Chapter 1:

The rise of demon realm

OGINO: The Great Dragon Master

Hello, I am Ogino Raiden but now I am the Dragon Master and I possess the power of the great Dragon Master, in the day before I used to be a common man like others but now I am a legend a Messiha who fight for justice I sacrifice I learned I know the meaning of life and this is a story of my great adventures to the mystic lands.Bookmark here

I am Ogino Raiden it means the protector but apparently I am not. I and my mother Miyashiro Raiden lived happily in a small village named Takayama I don't know much about my father I just remember we play a lot and he loves me very much he teaches me kendo he shows me magic he teaches me some of them I love the frog one where you can swap thing with a frog our life passes happily but suddenly one day he left our house that time I was just a nine-year-old kid after that day I never saw hi again my mother told me that he was a great magician and a valiant warrior not only that but also he and his friends fought with Amatsu Mikaboshi the god of demon and his army of dead creatures.Bookmark here

People called my father the man of Lightning and thunder there are three more legendary warriors First my father Tao Raiden the man of Lightning and thunder who can possess the power of Dragon Second Yasuda Michio a Man with the strength of three thousand elephants Third and Yamazaki Toshio the most Brilliant man in the world. They fight with their full strength it’s a very destructive fight but finally, the heroes are succeeded in capturing the great demon king in the magical stone of the mighty Dragonlord Uyemura Yuu but life isn’t that easy. Before they capture Amatsu Mikaboshi he takes my father with him and kills Yasuda Michio with his deadliest weapon dagger of darkness only Yamazaki Toshio can escape and gone no one know where he is now people say he is still alive and create a new army of heroes.Bookmark here

The demon king take the bracelets of Yasuda Michio and merge them with his one and my father's bracelet was lost in the river of snake those bracelets, give them power and strength but Five of his vicious and powerful demon generals and some of their army are also escaped and now they rule, torture and eat peoples but we are safe now because of the stone which the most powerful weapon where the army and the king of demon are captive it also protects us from demons and bad spirits.Bookmark here

I am working in a cake factory. I went to my job in the morning and come back at night. But that day was quite a bit different than other days of my life. It’s like other working days I go to the factory work in there and come home in the evening. But when I was coming home from work at that time suddenly I feel something that makes my feet stop it feel some great supernatural power that holds me it feels like that someone is following me and it ties me with some invincible magical string. Then I hear someones voice an old man mumbling in foreign words I am scared I curled my hand into a fist and aimed for the front of his nose hit him with all my strength but it was strange I can’t even lay finger on him he is very old but still, he is so fast suddenly he started talking to me Bookmark here

Stranger: wait Ogino do not fear me I am not your enemy I am an old friend of your father in the old days we fought many years together to beat evil to protect mother nature and we almost succeeded we capture the great evil king but we can’t capture them all some of his generals are escaped now they are trying to take over the world and release there king from the mighty stone they try to do a harvest to collect the sword of Uyemura Yuu the most dangerous weapon in the world is made out of hellfire and it contains the power of 440 deities and 8 princes of hell if they succeeded and Amatsu mikaboshi get this sword then he can destroy the whole universe only you boys are our last hope.Bookmark here

Ogino: I am totally confused, First of all, who are you and boys who else with you and also I don’t have any special power I am just a common boy how can I help you.Bookmark here

[Stranger Smiled]Bookmark here

Stranger: you don’t have to I have pieces of your father’s bracelet and I Combine it with the great dragon master’s bracelet and I am Yamazaki Toshio master of knowledge.Bookmark here

Ogino: Ooo now I understand you are the most Briliant man who escapes from the fight but where are you in these daysBookmark here

[Stranger Smiled]Bookmark here

Toshio: there is a reason behind people calling me the most brilliant man in the world soon you will learn. We don’t have enough time the demon generals are torturing innocent people we need you we need your help to destroy them and helping civilians so are you ready to do what you were born for.Bookmark here

Ogino: I really don’t know I don’t know what to say I am not ready for it yet and I have some liability I have my mother who needs someone to take care of and also I am a common man I don’t want any power sorry master Yamazaki Toshio I cant do this.Bookmark here

Toshio: but you have to you are your last hope the power is in your DNABookmark here

Suddenly I saw two red bright eyes come out from the bush it’s huge and hungry its eyes are glowing like fire oh my god! it a demon. The demon attacked me master stopped this creature with his Omni stick his stick suddenly converted to a big trident they fight but Bookmark here

this demonic creature is very strong I feel that the master is losing his battle master told me to wear the bracelet I don’t have any choice so I wear it after wearing the bracelet I feel something very powerful my body feels like it is made out of steel my I am looking masculine I never feel that much much strong before.Bookmark here

[thunder is flashing sky getting Dark]Bookmark here

“I try to attack that monster”Bookmark here

Ogino: I don’t have any weapon. it’s good if I have a sword suddenly a sword appeared in my hand.Bookmark here

I am hitting the creature with that it cut this creature with two pieces before he knows. Oh my god, I am also so much faster now and I can use lightning to make any weapon, oh no there are more of them me and master now we both fight with them I can feel that my power is increasing and I don’t have the capability to hold it. Suddenly everything is dark I have fainted and the last thing I remember is that there is a bright shining dragon come from my bracelet it’s huge and so powerful it protects me and killed all the monsters with his power. When my eyes are open my mom is crying and called my name loudly and an old man is sitting beside herBookmark here

Ogino: is that really master Yamazaki Toshio. So it’s not a dream but why he looked so tensedBookmark here

[I wake up]Bookmark here

Mother: what is happening with you are you ok Ogino.Bookmark here

Ogino: I told her everything. Happened yesterdayBookmark here

Toshio: Miyashiro demon realm rise again. You know how big a problem this is for the whole world. I want to take Ogino with me and train him to make him strong like his father.Bookmark here

Mother: I can’t he is my only hope and also he is just a boy. After I lost Tao and now I can’t lose him too sorry Toshio I can’t let him die in a fight. I want you to leave now he is not going with you.Bookmark here

“before master leave, he told me”Bookmark here

Toshio: Be careful Ogino now demons know where the stone is and also they know about you so maybe they will attack again soon and this they come with a big force so be careful.Bookmark here

[Toshio about to leave the house]Bookmark here

Ogino: Master you forget your bracelet. Hear take itBookmark here

Toshio: keep it, my boy, it’s not mine it belongs to your father, and also you need it more than me it doesn’t work without your hand. Be careful. Take care of your mother remember if you need me I always will be there for you.Bookmark here

[Toshio Silently leave the house and gone]Bookmark here

[Two weeks passed]Bookmark here

One day we hear that a huge Gang of monsters attacking the palace and they destroy everything I remember the words of master I go outside my try to stop me but I still go all people are come out of their house the sky is getting darker chaos and panic Swallowing our town everyone is scared there are hundred of monsters I don’t know what to do at this time oh my god they are eating people alive at this time fear swallowing our town some everyone running and crying at this time suddenly I hear something from my house I go there as fast as I can I saw that a monster take my mother I was angry I hit him with a baseball bat but I don’t think he feels it at all.Bookmark here

[Demon Simling Loudly]Bookmark here

Demon: You know those fragile objects are nothing in front of me you cant defeat me with these things so you should surrender yourself to me and give me what I wantBookmark here

Ogino: but I don’t know what you want, if you want the stone then, believe me, I don’t have it.Bookmark here

Demon: we do not come here only for that stone we are also looking for something else. Something precious. The bracelet, which contains the power of the superior dragon.Bookmark here

Oh my god, it’s that bracelet they are looking for I almost forget about it, It’s in my pocket but I can’t hand over it to them. If it falls into the wrong hands it might be used to destroy the world.Bookmark here

Ogino: I don’t know about any bracelets, what are you talking about.Bookmark here

Demon: Don’t play dumb with me I know you are the owner of the bracelet look kid I don’t want to hurt you and your mother but if you don’t then I don’t have any other choice except to kill your mother.Bookmark here

Ogino: Ok ok please don’t do that, Wait I will give it to you.Bookmark here

[Mother is cried out loud]Bookmark here

Mother: Ogino listens to me son, Do not give it to this monster it belongs to your father it’s his last remembrance if you give it to him they will use it to annihilate the humans. Run from here as far as you can Don’t worry about me run to save yourself.Bookmark here

I am helpless at this time and I don’t know what to do I cant sacrifice, my mother, over a stupid bracelet so I decided to give it to himBookmark here

Ogino: Here take it and leave us alone.Bookmark here

[He hit my mother forcefully to the wall]Bookmark here

[Ogino Scream “Mother”]Bookmark here

Ogino: You monster what have you done to my mother?Bookmark here

[Demon Smiling]Bookmark here

Demon: Nothing just release her from this mortal body. You are so pathetic, Such a coward you are just like your pitiful dead father.Bookmark here

[Demon way to leaving the house]Bookmark here

[Ogino Smiling]Bookmark here

Ogino: you moron you don’t know what you did don’t you want to check the bracelet in your hand.Bookmark here

Demon: wait what it’s a frog how it can be where is the real bracelet you little brat I am going to kill you.Bookmark here

Ogino: I just play a small trick of my father with you “frog swap magic”. Now you are going to pay for what you did.Bookmark here

[Ogino ware the bracelate]Bookmark here

A very bright light come from Ogino’s body the structure of His body is change now he is not the old weak boy now he possesses the power of the Great Dragon Master at that time more demons are coming to this place they all start attacking Ogino but they can’t be able to lay a finger on himBookmark here

[Ogino loudly say]Bookmark here

Ogino: You all are going to die you all are going to pay for destroying my village and killing my mother.Bookmark here

[Ogino start killing them one by one with his dragon Bow and Lightning Arrow]Bookmark here

Suddenly one of them come in front and were a bracelet like me but his one is dark and its shape is like a bull he says his name is “Matsuura Atsushi” and he is one of the great servants of “Amatsu Mikaboshi” and he has the power of the grate devils OX after wearing the bracelet a dark glow come from his body and he get the power of devils wild OX. He attacks me with his Dark axe. I also fight him back with my dragon blade there is a big battle going on between the two of us. He hit me again and again with his axe He is so strong and has full control over his bracelet I can feel my powers are about to go I can’t fight him all alone suddenly something hits the monster. It’s Master Toshio’s Omni stick. Now we both fight with the monster with our full strength. I call the dragon bow again and start using the lightning arrow with max power. After some time fighting we defeat him he falls to the ground.Bookmark here

[Matsuura Smiling]Bookmark here

Matsuura: The war doesn’t end yet my sire King Amatsu coming soon for his revenge and your power is nothing in front of him just wait and watch the annihilation of this pitiful world.Bookmark here

[Matsuura’s body vanish in the air]Bookmark here

At this moment sky starts to clear my dragon aura was gone everything is almost destroyed. People are crying they lost everything mother father children. I start feeling guilty for them it’s all my fault.Bookmark here

[Ogino Crying]Bookmark here

Ogino: This is all my fault why I can’t accept Your offer earlier why. Everyone lost something, my mother died everything is happening because of me it feels like I am the real monster here. This all happening because I am a shellfish person. Look mom is also dead. I lost everything master.Bookmark here

[Toshio hold Ogino’s shoulder]Bookmark here

[Ogino Scared]Bookmark here

Toshio: Ogino stop crying and blaming yourself it’s not your fault. You can’t change your Time and also this is nothing. The main destruction is about to happen. You have to train harder now so that you could defeat the real problem demon king Amatsu Mikaboshi. You are not the monster you are the savior.Bookmark here

[Ogino hug Toshio and start crying loudly]Bookmark here

Ogino: But master I can’t I don’t even know how to control my powers. I don’t know who am I now.Bookmark here

Toshio: Don’t worry I will teach you everything. There are many more special kids like you in the temple. Now you have the power of great Dragon Master you should respect your power so it respects you too. You are coming with me to the temple.Bookmark here

Ogino: But master what about mother, Is she dead?Bookmark here

Toshio put something on Miyashiro and put his body inside a coffin and make the coffin disappearedBookmark here

Toshio: Ogino you are not the only one who lost everything. Many people have the same feeling as you may be in future many more lost their lives, there loved ones it’s your decision what you want to do, either you live like a weak pathetic chile who can’t even save himself or overcome all infatuations, come with me and be a great hero and save other innocent people and return them there happiness again.Bookmark here

Ogino: yes master I am going to be a great hero like my father. I kill all the demons I will do whatever it takes to destroy them all. I have to. I am going to train like an animal I am going to be the great dragon master.Bookmark here

[The journey of Ogino to become the great Dragon master Begins from here]Bookmark here

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