Chapter 111:

Chapter 111 - The Guild

The Flight of The Draykes

The entire return journey; I was cursing the carriage as it shook and shook, until I realized I could just put the warforce infusion potions into the finite ring.

Carefully putting them into the dagger box that Sia had given me, I unsummoned the vials and the box before contemplating my next course of action.

Telling my thoughts to the teacher; he stroked his chin before he asked, “Will you be able to do it, though?”

Shrugging, I replied, “If the potions work, I don’t see why not.”

“Should I come?” he asked, with concern in his voice.

Nodding, I said, “tomorrow, you should come. But if things work out, then tomorrow should be the only day you need to come with me.”

Assenting, the teacher lapsed back into silence while I pondered the future, and thought of all possible angles.

Then we were at the Hoard, and that night, I couldn’t sleep properly.

In the morning, I bounced out of bed before quickly bathing and shrugging on some clothes.

Running outside, I ran into the teacher who was just walking bleary eyed into the dining hall.

Grabbing myself a plate under the horrified eyes of Madam Amee, I joined teacher in a hearty breakfast.

Then I waited… I waited for close to five hours before the familiar pains in my heart began clawing at me, and within fifteen minutes, I was on the floor convulsing, and the teacher was watching over me with hawk eyes.

Two more minutes, and he raised one of the warforce infusion vials to my mouth and tipped it.

Draining the contents clean, I clenched my fists as I spasmed violently before slowly I began to breathe in deeper gasps of air, and then my breathing normalized. Pushing off the ground, I wiped my mouth clean of the flecks of saliva that stained it, before grimacing at the taste of the warforce infusion potion left on my tongue.

Then. jumping up, I excitedly moved experimentally around before I grinned at the teacher and raised my hands in a victory sign.

Grinning back at me, the teacher asked, “Is it time to go? Or do you want to wait until it runs out?”

Decisively, I said, “We go now. After all, this is going to be my operational efficiency without anybody infusing their warforce into me.”

Nodding, the teacher was looking admiringly at me until I said in a small voice, “Besides, that way the potion won’t be wasted.”


Rubbing the spot where the fist had hit, I looked at him with a wronged expression as I cried out, “What! We’re poor!”

Grimacing at that, for Sir Leonidas was also as poor as us now after his purchase of the claws of fury, he cuffed me around the ear and dragged me out.

Disengaging my ear from his grasp, the two of us quickly walked to a squat four story building with a sigil of a sword and spear crossed together with an arrow vertical in the middle.

The Adventurer’s guild.

Taking a deep breath and nodding at Sir Leonidas, who cocked his head questioningly at me, I walked in through the sturdy doors into a spacious lobby.

Gazing around, I saw that there were seats strewn across the room in circular patterns, and in the very middle of the lobby, stood a gigantic four sided square notice board with each side having a different color.

Past the notice board, I saw the reception where close to 10 people sat behind the counter, dressed menacingly in light armor with chainmail thrown over it. Weapons were placed within easy reach and… and clips with papers were attached to various spots on the armor.

Blinking my eyes to make sure of what I had seen, I looked again to find that the sitting paper covered killing machines were exactly the same as I had seen before.

I looked questioningly at the teacher, who raised his eyebrows as if to say, “You’re the one who brought me here.”

Sighing, I walked past the notice board to the counter where I stared at the various counterplates that were placed in front of the receptionists before finding the person I needed.

Sitting down on the stool in front of the golden-haired man with a friendly smile, I asked, “What is the procedure to become an adventurer?”

Looking dubiously at me, the man asked, “Sir, may I ask how old are you?”

Calmly, I replied, “Almost 8 years old.”

Pursing his lips, the man said, “7 years old. While we can accept you, we cannot, in good faith, send you on solo missions. That is, if you are chosen as an adventurer. I hope you can understand why it is so.”

Nodding my head, I asked, “what age do adventurers usually join?”

Relaxing, the man replied, “some join at 10, but they’re usually orphans who don’t have any other choice."

Then the man said with a fanatical gleam in his eyes, “We also have a few legendary adventurers who joined when they awakened earlier and who have been fighting since young! Heroes like Sir William and others!”

Noting the name, I asked, “Are those adventurers in Yamal?”

Shaking his head rapidly, the man said in a squeaky voice, “How could that be? Only Sir William is in Yamal and he’s retired now!”

Sir William, I mused. If there was an opportunity, I’d like to meet him. But first;

“So, about the procedure for joining?” I asked once again.

Slapping his head and causing his armor to clink, the man said, “Apologies Sir. Also, before we proceed, let me introduce myself. My name is Farrah, and I shall be responsible for your registration should you pass the test.”

“Test?” I questioned.

“Yes Sir, we have a test for all adventurers.” Saying so, he took out a familiar stone - a force stone - and placed it on the desk in front of me. “You will have to prove what rank you are, and then go through a set of other tests which will see where your specialty lies.”

Nodding, I placed my hand on the force stone, which shone bright white for a moment before it began darkening until over 60% of it was black.

Looking at me in surprise, Farrah exclaimed, “You’re awakened! I’m so sorry Si-”

“Call me Faustus,” I said as I interrupted him. “Faustus will do.”

“Of course, I’m so sorry, Faustus. I didn’t know you were awakened, and a 3 stars awakened at that. But, I regret to say that you will still not be able to go on solo missions.”

Frowning, I didn’t argue, for Farrah had a determined expression on his face. So I waited for him to shuffle through some paperwork, which I duly signed, and then we were going to the back of the guild where their practice field was.

Teacher followed us, and when Farrah inquired as to who he was; A quick flash of the golden knight badge, along with the statement that he was my guardian, was enough for him to be admitted to the field alongside us.

Then the tests began, one after the other.

They were all basic tests in the beginning.

Running, sprinting, walking under heavy load, basic archery - which I was terrible at -, weapons proficiency - where I was also terrible at, much to my surprise -, and beast skinning.

The last came as a surprise to me, and as I looked at Farrah, he said, “Hunting beasts is often the main source of income for adventurers. So knowing how to skin a beast is essential, and knowing what the beast was is even more essential. Know the beast, and know yourself. That’s the purpose of these tests.”

Nodding, I was about to praise their test system when the familiar pain began creeping through me.

Bal, I cried out in my heart.

Quickly looking at the teacher, I warned him of what was happening with my eyes, and as he urgently motioned; I shook my head, because the tests were not yet over, and I was pretty sure infusion of warforce would count as cheating.

Then Farrah walked onto the field, with his chainmail clinking, and the papers put away at some point in time.

Lifting his hand at me, he provocatively gestured and said, “Defeat me, and you can go on solo missions if you wish.” before his aura flared silver and more armor began encasing him within.

Taking in short breaths, I smiled grimly as I raised my sword in my right hand vertically, and my dagger in my left horizontally; Crossing the two, I stared at Farrah as my heart beat erratically.

Then, with a roar, I charged.