Chapter 28:


Xorsis : Invasion\Lost

Chapter 24: Invasion

In the dead of the night, when the search for the two assassins was still going on, two shadows reached the tower. The area was well-lit, there were eyes searching for them, looking for any sign of strange movement everywhere.

One of the shadows crouched in a relatively darker place, the firearm raised. No words were exchanged - there was only one nod. Then the other shadow walked back to the tower.

Seconds flew. Minutes passed.

Until suddenly there was an uproar among the guards.

“The tower! Xenos is being invaded!”

The area was filled with red lights, emitting from the communication devices of the guards. They were rushing to the spot, firing at the silhouette. But all the shots narrowly avoided her.

It was time. The crouching shadow moved.

Before they could realise, a gun was fired, killing every guard aiming the person. The crouching shadow sneaked around, shooting at every guard who followed him, or tried to shoot at the climber. Blood filled the place.

A few shots reached his way too. Some hit the wall behind him, or the parked cars around him, shattering the glasses.

He didn’t know how long he could go on.

He looked at the other shadow, who already climbed up half the tower. She was stronger. She’d prevail - he wanted to believe that. While he, on the other hand - he looked at his already bleeding hand…

The common people inside their houses were screaming in fear. Aez felt terrible about it. But he had decided he'd do it. Despite the ringing in his ears, he shot on.

He’d shoot at every last enemy.


Aez will be fine, Mersoy told herself repeatedly, he’ll make it out alive. He will.

Once this is over, I’ll search for Nia. Mersoy decided.

If I destroy Xenos, Tokrei will be in chaos. That’ll be enough.

Suddenly, a bullet struck at the metal rod, inches above where she was holding it. Alarmed, she looked back.

A guard had climbed the tower just like her. He stood at a landing, firing at Mersoy.

Aez had collapsed.

Mersoy gritted her teeth and swung around in the ledges, dodging the streak of bullets. As the guard continued to reload his gun, gritting her teeth, she continued climbing up.

Down there, the shots were restless too.

Somehow dodging all the bullets, she reached the top.

The seed was just in her reach now.

Mersoy reached out, trying to pick up the seed from the holder.

But unfortunately, it was stuck there tightly. No matter how much force she applied, it didn’t move.

The gunfire continued. A bullet struck her leg.

She lost her footing. Blood was gushing out of the spot.

Damn it!

Quickly, she grasped the seed and hung on. There was another sound, and now a bullet struck her right hand. Gasping, Mersoy noticed as the blood started to run down from the wound. She hung on to the seed only with her left hand.

Well. If that’s how it ends, I’ll let it happen.

Mersoy gritted her teeth.

She moved and positioned herself. The guard, thinking it was his victory, shot three bullets at once.

That’s what I need.

The first bullet hit the joint of the seed, causing it to topple from the top. The other bullet hit Mersoy’s chest, blood wetting her dress.

And the final bullet shattered the interface of the seed.

All at once, as if a thousand bombs had exploded. There was a very loud sound, and as Mersoy fell from the fifty feet long tower, she noticed the fire all around her.

It reminded her of a certain scene.

A burning Estoyca.

Cinthia. Idoph. Azura.

Mersoy smiled.

She’d meet them soon enough.

Soon, dawn would arrive. A dawn that wouldn’t be tainted by deaths that she had caused.