Chapter 12:

Unwanted Encounter

The Rise of Outcasts

A quiet night, clear sky and warm wind. A van was moving in that darkness across the wasteland. Six men were seated in that van, four had firearms, one was driving and the last one was sitting in the passenger's seat. He was wearing a very expensive suit that indicated he belonged to a high-class family. Bookmark here

They were crossing the wasteland, not knowing the fact that they were being followed by a group of people that were riding on some special kind of flying vehicles. Bookmark here

“How long?” The man in the suit asked.Bookmark here

“We are almost there.” The driver replied.Bookmark here

After spending few more minutes driving, the van stopped in the middle of nowhere. The place they stopped at had small pointy rocks in the surroundings so they were having trouble walking.Bookmark here

"I don't like how that guy always changes our place of meeting. I mean, what's the point of calling us to a place like this?" A guy with a laser rifle in his hand complained.Bookmark here

"For security measures. And that's exactly why I love to deal with him. That man is very cautious in what he does and prepares countermeasures if things go south. He also cares for his customers and their safety. It's rare to find someone like that. Not to mention, he provides exactly what we want all the time so I see no issue with this."Bookmark here

"I am terribly sorry, sir; I should have watched my mouth."Bookmark here

As they were busy with their chitchat, the noise of another van could be heard. Bookmark here

All the guards pointed their rifles in that direction. The van stopped near them and a tall young person emerged out of it.Bookmark here

"Good evening, Mr. Alessandra."Bookmark here

"Evening? It's currently 11 PM, Mr. Jeronimo." Bookmark here

“HAHAHA! It doesn’t matter either way. I have all the guns you requested in the back of the van.”Bookmark here

Two men, that came with Jeronimo, opened the steel doors for them. Bookmark here

“Your men seem to be on the edge more than usual, sir."Bookmark here

“They just don’t feel right to have a deal in a place like this. They say they are getting some bad vibes.”Bookmark here

“I apologize for calling you in a place like this, but this is probably the safest area to test these weapons as well.”Bookmark here

“You are right about that.” The man had a serious look on his face.Bookmark here

Then, the Mr. Alessandra took a look in the back of the van. The light was available to give him a clear vision.Bookmark here

“Fascinating!” He was clearly happy to see the weapons.Bookmark here

"Now, time to put these bad boys on some tests."Bookmark here

Then, both Alessandra and Jeronimo took hold of the weapons. One was holding a small pistol-shaped device but had more curvature, while the other was holding something off the size of a rocket launcher.Bookmark here

Jeronimo pointed his small gun towards the ground and pressed the trigger. It released a shockwave that created a hole but also generated an eerie noise. Bookmark here

Alessandra aimed his weapon towards a small mountain and pulled the trigger. A blue flame came out of it and burned down the entire thing.Bookmark here

"This is what I was talking about. That much destructive power with bare minimum recoil. You did it again, kid."Bookmark here

"It's an honour, sir." He bowed down his head a little.Bookmark here

Alessandra then checked some more handheld guns, fired them at random.Bookmark here

"They all seem to have a great grip on them."Bookmark here

"Yes, indeed."Bookmark here

They were so engrossed in those weapons that they didn't notice the ambush… except for Jeronimo.Bookmark here

Even the guards were caught off guard with this as something came flying at a great pace and hit them. It was a guy, riding a flying vehicle. He hit the guard with a metal rod on the head. No one knew whether he was dead or just unconscious.Bookmark here

He was not the only one to go down. Other guards fell to their knees one after another as the other members of the group did the same thing. Bookmark here

Alessandra turned around to witness such a scene, he was shocked but regained his composure quickly.Bookmark here

Five of them landed on the ground and pointed their guns at the remaining ones.Bookmark here

"Hands up! Everyone. We have outnumbered you." The golden-haired girl from the group said. Bookmark here

“That voice…” Alessandra muttered.Bookmark here

"I am sure you don't want any harm. We are here for the weapons. Hand it over to us and we will leave."Bookmark here

"I see. So, you are the kids are from Nicolo's group. It's been two months and you all are still playing this game?"Bookmark here

"HUH?" The girl said in an extremely shocking manner. She must have recognized the voice. She was sweating.Bookmark here

"Hello, Fina. It's been a while since we last met."Bookmark here

There was dead silence after that.Bookmark here

"It pains me to know that you completely ignored my existence during the ceremony, after all, we have some great memories to share." Alessandra's voice got a bit menacing.Bookmark here

"WHY!!!! Why are you here? Why you, of all people?" Fina let out a scream. Bookmark here

"That's not very nice of you to do. People don't usually scream when they see their father's face." Alessandra had a huge grin on his face which looked terrifying in the dark.Bookmark here

Fina fell to the ground. Her whole body was shaking. Bookmark here

"Don't you dare come any further."Bookmark here

Alessandra stayed where he was standing.Bookmark here

“Hey Jeronimo, you are also in cahoots with them, right?” Alessandra said without turning back.Bookmark here

Jeronimo was shocked to hear that.Bookmark here

"Don't do anything stupid. Those two guards of yours are my men. I left them by your side for a situation like this."Bookmark here

At that moment, Jeronimo realized he was completely in the palms of Alessandra. Who knew how many of his men were disguised in his enterprise?Bookmark here

Alessandra then gave a signal with his hand and one of the guards knocked Jeronimo down. Before others could react, Alessandra moved with great speed and kicked the person in the middle. It was a great feat from someone like him.Bookmark here

“Valentino.”Bookmark here

“Calm down, kids.” He was using Valentino as a shield. “Drop your weapons, at once.”Bookmark here

They got no choice but to do as he said. The guards pinned them on the ground while confiscating their guns.Bookmark here

"That's not how you talk to your father, Fina. I guess you need some more lessons."Bookmark here

“NOOOOO! Please stop. Please spare me. Please leave me alone.”Bookmark here

PleaseBookmark here

Pleas..Bookmark here

Plea…Bookmark here

P…….Bookmark here

When did it all start? The fragile girl wondered as she cursed her fate. Bookmark here

Oh right, it was when I lost my real parents.Bookmark here

It was nighttime. A small mansion was on fire towards the east of High End. People, around the mansion, were trying their best to extinguish the fire but it surely was not working. Just then, a person came out from that burning mansion, carrying a child..Bookmark here

“Someone came out. Give him a hand.”Bookmark here

“The kid is breathing as well.”Bookmark here

"This man's face got burned. Where is the ambulance?"Bookmark here

“They say it’s on its way.”Bookmark here

“No one seems to be alive, beside them.”Bookmark here

“Thank god, the kid is at least alive.”Bookmark here

A few minutes later, people heard the sound of an ambulance. Both of them were immediately sent to the emergency ward. The kid was having trouble breathing because of the excessive smoke he had inhaled while most of the man's face was burned.Bookmark here

-One week after the incident-Bookmark here

"How are you feeling?"Bookmark here

“Fine, I guess.”Bookmark here

The man was somehow still talking with a burned face that was covered with bandages. Bookmark here

“More importantly, how is the girl?”Bookmark here

"Physically, she is not in danger. But, we can't say the same for her mental state."Bookmark here

"Understandable. She saw her parents getting burned, alive."Bookmark here

“It will remain as a trauma for the rest of her life.”Bookmark here

"Don't worry, doc. I will take care of it."Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

“I am willing to adopt that girl. She is a child of my friend after all.”Bookmark here

“But what about your face? Won’t she get more nightmares? You will just give her another trauma.” Doctor jokingly said that.Bookmark here

"That's the strategy, doc. Beating the previous trauma with a new and a more intense one at that.”Bookmark here

"That's a nice one, Mr. Alessandra." And both of them laughed at the joke.Bookmark here

Little did the doctor know, it wasn't a joke.Bookmark here

"About my face, I am planning to have plastic surgery."Bookmark here

“That’s one option. But wouldn’t she have had trouble recognizing you?”Bookmark here

"No need to worry about that, doc."Bookmark here

"You are a really kind person, Mr. Alessandra. Willing to take someone's else kid when you, yourself, are quite young."Bookmark here

“Hahaha. Can you believe I am still 22?”Bookmark here

"Your life barely began. You are married, right?"Bookmark here

“Yes, got married last year.”Bookmark here

"Then, you are a newlywed couple. Are you sure your wife won't say anything regarding you adopting someone else’s kid?”Bookmark here

“Like I said doc, don’t worry about such things. I am more than capable enough to deal with things like this. I will do my best to make the girl forget about that horrible night.”Bookmark here

“Very well, we will talk about this once your surgery is a success.”Bookmark here

"Wait, doc. Is it possible to create the face I desire?"Bookmark here

“Do you have any sort of sample?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I do. I need to make a call.”Bookmark here

*Ring*Bookmark here

*Ring* Bookmark here

“Hello.”Bookmark here

"It's me, Alessandra."Bookmark here

"Sir, where did you go off to? We were so worried about you."Bookmark here

"Stop this and listen to what I have to say."Bookmark here

“Yes…”Bookmark here

“Ask my wife to give you the photo of Ugo Ciriaco and bring it to me at St. Epifania.”Bookmark here

“You are in a hospital? Are you alright?”Bookmark here

“Stop with this and do as I say, quick.”Bookmark here

"YES, SIR."Bookmark here

"They will be here in an hour, doc."Bookmark here

“Call me when they arrive.”Bookmark here

“Of course.”Bookmark here

-Two days after the incident-Bookmark here

“What’s your name?”Bookmark here

“Fina.”Bookmark here

“How old are you?”Bookmark here

"Four."Bookmark here

“How are you feeling?”Bookmark here

The girl didn’t say a thing.Bookmark here

“Is there anything you would like to eat?”Bookmark here

The girl didn’t say a thing.Bookmark here

“Any place you want to visit?”Bookmark here

She nodded.Bookmark here

“Where mom and dad are?”Bookmark here

No one said a thing. The girl's eyes were completely lifeless. They lost the charm a kid of her age had. It's like she didn't know what to do after her beloved ones died.Bookmark here

"Not good." The doctor said to the nurse after coming out of the room. "Her mental state is very disturbed. I fear that she might not recover from this."Bookmark here

"That's sad. What did a kid like her do to deserve all this?"Bookmark here

*Sigh*Bookmark here

It all depended on her. Doctors couldn't do anything in a situation like this. She would recover if she truly wanted that otherwise, no one would be able to help her.Bookmark here

-One week after the incident-Bookmark here

“Sir, what happened to your face?”Bookmark here

“Keep your voice down, we are in a hospital.”Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry.”Bookmark here

“My face got burned as I was trying to save a girl from a burning mansion.”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“None of your concern. Did you bring what I asked for?”Bookmark here

“Yes, here it is.”Bookmark here

Alessandra stared at the photo. Bookmark here

The doctor arrived a moment later.Bookmark here

“Here.”Bookmark here

“It can be done, but who is he?”Bookmark here

“Father of that girl.”Bookmark here

"What did you just say?"Bookmark here

“Exactly what you just heard, doctor.”Bookmark here

“Are you out of your mind? You are planning to go in front of that girl with that face?”Bookmark here

“Yes. As I said, I have everything under control.”Bookmark here

“I don’t accept this.”Bookmark here

“I think you misunderstood something; this is not a request but an order.” Alessandra then pointed towards his man who was holding a gun.Bookmark here

“Are you threatening me?”Bookmark here

"Not just you, but the entire hospital. It would be stupid to lose your life for a futile thing called morality. I can get more doctors to perform the surgery so you will fail, regardless. You got no other choice, doc."Bookmark here

After thinking for a while, the doctor agreed but he was clearly sad. What Alessandra was trying to do was truly hideous, totally unacceptable but he had no choice. Bookmark here

The operation started next week and it turned out to be a successful one. Alessandra now, had the face of a dead person, his friend Ugo. Bookmark here

"Marvelous, doc. This is amazing. A masterpiece, I would say."Bookmark here

Both of them were alone in a room. The doctor had a very sad expression on his face as Alessandra kept talking about his face.Bookmark here

"Why such a long face, doc?"Bookmark here

“You are the worst.”Bookmark here

“You don’t need to tell me that.”Bookmark here

“Leave me alone, now that you are done.”Bookmark here

"Not yet, doc."Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" He was surprised to hear that.Bookmark here

"Leaving you alone won't be a good idea in my opinion. How about I send you the place where Ugo is? You can have a chat with him. He was a nice guy after all. You can tell him how I will use his face to make his daughter's life more miserable. Ah yes, that's perfect. Way too perfect. I can imagine his face if he gets to hear this. That would be hilarious. What you say, doc?"Bookmark here

"Wha….what are you talking about?" The doctor was obviously very scared. Bookmark here

Alessandra pulled out a knife. Bookmark here

"No need to be scared, doctor. I promise I will make it quick. You won't feel a thing. Trust me."Bookmark here

Before the doctor could scream, Alessandra grabbed his mouth and slit his throat. The doctor was desperately trying to set himself free and scream but it was impossible to get out from Alessandra's grip. Bookmark here

Few minutes after the unnecessary struggle, his body became lifeless. The doctor was dead. Alessandra's expressions were as if nothing had happened. This man might be crueler and more messed up than Giovanni. Bookmark here

Alessandra wiped the blood from his hand and went out of the room. His men were waiting outside.Bookmark here

“Clean that mess.”Bookmark here

"Yes, sir."Bookmark here

Alessandra headed straight to where the girl was resting. He was not joking when he said he had everything under control. He had no issue adopting the girl without legal formalities. Some shut their mouths for money and some had to be threatened. In short, no one would interfere in this matter and whatever he will do with that girl, everyone would turn a blind eye to that. It was as easy as that.Bookmark here

“Fina Ciriaco.”Bookmark here

He read the nameplate on the door.Bookmark here

“Hmph. Soon, it will Alessandra.”Bookmark here

He opened the door and entered. There was no one else in the room, except for Fina, who was on the bed. She was staring at the ceiling with her big black eyes.Bookmark here

“Hello, Miss Fina.”Bookmark here

She titled her head, which was expressionless at first, but the impression changed quick. She let out a happy scream the next moment. To her, it was a glorious sight. Her father was standing, right in front of her. Her mind was so broken that she didn't figure out why his father had a smaller build than before. Bookmark here

"FATHER!!!!!" She shouted as she jumped from her bed and hugged him. Bookmark here

"I knew you were alive, I just knew it. Those doctors lied to me; I knew it." Fina was crying as she said that. Bookmark here

Alessandra caressed her head gently.Bookmark here

"Everything will be alright, my girl."Bookmark here

“Where is mommy?”Bookmark here

“I am sorry I couldn’t save her.”Bookmark here

A sad expression appeared on her face for a second.Bookmark here

"At least you are safe, father." Fina was smiling as tears were still trickling out of her eyes.Bookmark here

“Yes, my dear.”Bookmark here

Alessandra was smiling as well but it was more devilish and menacing which that little girl failed to understand. Bookmark here

“Let’s go home.”Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

After an hour drive, they stopped in front of a humongous beautifully structured mansion.Bookmark here

“This is your new home, Fina.”Bookmark here

“This is huge.”Bookmark here

“Yes. Let’s go in and meet your new mother.”Bookmark here

“New mother?”Bookmark here

"Yes. You don't mind, right?"Bookmark here

Fina was conflicted. Having a new mother right after losing her original one... That was why her brain was having trouble processing things.Bookmark here

“I am fine with whatever you think is fine.”Bookmark here

“That’s my girl.”Bookmark here

They both head inside the mansion. For their welcome, an extremely young and beautiful girl was standing. Alongside her, was a maid, holding a baby of few months.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you, Fina. I am Donella, your new mother. And he is your younger brother."Bookmark here

“Nnnnn……nice to meet yyyyyyy…you.”Bookmark here

That poor girl didn't realize what was about to befall her. She thought her good days of living with the family were back but she was extremely wrong on this guess. That was the start of hell. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Alessandra was, probably, the biggest sadist out there who found new ways to hurt people and enjoyed their screaming, especially kids. That was one of his experiments. He wanted to see how much he can break and fix the kid, how much mental torture can a child endure. No one knew how many kids and adults died in the process during his 37 years of life. This was something that even his wives chose to accept. He was the epitome of evil. A truly disgusting human being. Bookmark here

Real Aire
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