Chapter 24:

The Lost Memory

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

On Zhargun...

“Lord Vladmir, I have already informed Satyr that the monster leader election has been brought forward by one year.”

“What’s the answer?”

“He will come on time.”

“Tormentor, there’s something amiss with your story. The Satyr I know wouldn’t say things like that.”

“Actually, it wasn’t he who answered, but a Rhino. He said he would pass it on to Satyr.”

“How come? It has always been Satyr.”

“I heard voices there. I thought it must have been his voice. The Rhino said Satyr was tired of hearing my voice. Damn him!”

“It smells fishy, but okay, we’ll just wait.”

One of Zhargun’s elite soldiers came. “Lord Vladmir, I would like to report. We cannot conquer Mars yet. There was a very powerful being there named Quiva. Darktiza has severe injuries all over her body,” Ghoul said.

“She was defeated? How amusing,” Vladmir said.

“We had immediately fetched her.”

“Okay. Tormentor, can you resolve it for me?”

“Yes, Milord. I am going over there right away. Would you like to come along, Milord?”

“If I go, I’ll destroy Mars right away! Did you just insult me, Tormentor?!” Vladmir walked up to Tormentor.

“My utmost apologies, Milord. That was not what I meant. I just want you to watch me beat Quiva later. I just want you to give me some credit.”

“You want me to? I know you can kill her. Tell you what, I’ll give you a challenge. Bring her here alive! If you succeed, I will give you some credit!”

“Yes, Milord.”

A year and a half later...

“Just a few months left!! Don’t be lazy! We have to get stronger. We will speak kindly to their envoys, but we must prepare for the worst!” Torou said.

“It seems that Mr. Rat is fit to be a coach,” Roman said.

“Of course, I learned from him,” Shinra said proudly.

“How can you two still relax like this? You think this is a joke? Hurry up and train!” Julia said.

Shinra and Roman trained together. “Hey, Shinra, you said you used to train with my sister when you were little. Has she always been this short-tempered?”

“She’s the quietest and the shyest girl I’ve ever met. Maybe it was the responsibility as a big sister that changed her.”

A little while later, Kenue came. “Hey, Roman and Shinra.”

“Yo, Kenue. Why did you come alone? Where are Darma and Terry?” Roman asked.

“That’s what I want to tell you. Apparently, they just want to spend their time as a happy little family. He also apologized for not being able to join.”

Darma and Terry stopped training out of the blue because they wanted to focus on their family with their child.

“So they don’t think of us as family anymore?” Roman asked, aggravated.

“Leave them be, Roman. We’ll know what it’s like when we have our own little family someday,” Shinra said.

“We are family!!” Roman said. Deeply disappointed, he left Shinra and Kenue.

“All right, now it’s just you and me,” Kenue said.

“He must be very disappointed since he was the one who put in the most effort against monsters. Let’s just leave him alone for a while,” Shinra said.

“Hey, Roman, where do you think you’re going?! You should be training. Answer me, Roman! Otherwise, I’ll really beat you up!”

Julia strode over to Roman.

He stopped and looked at her with a piercing gaze. Shocked, she fell silent. He then made his way toward the forest.

She fell into a hunched position after he walked away.

“Julia! Are you okay?” Shinra shouted, walking over to her.

“Those eyes! Just like Dad’s eyes! I remember when he was angry. The look in his eyes was so terrifying it could petrify you!”

“Okay, I’ll talk to him.”

“Don’t! He can’t control himself. It’ll be bad for you!” She held his hand and did not let him go.

“What happened?” Kenue came over.

“Apparently, Roman went out of control after hearing your story about Darma and Terry earlier,” Shinra said.

“Okay, I’ll go after him. I know the feeling all too well. It’s my turn to help him now.”

Kenue went after Roman.

“Don’t!! Come back here, Kenue!!” Julia shouted.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine.” Kenue entered the forest.

“Tell me, Julia, what was the worst thing your father did when he was angry?”

“His power is unimaginable! He could destroy anything in his path. Roman’s eyes look a lot like Dad’s!”

“If that’s the case, we have to help Kenue! You have to be brave, Julia. I’m always with you. Let’s go after him!”

“Okay, but the two of us won’t be enough. Bring Torou and the others along. This will be very difficult!”

Shinra told Torou and the others that Roman went berserk. Roman misunderstood. He felt like he was not considered family by Darma and Terry.

“Is it really that bad, Julia?” Torou asked.

“Torou, you know what it was like when Dad got angry, right?!”

“I have never seen it in person, but Lyra told me once. Very well, let us go.”

Torou, Julia, Shinra, and Kong entered the forest following Kenue. On the way, the four of them were startled. Kenue was thrown toward them, wounds all over his body.


“Sorry. Cough… I think I just made it worse,” Kenue said.

“Kenue!! Are you okay? I’ll take you to the town to be treated immediately.” Kong carried Kenue and returned to the town right away.

Kong had just run a few meters when Roman appeared in front of him. Roman immediately hit him hard in the chest until he was thrown far away.

Thwack... Thump... Thud…

“Cough… I can’t br…eathe. P-Please help… me,” Kong said, stretching out his hand.

Torou walked over to him. “Eat this, Kong.” Torou gave him a pill. This is bad. If my guess is right, maybe Roman is as strong as Satyr right now!

Roman approached Kenue who was lying on the ground.

“I remember you. You almost killed me once. Pathetic! I’ll kill you now.” He poised to strike.

“Roman!! Stop!!” Julia shouted, running toward him quickly and restraining his fist.

“Big Sis? You want to attack me, too? I’m your brother, right?” Roman was depressed. It was triggered by Kenue’s story about Darma and Terry.

“Roman!! Kenue is our friend!” Shinra stepped forward and took Kenue away from Roman.

Four years ago...

Roman walked alone to the village where Terry lived. His eyes showed tremendous pain. On the way, he saw many small children playing happily with their parents. He envied them. He had amnesia, so he felt like he was completely alone.

All this time, he always thought that his family had abandoned, neglected, and ignored him. Therefore, when Kenue told about Darma and Terry, who had suddenly stopped training, he thought they had left him and no longer considered him as family. Instantly, all the pain that he had been holding back for a long time came back and filled his mind. He lost control of himself.


Looks like I have to knock you out!

Torou rushed forward from the side and tried to hit Roman’s nape with his sword, still wrapped in its scabbard.


Roman did not feel any pain.

His Inner Power enabled him to harden the muscles in certain parts of his body. He could easily make the body parts that his opponent would hit to become tougher and stronger. He could also channel his Inner Power into his arms or legs before attacking to make his attacks stronger.

“Mr. Rat, did you just attack me? Don’t you think of me as family, too? Why doesn’t anyone love me?!” He kept rambling and questioning about family with blank eyes.

Impossible. His body is too strong! Torou jumped away from him.

Julia sprung forward and tried to hit Roman with all her might. He did not feel any pain because before her punch hit his face, he used his Inner Power to strengthen the body part that she was about to hit.

Damn!! My punch didn’t make him move one bit? No way!!

“Big Sis, why did you hit me? Don’t you love me? Don’t you think of me as family anymore? Why doesn’t anyone love me?!” Roman continued to say such things with blank eyes.

Roman struck Julia hard. Although she was able to parry using her hands, her right arm was broken. She was flung away.

Shinra jumped to catch her. After that, his body hit a large tree trunk.

“Shinra! Are you okay?!” Julia said.

Roman looked at Julia and Shinra. “Don’t you two love me? Do you no longer consider me family?”

He approached them.

“Roman! Wake up!!” Julia clenched her fists and jumped forward quickly to punch Roman’s face. He blocked it with just one hand.

“Big Sis, you’re too weak.” Roman hit Julia hard in the stomach.

When Roman hit her in the stomach, she also kicked him in the stomach. She doubled over and he shifted backwards. Torou came from behind and swung at Roman.

Roman dodged the attack. He caught Torou and threw him at Julia. Julia and Torou were thrown away. He was silent, bowing his head.

“Why doesn’t anyone love me? Why does everyone leave me alone? Why am I living alone? Where’s my family?” Roman kept talking about family.

Once again, Julia charged at Roman with her punch. Torou ran toward Roman from the side.

I am sorry, Roman. I actually do not like doing it this way! Torou threw sand at Roman’s eyes.

Roman tried to block it with his hands. Torou immediately kicked his stomach with his knee. He was doubled over, then Torou punched his chin with all his might. However, he managed to harden his chin before Torou hit him.

“It was just a diversion, Roman!!” Torou just feinted a punch to Roman’s chin to catch him off guard.

Julia kicked Roman’s neck hard. Roman fainted. Afterward, they brought Roman, Kenue, and Kong back to the town.