Chapter 1:

Lovers of the stars

Lovers of the stars

I am in love with my love yet thou I do not think he is love with me but he still trying to hold to me does he love me  as if a small yarn string was breaking .Bookmark here

I have questioned him yet have been not been given a answer hides his feelings like he is a  person who can disappear but has a presence does my existence not matter do I really wish to the actual truth or shall it be my downfall of all my thoughts are collided my hart feels strung. yet we have been together for a entirety .has he lost interest in me  to find a new maiden ?Bookmark here

he is the only one who completes my soul for we are bonded together as one I am yet the only one has feelings has my hart have been deceived let me turn into wind with my whole exitance of my being  if this is my truth as for now I see he was In love of the perception of me now I will stand here alone in this vast space inside the stars I declare I shall be alone forever we used to share these stars of the sky together I am no longer beautiful as the sun or interesting as the moon or a mystery like mars my half has disappeared from me  for those words he has said to me you are withered you are no longer half of me . Bookmark here

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