.? Maru thought to herself. There aren’t too many magic I.D.s.

“Anyways,” Kosta said while looking at the aftermath in front of him. “What happened here?”

“He tried to kill her!” Maru yelled while pointing at Stereo who didn’t even look like he regretted his action.

“Is she telling the truth?” Kosta asked the announcer.

After some time of quietness, the announcer let out a sigh.

“No, he just managed to overpower me,” the announcer answered.

Kizou and Maru both looked at her in shock as they clearly knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

“In that case,” Kosta said while walking up to the announcer. “What grade would you give him?”

“I’m giving him a B+,” the announcer said with a cough. “Due to reasons.”

“Fine,” Kosta said while looking at Stereo. “You are free to leave.”

“B+?!” Stereo exclaimed in anger. “All of that for a B+?!”

Pressure started building up in the arena that caused everyone to be wary. Stereo quieted down and looked at where the pressure was coming from.

“I suggest you take your grade and exit out of the arena,” Kosta said while trying to hold his temper.

This guy is strong, Maru thought to herself.

So, this is Kosta, Kizou thought to himself.

“Hmph, fine,” Stereo said as he walked out of the door.

“Now then, let us move on to the next participant,” Kosta said.

“Why didn’t you tell him the truth?” Maru whispered towards the announcer.

“I would be fired if I told Kosta that I was defeated easily,” the announcer answered.

“Hmm,” Maru mumbled to herself.

Maru walked back towards her seat, but Kizou was stopped before he was able to walk back.

“You’re the next participant,” Kosta said with a smile towards Kizou.

“Okay, that’s no problem,” Kizou said. “Who’s my opponent?”

“That would be me,” Kosta said with his smile still there.

“Huh?!” Kizou exclaimed.

Oh, is it Kizou’s turn? Maru thought to herself as she saw Kizou standing there. I wonder who his opponent is going to be.

“The next match will be number 60 against the owner of the establishment, Kosta,” the announcer yelled out.

“The owner?!” voices could be heard from the crowd.

“Aren’t they supposed to be strong even though they aren’t ranked?” someone else said.

“I thought that guy who fought Aimi was unlucky, but this guy has it worse,” another person said.

Can Kizou win? Maru thought to herself worriedly. He was definitely strong.

“Why do I have to fight you?” Kizou asked. He didn’t mind who he had to fight, but he could tell Kosta would be a problem.

“I was actually a student at Lestia Academy a few years ago,” Kosta said with a smile. “So, I know how rare it is to receive a provisional I.D. from the headmaster.”

Wait, the I.D. literally says it’s from Yui?! Kizou thought to himself.

“I don’t know what the history behind the two of you is,” Kosta said. “But I’m willing to see why the Headmaster would be interested in you.”

Should I tell him that it was actually her husband who wanted me? Kizou thought to himself.

“Okay, I’ll accept the challenge,” Kizou said with a smile.

Pretty gutsy, Kosta thought to himself.

Kosta held his staff in his hand and stood straight with a smile. Kizou pulled out his sword from his side and got into a stance.

“You know the rules,” the announcer said. “Fight!”

Kizou charged at Kosta with his sword, and Kosta deflected all of his strikes with his staff. Kizou went for a feint, but Kosta easily tracked him and managed to block his attack. Kosta raised his staff and tried to hit Kizou over the top of his head, but Kizou raised his sword up to block it. Kosta lifted up his leg and tried to kick Kizou in the stomach, but Kizou was able to block his attack with his leg.

“Looks like you’re skilled in both fighting and swordplay,” Kosta said as he scooted back.

“As are you, owner of the Guild,” Kizou said with a smile.

“Let’s see how good you are with magic then,” Kosta said.

Kizou stood still and waited for his next attack.

“Winds of the Heavens,” Kosta chanted as he held his staff out.

Three whirlwinds that almost reached the top of the arena started circling around Kizou’s general area and moving towards him.  Kizou started dodging each whirlwind, but they continued to follow him.

Let’s see what you’ll do against these winds, Kosta thought to himself.

Kizou realized that they continued following him, so he pushed back to make enough room between the whirlwinds and him. He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and started focusing energy.

“Oh?” Kosta said while watching Kizou.

He opened his eyes and sliced through all three whirlwinds. The whirlwinds slowly disappeared. He exhaled and looked at Kosta.

It’s just like when he slashed that fire, Maru thought to herself impressed.

That was more tiring than usual, Kizou thought to himself.  

“Alright,” Kosta said. “Looks like it’s time to kick things up a notch.”

“Same here,” Kizou said with a smile.

“Fog,” Kosta said with a smile as the area started becoming enveloped with thick smoke.

Looks like he was serious, Kizou said with a smile.

“Winds of the Heavens,” Kosta chanted once again.

“Aren’t you just going to clear out the smoke?” Kizou asked with a chuckle.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Kosta said.

The whirlwinds started circulating around the fog, but the fog still managed to stay intact.

Let's try blowing it with my sword again, Kizou thought to himself.

Kizou closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and started focusing energy.  He opened his eyes and let out a strike.  The fog and whirlwind continued to stay there.

What? Kizou thought to himself.

"You didn't think I'd let that happen again, did you?" Kosta asked.

Kizou didn’t know where he was walking, but he could feel the heavy force of the whirlwind coming his way. As he dodged the other way, he felt a sudden strike hit him on the top of the head.

“Can’t figure out where you’re going, huh?” Kosta said as he striked Kizou in the head. Kizou turned around to try to strike Kosta with his sword, but he was gone by the time he turned.

“Damn!” Kizou said aloud, frustrated.

How does he know where I am? Kizou thought to himself.

“Kizou,” Maru whispered as she could see him struggling, since the fog only covered up a few feet above Kizou.

“I’ll let you in on a secret,” Kosta said. “While I can’t see you, my staff can easily find heavy objects within my general area.”

“Why would you need a staff like that?” Kizou asked.

“When you grow up with wind affinity as a kid, it’s easy to lose things that are precious to you,” Kosta said with a smile. “Which is why this stuff allowed me to find whatever I lost.”

“I still think that’s pretty dumb,” Kizou said with a laugh.

“Well, look at who’s losing,” Kosta said.

The whirlwinds kept circulating around, and Kizou dove to the side as he could feel the whirlwind coming his way.

“Behind you,” Kosta said with a smile as he hit Kizou on the ribs with his staff.

Kizou fell to the ground and grabbed his rib after the painful strike.

Do I really have to rely on it for everything? Kizou thought to himself in pain.

“You can easily forfeit, and everything will be good,” Kosta said with a smile.

“Nah, I’ll end this now,” Kizou said while gasping for air.

He’s that confident? Kosta thought to himself.

“Well, goodluck with that,” Kosta said. He held his staff tight and started rushing towards a heavy object.

This should knock him out, Kosta thought to himself.

Suddenly, he started to feel the presence of three other heavy objects besides Kizou.

Wait, what’s going on? Kosta thought to himself.

“Whoa,” the crowd of spectators said. “When did he chant that?!”

He really is strong with magic, Maru thought to herself.

The three whirlwinds that were circulating around the area became frozen through Kizou’s magic. All that stood left were three sculptures, and Kizou leapt up high to stand on top of one of them.

“Looks like you’re confused,” Kizou said as he sat on top of the frozen whirlwind.

“Tsk!” Kosta said as he raised his staff to release the fog, since he wasn’t sure what was going on.

He looked at his surroundings to see all of his whirlwinds turn into ice sculptures.

“When did he?” Kosta mumbled as he saw how spectacular of a feat this was.

Kizou stood on top of one and smiled as he slowly dropped down with his sword.

“Looks like you’re making one last stand,” Kosta said. “Wind Bullets!”

He pointed his staff up at Kizou and started launching barrages at Kizou, since he assumed that Kizou wouldn’t be able to dodge them.

“Come on, come on,” Kizou thought to himself.

The wind bullets were getting closer with enough pressure to knock the air out of someone.

“Time Lord,” Kizou said to himself as his right eye turned red.

As he continued falling down, time stopped. Kizou was able to discern where the wind bullets were going as well as how to dodge it. However, his limit was only 1 second.

Dodge, Kizou thought to himself as he launched straight down to dodge every wind bullet that he saw.  He swerved to the right and left to make sure he wasn't touched.  Kizou saw where Kosta was standing and binded Kosta’s feet with ice to stop him from moving.

1 second passed, and he was still a distance from Kosta.

How did he get here so fast?! Kosta thought to himself. Got to move out of the way!

As Kosta tried to step back, he realized that his feet were stuck in ice.

“Its my win!” Kizou yelled out as he continued getting closer.

“Don’t push your luck!” Kosta yelled. “Wind Bullets!”

The wind bullets were pointed straight at Kizou, and there was nowhere left for him to dodge.

“As I expected,” Kizou said. He put his hand out ahead of him, and an ice ledge formed horizontally from the ice whirlwind and a few feet above Kosta. It blocked all of the wind bullets.

Chantless magic?! Kosta thought to himself.

Go, Kizou! Maru said as she clamped her hands together.

As the ledge formed ahead of Kizou, he stood on top of it to get a quick footing. He jumped off the ledge and aimed for a backflip to land behind Kosta.

I can’t get out of this ice in time! Kosta thought to himself as he kept hitting the ice with his staff. Looks like it’s my loss.


Kosta turned around and stared at the sight in front of him.

“Huh?” Kosta said aloud.

“Huh?” Maru said aloud.

“Huh?!” the crowd said aloud.

“Ow,” Kizou said as he sat on the floor and grabbed his butt. When he tried to do a backflip from the ice ledge, he slipped and ended up falling instead.

“Haha!” Kosta started laughing uncontrollably. The crowd joined in as well after seeing the sight.

“Idiot,” Maru mumbled to herself with her palm to her face.

The ice magic on Kosta’s feet started wearing off, and Kosta was finally able to break it with his staff.

“Get up, my friend,” Kosta said as he walked over to Kizou with his hand stretched out.

“Thanks,” Kizou answered as he grabbed his hand.

“What an exciting match!” Kosta said as he put his arms around Kizou.

“I lost,” Kizou said with a frown. “But I’ll beat you next time.”

“I’ll be waiting for that challenge,” Kosta said with a smile. “But for now, B!”

B?! Kizou thought to himself. Well, Cheron did say to try not to get too much attention, so that should be fine.

“You head on back inside,” Kosta said. “I’m going to stay here for a bit.”

“Okay,” Kizou answered as he started walking towards the entrance.

Chantless magic, and he easily kept up with me? Kosta thought to himself.  If he landed a hit, that would've easily been an A+.  Just where did the Headmaster find such a monster?

As Kizou walked towards the entrance, he looked up towards Maru.

“Hurry up and win,” Kizou said. “I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

Maru smiled and gave Kizou a thumbs up.