Chapter 30:

Interlude: Battle Preparations

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Day: 8/6/991; Time: 14th hourBookmark here

Jill was happily eating her lunch in her tent; it was mostly sweets: Strawberry Ice cream was her favorite. She had fully recovered, but only physically. She was still angry about the beating she received, but was going to make herself feel better by taking it out on the citizens of East Valis. They were going to attack the Golden City in only a few days.Bookmark here

A red cloaked woman walked through the front door, and stared at Jill angrily. "Why can't you just follow orders? Commander Dios will be furious if he finds out! The entire mission may have been compromised!" said the blonde woman that had just stormed in.Bookmark here

"That's only if he finds out… he's too far away to have heard the news. By the time he does, the city will have been conquered by my men. As long as the Golden City is ours, does it really matter if I have a little fun? You should lighten up, Naki." replied Jill. Jill was the commander, but she was not one to take her responsibilities very seriously. It was no wonder that Naki, and Jill's other subordinates would often berate her.Bookmark here

"I don't think you understood what you just did! The stone might not be ready in time," retorted Naki.Bookmark here

Jill looked at the Topaz lying on the table next to her; it had regained some of its Amber glow. "It looks fine to me," she replied casually.Bookmark here

Naki looked at the Topaz, and responded, "Dios said that it takes an entire month for it to fully recover its power. Do you understand that the mission has been jeopardized!?" She glared at her smiling commander.Bookmark here

Jill grabbed the Topaz, held it up, and looked intently at her, "Don't worry, my dear Naki. It will be ready…. I have seen what the stone can do. It is the power of the gods. The Golden City will be decimated by this golden stone in my hand… you can be sure of it. We will be victorious."Bookmark here

Naki replied coldly, "I hope that your confidence is not misplaced." She turned around and left the tent, leaving the boastful Jill by herself.Bookmark here

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