Chapter 23:


Densetsu Kenshi: Beginnings

   Several weeks had passed since the school was nearly destroyed and today was the first day with in-person classes. Bookmark here

   The idea of going back to school wasn't exactly intriguing to me, but today I felt slightly more bored than normal, so I made the trek to the campus in the morning.Bookmark here

   Our new homeroom teacher gave us a small safety spiel about gas leaks and explosions, and after that was just a normal day of school. It was almost like nothing had changed at all.Bookmark here

   A few things though had changed since the last time I was in school. We had a new homeroom teacher and a new seating assignment. I was lucky enough to get assigned to my old seat, and when I sat down, a crisp feeling of nostalgia poured over me. I opened my book bag up to prepare for the day, but there was something unusual about my bag today. There was a thick black book that I didn't recognize at all. I took it out and it was titled, "The Divine Creed of the Godly Saints". Bookmark here

   I flipped through the pages and a smile spread across my face. It looked like he really was able to make it out of there alive.Bookmark here

   My curious investigation was interrupted by the class announcements for the day. It sounded like there'd be a new transfer student in the class.Bookmark here

   I turned my attention back to the book and missed out on the new student's presentation. Only when I noticed that there was someone standing next to my desk did I look up from the book.Bookmark here

   "Oh... that's how this is going to be then," I said.Bookmark here

   "good morning, Seijiii-kun!"Bookmark here

   "Good morning, Izumi-chan."Bookmark here

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