Chapter 12:

Chapter 12: An Unholy War | Part 3

Beyond Waters

- I can't smile. Not after that. Not after I killed her. Es it right for me to smile after that? After I killed her?

- I suppose when you say it like that no. So, how about we don't say it like that.

- Huh?

- If you can't smile for your sister's sake smile for someone else's.

- Either way I'd still be smiling knowing I killed someone of family. Someone of my own blood. ARGH! They screamed slammin' the ground, gravel leapin' up at 'eir fist's rage.

- It's not easy for me either, y-you have to just—to just...

- Just what? Pretend like nothing happened? To let go and imagine everything's fine? To tribe with that! No chance am I doing that.

- Watch your tongue, you never know who's listenin' or where. 

- Oh and like that's going to help. We're still targets. We're as good as dead! Well, maybe not you but I sure am. You with all your power can do anything in the world, can't you? Mr. Hero?

- N-No I—

- No what? Or are you saying you're not the hero you claim to be? That you're not the greatest Arch-Mage? That you're not the hope of everyone and everything down in thes sorry tribehole?

- It's not that!

- It's not?! You mean you are that hero? Can you save her then? Can you do anything at all to help her? No! No you can't. If you could you would have before. You would've MAGICALLY found a way to save them from who knows how far away an' managed to get us out there unscathed. In fact, if you were so great why didn't you stop the war before it started?! Well?! Great hero?!

- You done?

- Oh I ain't done yet! I-I—

- It's okay. It's a lot to take in at the moment. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I am now though. I am now, They said soothin'ly, brushin' the hair underneath Ischlam's hat. You always loved it when I did thes. You said it always calmed you down and helped you sleep.

- Like—like that's going to do anything.

- It's fine. You're strong now. You've grown so much. You're an Arch-Mage now. You're not the little Ischlam who couldn't protect themselves all those years ago.

- Y-you're wrong, I am that little Ischlam. I haven't changed. I haven't done anything. Nothing but kill.

- Then lay down your fangs and never sink them into anyone else again. You're not a killer Ischlam. You're not like them. You can change. You can improve. They can't. So don't worry, you can rest for the time bein'. I'l get you somewhere to stay hidden for a while. Once we come back, we can bury your sister. We'll set up a nice place and find a place for her to rest too. So, please, I don't want to see that look of despair on your face. The last time I saw that was when I lost your mother. I don't want to lose anyone else.

- B-but—

- No buts. We're gettin' out of here alive. No question. Yet again me sayin' that sounds like a jinx, doesn't it?

- N-not funny.

- Sorry.

- .....

- .....

- H-hey, so...

- It'll be fine.

- No, not that. My mother, what happened to her?

- You know, I'll tell you that tale when we find home.

- But where's home?

- Don't know, we'll have to find out together.

- That's not an answer. The mage chuckled.

- Then we'll find one. The hero smiled.

An' after 'at they walked away from the battlefield an' looked for somewhere to hide. They journeyed long an' hard, spannin' much time an' hardship. The two walkin' along the broken roads ahead, Isclham's sister in 'eir warm arms, as they looked for shelter.

"Did they ever find shelter?"

Yes, they eventually did. They found it in the Caverns. Whilst not a permanent place o' stay, it would keep 'em occupied for quite a while. The hero worked to protect the lands, as the Arch-Mage worked on honin' 'eir magic.

An' that is where our story shall end for today.

"Aww but what happened to the hero?"

You'll have to find out another time. You need to go to bed soon, an' I have to head back for me own sleep. I've got me first day at a job tomorrow, an' I don't want to miss it. 


See you later alligator.

"In a while crocodile!"

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