Chapter 13:

Alessandra Vs Valentino

The Rise of Outcasts

Everyone was stunned to hear that. They were speechless, even Fina. Bookmark here

"You are telling me... you are not my father?"Bookmark here

“Your real father was Ugo Ciriaco, a person who was heavily in debt to me. I lent him a big sum of money for his wedding. I told him to use that money to create a nice mansion for himself and his family. He was a friend of mine, after all. But, he failed to return that money in time, which was 3 years. Can you really say I was in the wrong? I gave him a different offer. An alternative, you can say."Bookmark here

No one dared to interrupt as he was talking, although Valentino was trying to find a blind spot to attack.Bookmark here

"Give me your daughter and I will forgive your debt, is what I said to him. What for, you might wonder? I wanted to raise her in a prostitute house and use her as I felt like it."Bookmark here

"You are a scumbag, Alessandra." Marsia screamed. Bookmark here

"You are not the first one to say this, little miss." Alessandra said with a vicious smile. "Where was I? Oh yes, so I kept forcing him to sell his daughter to me but he kept refusing. One whole year passed and he didn't agree on selling his daughter. That was the time when I came up with an immaculate plan to burn down the mansion and have plastic surgery to look just like Ugo. Fina, how does it feel to know the truth?"Bookmark here

"I can't believe you risked your life for something like that?" Valentino asked.Bookmark here

"I love doing experiments like these. Come visit my house someday and I will show you the graveyard of those who got experimented. Fina is one of the few ones that survived through her sheer willpower, and that's exactly why I wanted to do some more experiments on her; now that she has reached this stage."Bookmark here

Alessandra then grabbed Fina's hair and kicked her in the face.Bookmark here

"STOP!" Marsia shouted.Bookmark here

He kicked her again.Bookmark here

"How does it feel, Fina? Brings back some good memories, right? When you used to be assaulted on daily basis. Even your little brother sexually harassed you but you were so weak to resist at all. What about now?"Bookmark here

He slammed her to the ground. Bookmark here

“AHHHH” Fina screamed in pain.Bookmark here

Valentino was waiting for this; Alessandra was completely immersed in Fina and two guards were currently holding off four people. It wouldn't be difficult. He gave a signal to Angelo, Orlando and Marsia. He and Angelo used their legs to kick the guards in the back with pointy shoes. That gave Orlando and Marsia the time to use a stun gun and froze them for a second or two. That was more than enough for Valentino to kick one guy in the guts while Angelo punched one in the face. Both were still standing but their guns were not in their hands.Bookmark here

“They are tough.” Angelo said as he cracked his knuckles.Bookmark here

"Angelo, Orlando, take care of them. Alessandra, step away from her this instant."Bookmark here

Alessandra threw away Fina and Marsia immediately ran towards her.Bookmark here

“That kick wasn’t enough, kid? You think you can fight against me?”Bookmark here

"I underestimated you but it won't happen again." Valentino kicked him in the face as he said this. Alessandra blocked it with his right arm.Bookmark here

"Just for your information, I used to do workouts with Giovanni back in the day."Bookmark here

“That doesn’t matter.”Bookmark here

Valentino went for a punch in the stomach but Alessandra blocked that as well with his left hand and delivered a punch on his face. It was so intense that his nose started bleeding and he lost his footing. Seeing this opportunity, Alessandra grabbed Valentino by his face and slammed him to the ground.Bookmark here

But he didn’t stop just at that.Bookmark here

He lifted him and slammed him to the ground once again. He was slamming him down, again and again. Just then, Valentino grabbed his hand and bit it with full force.Bookmark here

Alessandra screamed in pain. Bookmark here

Valentino used both of his legs to kick him in the stomach. He landed 5-6 punches consecutively. In the midst of this, Alessandra landed a punch on him as well. Valentino grabbed him from the shirt and threw him in the air. Bookmark here

Just as Alessandra hit the ground, Valentino came running and kicked him with full force on his vital spot. But despite that, Alessandra still stood up on his two feet. Bookmark here

Both ran towards each other and landed a punch at each other face.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Orlando and Angelo were having a hard time dealing with the guards. One of the guards grabbed Angelo by the leg and threw him on the rocky plain which made his back bleed. He was enduring the pain but he was at his limit.Bookmark here

On the other hand, the other guard kept punching Orlando in the stomach as he kept coughing more and more blood. Bookmark here

This went on for some time. There were no signs of them whining about this. Marsia tried to grab the gun but got beaten up by one of the guards in the process. It seemed like those guards were enjoying this beat-up session so they didn't bother picking up the guns.Bookmark here

*Huff Huff*Bookmark here

"Huff huff! You really are strong, kid. Keeping up with like this is a feat in itself but you wouldn't have been able to lay a hand on me when I was of your age."Bookmark here

Valentino didn’t say a thing. He didn’t want to have a conversation with a man like him.Bookmark here

Just as both of them were ready to land a blow on each other, Jeronimo came out of nowhere with a stick and poked it on the side of Alessandra. It released a shock wave so powerful that it sent him flying into the rocks. Bookmark here

The guards were stunned by this. They ran directly towards Alessandra while ignoring their targets.Bookmark here

"That's our chance, run." Valentino said.Bookmark here

Jeronimo grasped the steering of his van and everyone hopped in while carrying their flying vehicles. They were too injured to ride those things. Marsia was carrying Fina as she was still shocked by all this.Bookmark here

“Are you alright?”Bookmark here

"Angelo needs a quick medical treatment but we are fine, but what about you, Jeronimo?"Bookmark here

"My head hurts but I am fine. When I woke up, I saw all of you fighting and remembered what just happened. I was so confused that I just randomly seized a weapon and hit him with that. I should have taken care of the guards first."Bookmark here

“That’s fine. You saved our lives after all.”Bookmark here

“Where to go?”Bookmark here

"Take us to the hospital in the closest district."Bookmark here

“Understood.”Bookmark here

The van vanished from that place. Nothing could be seen in that darkness.Bookmark here

"Urghhh, my back."Bookmark here

“Sir, are you alright?”Bookmark here

“Where are they?”Bookmark here

"I think they ran away"Bookmark here

“Damn it. Both of you are useless.”Bookmark here

The guards lowered their heads.Bookmark here

Alessandra stood up and walked towards his own van, the guards followed him. Alessandra searched the van, pulled out a pistol and shot both of them right then and there.Bookmark here

He sat on the driving seat and drove to High End. Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter if they escape. We will meet again, for sure. At least, I got a chance to break Fina once more. That was really amusing. HAHAHAHAHAHA."Bookmark here

Alessandra was laughing out loud in complete silence and darkness everywhere.Bookmark here

Real Aire
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