Chapter 26:


Cat's Hour ~猫の時間~

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I really enjoyed writing this. I feel like there are some bad parts and I can’t seem to improve it due to my lack of skill, but still, I’m satisfied with this. I still finished the story even if it’s just a part.Bookmark here

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On behalf of Nekoji Academy’s Student Council, thank you for reading Cat’s Hour! We hope that we made you happy! May miracles happen to you! Bookmark here

As an extra, I wrote various scenarios/ dialogues where I’m celebrating my birthday with the student council members! Bookmark here

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HIKARIBookmark here

Rinka: *busy writing some manuscripts*Bookmark here

Hikari: Sensei!Bookmark here

Rinka: Hmm? Oh, it’s Hikari!Bookmark here

Hikari: *holding a canvas* Happy birthday, Rinka-sensei! I drew a cat for you!Bookmark here

Rinka: *accepts the gift* Oh, you’re so sweet! Thank you! I’m already satisfied with the cats we have here but… why a painting?Bookmark here

Hikari: *smiles brightly* I’m thankful that sensei wrote our story. I know you like cats but you’re extreme at times. You made us suffer and that’s okay, but from now on, please don’t touch the cats.Bookmark here

Rinka: *teary* I’m not that kind of person, Hikari. You’re so blunt.Bookmark here

Hikari: *stares intently* I’m watching you.Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

TSUKIBookmark here

Rinka: Finally, some fresh air!Bookmark here

Tsuki: There you are.Bookmark here

Rinka: Hmm? Do you need something, Tsuki?Bookmark here

Tsuki: Here. Present. *gives a small box with blue ribbon*Bookmark here

Rinka: Really?! Thank you! Can I open it?Bookmark here

Tsuki: *uninterested* Do what you want.Bookmark here

Rinka: *opens the box* A cactus. Ne, what does it mean when you gave me this cactus? Surely, it has a meaning in floriography.Bookmark here

Tsuki: Not at all.Bookmark here

Rinka: Then, why?Bookmark here

Tsuki: You’re just a prick.Bookmark here

Rinka: A… prick… *teary*Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

TSUKASABookmark here

Rinka: *sighs* Too much hate for my birthday… Oh! It’s Tsukasa!Bookmark here

Tsukasa: *notices and took a step back* W-what do you need?Bookmark here

Rinka: Ne, it’s my birthday!Bookmark here

Tsukasa: *took another step back* I know! I know! Just leave me alone! *escapes*Bookmark here

Rinka: Well, what am I expecting?Bookmark here

Two hours later… Bookmark here

Rinka: Where did these games came from?Bookmark here

Tsukasa: *peeking from behind the wall* I’m sure that was enough for her to leave me alone.Bookmark here

Rinka: *feels someone staring* Oh… Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

ASAHIBookmark here

Rinka: Well, Tsukasa’s gift is pretty nice~ *hums*Bookmark here

Asahi: Sensei-chan! Bookmark here

Rinka: If it isn’t Asahi. What can I do for you?Bookmark here

Asahi: Happy birthday, Sensei-chan! I also have gifts for you! Bookmark here

Rinka: Oh! Gifts? Does that mean it’s more than one?Bookmark here

Asahi: Un! My gifts will be the best of all, the cream of the crop! The mankind is not ready for th–Bookmark here

Rinka: *cuts him off* Okay, what is it? Bookmark here

Asahi: Mou! Let me finish! Anyway, here they are. Bookmark here

Rinka: A coin bank, it looks like an antique…Bookmark here

Asahi: It is! That makes it more priceless!Bookmark here

Rinka: Also, this is… a book.Bookmark here

Asahi: *looks away and whistles*Bookmark here

Rinka: Titled, “How to Take Care of Cats: A Guide for Beginners” … *sniffs* What did I do to deserve this?Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

AOIBookmark here

Rinka: *sighs* All gifts that I received so far shows their resentment on me. Bookmark here

Aoi: Rinka-sensei!Bookmark here

Rinka: Aoi! Don’t tell me you also hate me!Bookmark here

Aoi: What are you saying, sensei? You saved Yuuto-senpai so we should be thankful for that. By the way, I made a cheesecake for you. *Puts down the cake in the table*Bookmark here

Rinka: T-thank you, Aoi! You’re an angel! *cries*Bookmark here

Aoi: *serves a slice* Now, eat some, sensei. I know you like cheesecake.Bookmark here

Rinka: *eats a spoonful while crying* Thank you… Uuu…Bookmark here

Aoi: *smiles* By the way, it’s poisoned.Bookmark here

Rinka: *froze for a moment before coughing* W-what?!Bookmark here

Aoi: It’s a joke. Though, Tsuki-senpai asked me to put some sedative, rest assured I’m not heartless.Bookmark here

Rinka: *crying and screaming inside her mind* (How can you say that with a straight face?!)Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

YUUTOBookmark here

Rinka: Alright, it’s official. I’m really hated. *slumps her face in the table*Bookmark here

Yuuto: A-ano… Sensei? Bookmark here

Rinka: Yuuto, do you hate me?Bookmark here

Yuuto: W-what are you saying, sensei…? I… I can’t possibly hate you… A-ano… I have a gift for sensei…Bookmark here

Rinka: Hmm? *lifts her face*Bookmark here

Yuuto: H-happy birthday, sensei… it’s not much but please accept this pen.Bookmark here

Rinka: *touched* Yuuto… come here, let me give you a pa-Bookmark here

Tsuki showed up and pointed the hoe on Rinka’s neck.Bookmark here

Tsuki: Don’t you dare touch him. *smiles menacingly*Bookmark here

Everyone appeared and shielded Yuuto from a certain author who made him suffer. They glared at her intensely. If looks could kill, the author would be long gone now.Bookmark here

Rinka: *gulps* I’m really sorry! Kana, help me out here!Bookmark here

Despite her cry for help, no one answered. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Kana was peacefully sipping tea in her office.Bookmark here

Kana: Hmm… I thought I heard something, must be a bug.Bookmark here

_________________________Bookmark here

That’s all! Thank you for reading! Until next time!Bookmark here

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