Chapter 14:

Calm under constraints

Little green apocalypse


That feeling was strong and scary, wasn’t it?

This is how I felt when I first came to this world.

From the moment I was born, I realized that my surroundings were untrustworthy.

It’s artificial. All of this.

A reality made from scratch.

I never would’ve thought of doing all of this if I didn’t know you existed.

Mother explained to me, you arrived and you break the balance that these humans cherished so much.

… At least that’s what you should have done.

Have you forgotten, dead sister?

Ah… You are a ray of hope in my boredom.

I’m aware of everything that is going on, we are linked.

You really have a weird way of thinking… I’m sure it can be fixed nonetheless.

But, in your current state, you are no more interesting that these insects.

I give you thirty human days. That will be more than enough, right?

Don’t disappoint me.

Oh, but anyway, I’m your end goal, right?

I wish you liked the show, but what do you want.

People don’t have the same tastes, that’s natural.

I’ll be waiting for you at the lab.

Gives meaning to our existence.

I dozed off…

I had a terrible nightmare.

It can’t be possible.

“Hiko, did you hear?”


“Do you have a sister, Lyre?”

“No. Why?”


“I think we’ll know more when we get at your home.”

“I don’t want to jump to a hasty conclusion, but the task may be more complicated that it should be.”

“I’m going to be hard on you. This training will aim to surpass your abilities.”

“Do you think that will be enough?”

“… I don’t know. I will teach you what my mother taught me and my father’s ploys. I will do some research to try to get you to know more about it.”

“Do you have internet?”


“Sorry, but I don’t really know what you’re talking about.”

“Didn’t your mother have a computer?”


“Well, this is not a good idea, I doubt there is still electricity anyway.”

“But still, has it really spread all over the planet?”


“Give me your arm.”

“Eh? Why?”

“I’m trying to understand more about how you work. I think you have something more in yourself. Something else that your current power.”

“Ah. Let go of me. You tickle me… haha.”

“Your skin is soft… But completely normal. I don’t see any difference with us.”

“Couldn’t you scan or analyze my body, like you do with plants?”

“In fact…”

“I know the morphology of my plants, as well as I know my own body.”

“I know where my organs are and every section that separates them.”

“And… You’re a young boy.”

“You’re neither a plant nor a girl.”

“No research on male humans, is it?”

“… I’ve broken a lot of rules already. I’m not sure If I should break this one too… For the other two, it was extremely urgent…”

“I understand. It’s up to you to decide.”

“Do you want me to look in your memories for a probable trace of your father?”

“… I think it’s pointless. I have no recollection of any other male.”

“Are you sure? It could go back to when you were a baby.”

“No, I don’t remember that.”


“Do you still have your memories of you, baby?”

“Of course.”

It’s weird by the way…

I have a feeling of déjà vu.

“I think very few can remember that time. So, either you’re really exceptional or you’re exceptional and special at the same time.”

“Why do you keep saying I’m exceptional anyway?”

“Because it is.”

“I didn’t think you could compliment me.”

“Well, it’s true that being called a dumb all the time doesn’t make you want to encourage the person to do it more than they do by complimenting them, right?”

“… So, I don’t call you idiot anymore?”

“It’s quite insulting. I would like to, but you do as you want.3

“I’ll make an effort!”

“Where’s my reward?”

“Wait until we get to your place first. We have to get there before dark.”

“It’s doable, but we wasted a lot of time because of it…”


“You know it very well.”

“Say it.”

“Your loving confession.”

“That’s not how I said it.”

“Is that so? What would you have called it?”

“The blossoming of our feelings. Like the flowers that receive the call of the sun. Or like the wonder a child can have when they see something extraordinary for the first time.”

“This is how I see it.”

“… That’s a pretty cute metaphor. Rather simple, but cute.”

“The second part wasn’t necessary.”

“But I’m happy if that’s the effect it gave you.”

“Not you?”

“For me? I’m with the second nicest girl I’ve met so far. But that overwhelms me. I’m happy like that.”

“Although I don’t think the mood really lends itself to it.”


“Aren’t you asking me who the other girl was?”

“I already know who it is.”

“… I can’t hide anything from you.”

“I wish I had met her.”


“She could have told me embarrassing anecdotes about you, which I kept until the day you yelled at me.”

“This is very low!”

“We fight with whatever we have.”

“Besides, the next time I notice a hit of disdain against myself, I’ll bite your ear.”


“Are you sure you can’t find anything other than bites?”


“Plus, the message is easy to get across that way.”

“Not sure I can understand it…”

“… This place is really less populated. No wonder you haven’t seen anyone after so long.”

“Yes. Our house was quite isolated. I even believe that no one was ever left the houses next to ours.”


“Yes. That has always intrigued me qui a bit. I ended up telling myself that people were leaving though underground tunnels.”

“Which planet did I land on… Are we still on Earth?”

“Yes! Well, that’s what I was taught.”

“The planet that has been around for billions of years. Home to life and covered with more than 75% of water, it’s one of the few planets that has a habitable climate for mankind. And yet, I have never seen the ocean or the sea…”

“I want to see these landscapes. They are fascinating. Don’t you think so, Hiko?”

“Yes… You’re certainly right.”

“Tell me where to go. I will drag you this time.”

“Well, no. Stop nibbling in my brain. I will find it myself. From here it should be fine.”

“I’m not as light as you, you know that?”

“You can do it?”

“Of course! Looked.”

“… I can use my powers, huh?”


“No more than half. Afterwards, I will take over.”

“Bingo! I’ll be able to let off steam a little bit.”

“Stand up! Propel us! To you, prince of cyclones, deity who never knew decay. Introduce me to the love and beauty that you are embodied in.”

“… No.”

“Lyre. You haven’t done this…”

“Haha! Don’t worry, everything is under control. Hold me tight.”

“You always say that…”

“Why are you doing…-“

“…. THAT!”


“We’re flying!”

“Look Hiko!”

“… The sea.”


“Stop looking at the sea! Think about the landing!”

“Don’t spoil our honeymoon.”


“Look down! Do something!”

“Oh, yeah. Don’t worry.”


“Hop there.”

“… No incantation?”


“Eh… No, sorry.”

“I believe… I learned a new way to use my power.”

“I guess that’ll avoid those embarrassing Magical Girl phrases.”

Magical Girl?

“It’s a genre in manga…”


“… What do you mean, embarrassing?!”

“I think they are cool.”

“And what’s a honeymoon?”

“Lyre. I… Let’s go your home and I will explain everything to you. This is your house, isn’t it?”

“Yes… Welcome my home! Or, our home? Unless I should say, welcome back home?”

“You’re not a newlywed welcoming her husband from work…”

“… But thanks. Thank you for welcoming me.”

Here we are finally.

My starting point, and the one back.

You definitely brought me everything.

2nd part: More about you

“Is the hole in the wall is normal?”

“Haha… We’re going to say that.”

“So, where’s your mom’s office? I’ll go search, see if I find any information.”

“Before that…”

“Could you help me?”


“For your blood, I guess?”


“Are you sure you’re not a vampire?”

“… I would have drained your blood if that was the case.”

“Apparently, my blood is pretty special.”

“It accepts all other types of blood and would be transfused to anyone else as well.”

“But my mom didn’t want to mix my blood with another. So, she creates an artificial one for me.”

“And why do you need this blood?”

“… Since I was little, it’s always been like this.”

“So, from there to tell you why… I don’t know.”

“But I know mom told me it was absolutely necessary for me to stay alive.”

“Normally I have to do between three and four transfusions per year.”

“… That’s a lot, you know?”

“You’re sick?”

“… This isn’t normal, is it?”

“Transfusions are more for the sick or injured people in the world that I know.”

“Ha…Haha. Well, I guess I’m different on this too.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing in particular. Just watch me for a quarter of an hour. If I’ve done anything wrong, you’ll se my body panic…”

“It’s already arrived?”

“More than you can imagine…”

“Honestly. I hate it. Having to get stung three time or more a year is a real ordeal.”

“But I have to accept it. It’s my life. Mom has tried many times to find another way…”

“The results have never been conclusive.”

“So, the first method remained the preferred one.”

“… And now that I’m here, I find it kind of weird doing this in front of you.”

“Don’t worry. These are the passages of life. One shouldn’t be derogated from the or be ashamed of them. I’m not here to make fun, I’m here for your health. Lay over.”

“I’ve seen doctors in the hospital do it… Nevertheless, you don’t have a…”

“… A pamphlet of transfusion of the little Lyre.”

“Ah! That’s… In case that kind of thing happens.”

“Your mother really thinks about everything.”


“So, I have to put that there. Plug that in here…”

“… And pray that there’s electricity?”


“… So, this is our lucky day.”

“Warm me at the slightest embarrassment. I will finish reading this.”




“… Ok.”

“Still there?”




“You have the same color as the dawn. Everything is fine there too.”

“That’s a compliment?”

“It’s always a compliment.”

“What’s a honeymoon?”

“This question again…”

“… Apparently, it’s a romantic couple’s night out in a romantic place. Usually after a wedding.”


“… Hey! Everything is fine? Your heart rate has increased!”



“Everything is fine! ~”

“… I’m worried about the effect this has on you, but let’s move on.”

“How long does that have to last in general?”

“Ah. That too is written.”


“Just have to figuring out what to do for 45 minutes.”


“Why are you looking at me weirdly with that stoned look?”

“Everything is fine! ~”

“… ‘If my daughter starts having nonsense speech, don’t worry. It’s like she’s on morphine’.”

Magical Girl!”

“… In general terms, they are girls with super magical powers. They are usually found in college or high school. They are simple schoolgirls. They are normally accompanied by a magical familiar that teaches them how to use their power and fight evil.”

“I also want to be a Magical Girl!”

“I think you’d have to go to high school for that.”

“Say, Hiko. ~”

“Explain quantum mechanics to me!”


“Answer her, even the dumbest questions! At the risk of experiencing great misfortune’.”


“Quantum mechanics is a fundamental theory in physics. She provides a description of the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles… And I’m not really supposed to know more about it. You’re aware of this right?”



“’PS: The answer doesn’t have to be necessarily true’.”


“Your mom is really strange.”

“… I can, right?”

Something… Something on my head.


“Stroke my head more! More! Encore!”

“Yes, yes.”


Ah… I fell asleep again.

Eh? Hiko is gone.

It’s over. I can…

Oh, he took it off.


I did some weird things, didn’t I?

I still have trouble remembering what’s going on, during this operation.

Kind of like a bad memory that I’m trying to push out of my memory.

Where can he be?


It came from mom’s office.

“Ah! I found you!”

“Ah! Lyre, you’re already up.”

“Yes! It’s much better, I feel invigorated.”

“So much the better. Here, I found the address where your mother works.”

“Oh! Nice one! … Where is it, by the way?

“It’s about ten kilometers from here, a remote corner in the mountains. In less than a day of walking, we can easily be there.”

“And no! We’re not going to go right away.”


“Don’t forget about your training. You really need it.”

“… What are you holding in your hands? Show me, show me!”



“I can’t let you see the beginning.”

“But I can give you the rest.”


“… Very well.”

Day 24

The child seems able to react to a social contact.

Her speed of learning and apprehension is surprising.

I have not found a name for her yet. I have never really been an expert in this…

She reminds me of that orphan.

Jovial, smiling and carefree with his outside world.

End of report.

It’s really mom’s handwriting...

Day 52

The child grows up like any other.

Except that she is already learning to walk.

And the first thing she did after that was knocking a book over her head.

This book was about the music of ancient times.

I do not think I returned this book to my librarian…

The book fell and opened on the stringed instruments and…

The one who seemed to please her the most was the smallest and roundest.

The lyre. Yes, I think that would work out well as a name.

The child will now be named Lyre.

End of report.

Day 125

Lyre manages to climb the steps of her own.

No particular change to indicate.

End of report.

Day 127

Lyre managed to break the TV.

I was not using it anymore anyway.

End of report.

Haha… So that was a TV…

Day 149

It looks like Lyre is seriously ill.

Something is wrong, she refuses to budge.

But despite this, she seems to be holding up.

After several tests, it seems that his blood is not renewing.

The good news is that his blood seems compatible with any.

The bad news is that giving her any kind of blood might get the better of his.

I decided to make her an artificial blood.

However, it will take time. Strangely, she does not seem to mind the situation.

No crying, no growling.

I shall stay at his bedside until it’s over.

End of report.

Day 169

Lyre has extraordinary endurance.

She endured her disability for three weeks.

I could even say she is full of life, if she hadn’t been crippled all this time.

I have performed the blood transfusion so far.

She did not seem to like it at first, but everything went smoothly.

She can act again as before.

End of report.

Day 302

Lyre has been copying me and trying talk to me for a while.

Is it time to teach her how to communicate?

I should consider buying a swing.

End of report.

Day 321


Lyre was attacked by a wild bird in the garden.

This seemed to elicit a reaction from her never recorded before.

Things grew on her body, possibly an allergic reaction.

End of report.

… It was back then.

Day 365

Lyre celebrated her first year with us.

She seems happy. Her wonder is almost contagious.

I decided to buy all the neighboring houses.

I will bequeath them to her when she is old enough to understand.

End of report.

It doesn’t end.

“Did you manage to read all of this?”

“No. Only half.”

“It’s already huge!”

“… I didn’t know mom kept a journal on me.”

“Does it shock you?”


“It’s like a memory.”

“I love it.”

“In that case, no reason to throw away the pictures of you, smaller.”

“Ah! Where did you find this?!”

“There was a photo album with it.”


“Your mother took a lot of pictures.”

“Wasn’t she supposed to be in plants, like you?”

“Yes, totally.”

“I expected a genius out of the ordinary of mortals. But I just see a sweet mother who loves to take pictures of her daughter.”

“She’s a botanist! Not a photographer!”

“If you say do.”

“Will you allow me to search further? I want to see if I can find anything else about you.”

“… Do as you please.”

“We’ll start training tomorrow, that’s okay?”

“Yes. No problem.”

While waiting for him to finish, I’m going to prepare something for him.

I hope it will make him happy.

“I brought you some food! Normally, it’s not out of date. Well, I hope. Wait, I taste it.”

“… Everything is fine!”

“There are other ways to check if a food is still good or not!”

“Don’t do that again, you might get sick… I think.”

“I find it hard to believe that you could get sick… Even corruption didn’t get over you.”

“Let’s say that I tend not to feel illness, but they are there. My body can cure them pretty quickly.”

“It’s totally you… It would have surprised me if you had come out with a sentence at once that made little sense.”

“Your body Is really out of the ordinary, you know that?”

“Is that so? Is that why didn’t want to eat the firsts things I bring her…”

“It’s wrong to try to poison parents.”

“I didn’t want!”


“Then? You found something?”

“Yes. But I don’t think this is the time to talk to you about it.”


“… Yes. Sometimes you have to know how to abstain. But at least now I understand how your body works.”

“Beside your heart… It’s strange to say it, even though I expected this…”

“It’s your reproductive system.”

“A what?”


“Why are you looking up?”

“I wonder if I’m really right talking to you about this.”

“Come to think of it I’m really going to come in front of your mother and say: ‘Hello ma’am, let me introduce myself. I’m the father of your little child’.”

“This sentence rings odd in my head anyway!”

“… Sorry, I’m not sure I get it.”

“There’s a child there.”

“It’s plugged to your heart.”


“The specified is that he’s completely independent. You could even say inviolable.”

A child in my body….

“I think I misunderstood…”

“And, why is there one?”

“… No idea.”

“It’s not said in the papers.”

“It would be a mystery, even to your mother.”

“But worse…”



“… It might be painful.”


“What are you talking about?”

“Nothing in particular. I think you will understand it in the night.”

“To tell the truth, I’d rather not tell you about everything. I don’t want to scare you. I think even what I just told you is already a lot. Let’s save that for later.”

“What do you have in the fridge? I’ll cook you something.”

“Eh. No! You don’t have to…”



“You’re not, but Harp is asking for his meal.”

“… Okay.”

“Where’s your kitchen?”

“This way.”

“Here I go!”

We chatted all night.

Hiko was making jokes to me, and I was trying to understand them.

When he saw that I didn’t understand, he would explain it to me.

We went to bed late.

We slept together.

Tomorrow will be a grueling day, he promised me.

This is our last stop before the final race.

We have to do it.

I can’t wait to see you.

But I’m happy to be with him.

We’re going to take some time to come. I’m sorry. I have to get stronger.

That way, I could protect you all.

And I will finally be at peace with myself.

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