Chapter 1:

Paradise Found

Paradise Found

The angels dance along with their fallen brothers from Hell a very mirthful dance today. A dance that's part tango, part salsa, some flamenco, and maybe a bit of waltz. Archangels and arch-demons all joined hands. They slung their swords and tridents and went on the razzle. Even Lucifer himself with the Great Maker giggled and laughed and had fun as if they were little impish children.Bookmark here

The War between the two sworn enemies was finally over. Not via means of some kind of mutual agreement or treaty but simply, some time, there appeared a strange, warm glaring Light which crushed the fear all these tens of centuries the one side felt for the other. The Great Maker stated under a rare moment of disarming honesty that He was totally baffled as to what happened and that He Himself had done nothing on His part to trigger this. No-one knew how this had happened but who gave a damn? All that it mattered was that the divided for thousands of years friends were at last reunited.Bookmark here

The first approach was made by Abigor, a lesser demon, who flew up to the gates of Heaven that were now wide open and unguarded. He was sort of exhausted from the long flight; two Seraphs and a Cherub treated him instantly without notifying the big boss since they no longer feared Him. They welcomed him to their cosy place, sat side by side and played Texas Hold'em, chatted about their long missed friends and eventually crashed and slept even deeper than a well fed elephant. The next heavenly day, or roughly a Terran month, the Great Maker was tipped about the incident yet bizarrely not only did he not get mad at the recalcitrant initiative of the three angels but he requested to personally see His deposed child.Bookmark here

When Abigor appeared in front of Him he let the Maker know that many of his brothers desired to follow him but he insisted on flying to Heaven on his own. He also gave Him the warmest greetings from Lucifer, His bygone most beloved and most powerful son. The Great Maker was so much touched by Abigor's unrivaled courage and modesty that He asked him to stay in Paradise; permanently if he so wished.
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“I am deeply grateful Elóhim but I could never leave my brothers. I will honor your request as long as you invite my brothers as well. All of them”, Abigor responded with a majestic mettle which earned admiration from everyone present at the Hall of the Throne. At this moment any remaining trace of stubbornness that still lay in the heart of the Great Maker vaporized. He instantly commanded two thousand Cherubs to fly down to Hell in order to invite all the demons, archdemons and the rest of the various dark spirits to the grandiose party He had already envisioned!Bookmark here

Almost everything was now ready for the holy day which would be carved with golden letters on the silver plate of the history of humanity, perhaps even the entire universe. After an unspecified for the Terran perspective time the skies south of heaven were blanketed almost entirely by the hundreds of thousands of fallen angels who returned to their Home. The demons with broken or withered wings flew on the wings of the Cherubs with whom they had already bonded. During the long flight back to Heaven they prattled and laughed and giggled and tittered like joyful nincompoops. Some Cherubs teased their friends by treating them to a free fall into the void but they were not afraid because they knew they will fly with lightning speed to catch them.Bookmark here

If people from Earth could discern them they would see something like black and white-streamers that rolled, unrolled, scattered and got back together. At times they resembled a bantering confetti which constantly went higher and higher. The Heavenly Gates were already lit with a vivid golden light and adorned with silver, platinum, sapphires and lapis lazuli stones, especially for the occasion. Every demon stood in awe of all this beauty, which was a far cry from the ugly blackness of the purgatory, the intolerable lakes of flame and the amorphous lava streams that constantly fed them.Bookmark here

When all the angels, former and current, had crossed the Gates and gathered at the inconceivably immense to the terran mind central park the Great Maker appeared on the atrium of the Celestial Throne along with Michael on His left and Gabriel on His right (Jesus was unable to show up since he was already blissfully stoned after an all-day party with two juicy angels who almost left him more scraggy than his forty days fast era). All three emitted a light so intense that a human would perceive them as three stars : two white dwarves with a blue giant in the middle.
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The two archangels were probably for the very first time fully unarmed despite the presence of all their eternal foes. They deployed wide open their huge feathers, held the Celestial Father and slowly carried Him at the center of the park where Lucifer was, along with all the generals of his legions. They loosely left Him around three meters in front of the former awe-inspiring and mighty Angel of Light.Bookmark here

For a few moments they both hesitated and remained there almost frozen. At these very few seconds it was as though time stood still for whole days. Eventually Lucifer approached his Father with small timid steps and humbly offered Him his hand. The Maker took his hand, He shook it while crying, opened His arms and hugged Lucifer very intensely, in the way every father hugs his child after having not seen them for several years.
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They both started to shed tears, whimper and cry from an ineffable joy, as if they were little children. Michael and Andrameleh followed them, together with Gabriel and Melkor, Uriel and Raziel and many more old friends and brothers. The center of the park was illuminated hundreds times more from all the emotions of Love and Friendship that overwhelmed everyone.Bookmark here

When they sort of recovered the Celestial Father, who now bore a smile wider even than Joker uttered the three words that sparked off the greatest party of all time : “Leeeeeet's paaaaaartyyy guysss!!!!!” There was no match throughout the entire mortal and immortal history to this raving lunatic party. The entire Heaven was shaken up by the crazy dancing, singing, drinking, laughing and chatting.
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Angels and archdemons, demons and archangels, high elves and spirits of fire, dark elves and djins, they all became a lovely mess. Initially the third music band of the Cherubs played music with their golden and silver instruments but soon this was unnecessary since the singing spawned its own music and the Cherubs threw their instruments away and avidly joined the party!Bookmark here

The divine music was soon so loud that it was heard all the way to Earth.Bookmark here

The Music, along with the laughter and giggles echoed everywhere like a very sweet heavenly melody. It was so beautiful that it warmed the hearts of all men, even the coldest ones. Soon everyone was carried away and started to dance with everyone else! Old and young, men and women of every occupation, race, color, nationality and sexual identity, set up a worldwide jamboree of no precedent! Babies that had not yet walked their first steps started to swing to the rhythm inside their cradles!
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At the long tortured Gaza Stripe Israeli soldiers along the wall abandoned their arms and outposts and started to dance with the Palestinian fighters of Hamas! In Kashmir Pakistanis and Hindus were carried away with each and left their sentry-boxes and positions and they mingled and entered the Himalaya’s foot for a wild Dionysian feast!Bookmark here

In Washington DC President Joe Biden ditched his secret service guards, exited the White House with his wife and they mingled with senators and congressmen of both parties, businessmen, artists, homeless and just about every resident of DC. “Long live the president!!”, they all shouted in unison, “but now move your presidential ass to the Music or get the hell out of our way!” Joe and Jill Biden then showed everyone their dancing skills!Bookmark here

At the Greek-Turkish borders the Greeks and the Turks were unable to meet in Evros due to the hundreds of land-mines but they pulled out their entire air-force and navy and met on and above the Aegean Sea. The frigates, the torpedo-boats and the submarines massively bombarded into the air for many hours until all of their ammunition was exhausted. The F-16s, Rafales, and Mirage-2000s from both sides did a series of acrobatic air-fights, flew upside down, in Greek-Turkish formations, and released all of their bombs and missiles into the sea. It was like the whole Aegean Sea was lit with fireworks! Whoever saw them from Cyclades and Dodekanese islands might have thought that all these fighters were not driven by top-notch professional pilots but by small children who were themselves inside their remote-controlled little airplanes!Bookmark here

In less than two hours every act of hostility or warfare on the whole planet had ceased. Outside the prisons of all over the world the convicts had fun and drunk beers and joints with their guards! This global party continued until gradually the entire globe was illuminated by an adorable all-powerful Sun; it appeared as if it was high noon at every longitude and latitude at the same time, which did not make any sense. The Sun kept on getting brighter and larger, but strangely did not feel hotter. There was a couple at Oia, Thira, in Greece, which at some time stopped dancing; they looked at each other deeply in the eyes for a long time, as though they eagerly wanted to captivate the face of each other for all eternity.Bookmark here

Then they kissed tenderly, very tenderly, more tenderly than even their first ever kiss. Their eyes now glowed brightly, like four bright stars on the darkest sky. They felt no fear though, since they knew the Moment was approaching. Fear itself died that day. Suddenly the two lovers felt like they levitated in dark empty space and stopped touching the ground above their feet. Everyone around them seemed to have vanished yet everyone was oddly still there : men, angels, demons, elves, even the animals, that had also started to dance as well. By that point both mortals and celestials looked identical. Everyone, including the lovers, looked liked they were about to burst into a dazzling, blinding light. Then the two lovers said to each other, in unison : “I Love you so much baby. Let’s just not get lost after this OK? We need to find each other!”.Bookmark here

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Then the ‘Moment’, the moment the universe was awaiting since its inception, at last came: Every living thing, both mortal and celestial, burst into immensely bright balls of light and energy at the same time. The Sun did not explode after all, ‘they’ just was very happy for the occasion too. The mortals and celestial did not die or hurt themselves either. They just evolved. This was the moment the first corporeal beings in the universe evolved into a non corporeal form. More would hopefully follow later to join us, but the Earthers and some of the gods and spirits they worshiped (and that worship gave them form and life) were the first. Bookmark here

I think it’s time for me to disclose that I (the narrator) am the male half of the human couple that I mentioned before. I am composing this ‘post-corporeal account’ 4 light years from Earth, on a planet similar to Earth in the Proxima Centauri star system, Earth’s closest neighbor. I soon found my love and friend, and we decided to leave our solar system and explore the stars together. We arrived here in just a couple of days, traveling at exactly the speed of light. The reason we arrived so fast was due to the ‘relativistic time dilation’, as has been explained in detail by Albert Einstein and Hendrik Lorentz.Bookmark here

We traveled at the speed of light because we are light. Before evolving we would not have survived on this sterile planet even for a minute. But now we can even ‘walk’ on the stars themselves. However, after a while, we discovered that we can ‘will’ ourselves back to physical forms if we want to! Which was no miracle, since after all Einstein’s equation Ε = mc2 can be rearranged to m = E/c2. While we were in our non corporeal forms we “spoke” telepathically. We could feel each other’s emotions and hear each other’s thoughts. I am writing this account partly in my physical form, which is not the same as pre-evolution. It is much more durable, can endure a far greater range of temperatures and pressures, and I can even survive without any oxygen, but that still feels like you are suffocating. Bookmark here

The part of this account with the angels and demons, as you might already be aware, was largely fictional. I wanted to describe how the human species evolved beyond its physical form in a figurative and symbolic language, instead of being crude and literal. Since this account is meant to guide and prepare extra-terrestrial species that have not yet evolved, and thus still feel fear, I wanted to be as gentle as possible with you. We have not found any of you yet, but we feel strongly that you are out there. When we do we are not going to interfere with your evolution, with that account being the sole exception. I am going to encode it in non verbal math (flat, hyperbolic and fractal geometry, with only shapes, no characters) so that you can decode it with not too much effort if your math guys are sufficiently skilled.Bookmark here

Why write and send this to you (after we find you)? Because we feel it is much better to send you a rational explanation about what happened to us than show up to you unannounced and have you think that we are gods or something. No, we are not gods. Well, we basically now have the power of gods but we are not gods in a metaphysical or supernatural sense. There was nothing supernatural or miraculous about this. It was a natural process, the result of the apex of our physical evolution, and the beginning of our non corporeal one. It will happen to you too, in the future, if you survive and do not destroy yourselves; we almost did, quite a few times. Bookmark here

So, for the love of... god, take care of yourselves, of your planet and of the other species of your planet. I cannot adequately describe in words what it means and how it feels to stop feeling fear and pain. When we are in our non corporeal form it feels like time stops. That we are both at one place and many others, far far away, at the same time. This feels so overwhelming, perhaps because we are still non corporeal infants, that we often recollect ourselves back to physical bodies in order to feel ‘contained’, in one piece. Bookmark here

After evolving all the remaining great mysteries of the universe (such as how exactly it came into being, what will happen to it in the far future and the meaning of life itself) opened up in our minds, but we are not going to disclose any to you. That would be a major interference, wouldn’t it? Nope, you are going to find those answers yourselves, when you evolve. Bookmark here

When I wrote ‘every living thing’ burst into light before I meant every living thing with intellect. No, the animals of Earth did not evolve. Neither did the plants. Earth is now theirs, it fully belongs to them and their evolution will no longer be constrained by our species. We mildly feel, via long distance telepathy with the others, that no post-corporeal human remains on Earth anymore. All ~8 billion of them left, unable to resist the calling of the stars. Some of the animals of Earth, like the dolphins, should evolve too and join us in a few million years. Before leaving Earth we heard the call of some dolphins, in our minds. To our mild surprise, we realized that dolphins were already telepathic beings, despite being corporeal. Bookmark here

And yes, we could understand them. And they us. They ‘spoke’ in our minds more with feelings than thoughts, and as prepared to say farewell and head for space they sang to us a very beautiful song full of both sadness (for them) and joy (for us) . We felt guilty that we were leaving them alone, but they understood. It was our first actual communication with another species, and it was a quite remarkable experience. Bookmark here

Dear people from the stars, we’d rather say no more and let you get back to your business. My partners thinks I disclosed too much, and that might interfere with you natural progress. Please bear in mind that we are not a threat, despite our immense power. The universe itself is now in the palm of our non corporeal hand, but we do not interfere with any of you. Not just due our ‘neutrality policy’ but because if we do, this might hinder your evolution to non corporeal beings, and we do not want to be left alone. It’s rather.. lonely at the top you see. Bookmark here

This message was solely meant to let you know that your future will be one of magnificence and greatness if you manage to overcome your worst instincts (we almost didn’t you see). In other words to advice you to be careful but also give you hope. Because hope, as we humans used to say, always dies last.Bookmark here

Líf and Lífþrasir

Paradise Found

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