Chapter 3:

Chapter 2 A: First mission

Can you conquer my system? : Shujinko to shite umarekawaru

" I've been waiting for you my lord-hero Ekoj nyan!"

( I'm a hero? )

you were confused about what's happening. You couldn't tell who is that creature because everything was dark. Only its sharp eyes glittered.

Its sound was the deepest you've ever heard, but its accent made it even worse, it was like a little girl's.

The creature spoke:

" I am Eva the angel and I'll be your guide through your journey in the first realm, the human's realm. "

When you saw Eva the angel in the system bar you thought of an angelic voice and a loli girl but it turns out it was the total opposite!

" What do I need to do? Where am I? Why everybody wants to kill me? " you asked questions everyone should normally ask.

" I'll answer everything, but first we need to escape this place! "

" How? " you asked.

" Just leave it to me nyan! Can you stand back for a second? "

You stood back and in a blink of an eye, you saw strong light appearing and heard the sound of the walls' crumbling.

You can finally see Eva's look. A hairy massive creature with two big pointed ears!


You were terrified by her look. She grabbed you by her jaw without notice and jumped to the air. You had the sensation of flying at a high speed, your eyes were blinded by their liquids. The strong air current almost chokes you when you finally fell to the ground.

" This should be a safe distance! "

Eva suddenly looked at you with her sharp eyes, it's like she was waiting for you to do something.

" What? " you asked.

She gave you a play bow and hanged her tongue out. It was like a dog wanted to play.

You decided to pat her and it worked!



{ Story task: Find the angel Eva completed! You will be granted rewards.

Calculating rewards ... }

" What is this? "

" This is your system bar, lord Ekoj! It's your only way of communication with the Architect. You will always receive tasks to level up, the more you level up the more you'll be stronger and acquire new skills. "

" Then what is this main objective's about? "

" This is your key to unlock the second realm. If you completed it you will acquire the world gate key. However, you'll need to find the gate's location in the story. "


{ You leveled up! }


{ You acquired the stats bar! }


{ You acquired a unique skill: Crybaby! }

" This system is actually trolling me! " you said while depressed.

" What does that mean? " Eva asked.

" Never mind! "

( You forgot she doesn't know the meaning of trolling. )

You decided to take a look at your stats:

{ Ekoj Id: #200102

Class: Locked

Special Class: Locked

Titles: None

LP: 10/10 ( Life points )

MP: 2/2 ( Mana points )

AP: 1/1 ( Action points )

Exp: 0/100 ( Experience points )

Skills: -Heavy punch: A magic punch embraced by the forces of nature. ( cost 1 AP )

-Run ( cost 1 AP )


" You can slide to the right to see your attributes. " proclaimed Eva.


+Physical stats: -Strenght: 1

-Endurance: 1

-Dexterity: -Agility : 1

-Accuracy: 1

-Mouvement speed: 10

+Mental states: -Wisdom : 2

-Willpower: 0

-Charisma: 0

+Luck: 0


( Waou! I'm very lucky! ) you thought to yourself.

You then asked Eva:

" Why is everybody attacking me? "

Eva became silent for a moment and then answered:

" You were reincarnated in the body of a person called Argos Hadel. Argos was the first prince of Seraphine kingdom. He was poisoned and died. The prime minister, the one who imprisoned you was the one behind everything. Your dad, Albert Hadel is ill and his condition is very severe. "

" How many brothers and sisters do I have? Am I the true heir of the throne? "

" Yes, you are. You have two brothers and two sisters. "


{ Story quest acquired: The true king comeback.

rewards: ?????

Secondary quest acquired: Reach level 5

rewards: -

-Longsword LVL 5 U

-Leather gloves LVL 5 C

-Leather armor LVL 5 C

- Ruby bracelet R


" Why can't I see the rewards of the story quest? "

" The story quest's rewards quality depends on how good you've finished it. "

" And what does that C mean ? "

" You will find it next to every item, it refers to the quality of the equipment. C refers to common it is in grey color, U refers to uncommon it is in green color, R refers to rare equipment it has the blue color, a purple color refers to an epic item E, S in orange is legendary equipment and SS+ in red refers to the most powerful equipment a relic one. "

(It seems this isekai is not that bad after all.)

You asked Eva:

" What about this world? What's so special about it? "

" There are two strong empires and the rest are small kingdoms either independent or serving those two. Each one of them serves a certain god. The two empires are: Eldiva, the empire of the blood elves, and Aniva, the empire of beasts. "

" What's my kingdom's ranking in this world? "

" One of the weakest. "

" I see. " ( I don't see, bloody hell! This will take a lot of effort and work. what was my dad doing anyway? )

You forgot to ask Eva the most important question:

" You're supposed to be the angel Eva, what happened to you? "

" The emperor of Aniva took my real body and sealed my soul in this beast body. "

You could clearly see the sad look in her eyes and you had to see her loli angelic body. This gave you courage and will to say the next words:

" I will help you regain your body! "


" I'm very thankful to you Ekoj-sama! I will be protecting you and serve you with my remaining life. "

The last words put you in dismay:

" Remaining life? "

" I have one month remaining until my soul will perish, because this is not its real body, and it can't support an angel's soul. "

You have one month to regain your kingdom that is rated as one of the weakest, and conquer the Aniva empire. This sounds like a suicidal mission if you want my opinion. What will you do?

A) " I will help you no matter what!

B) " I'm very sorry Eva, but this will never happen in one month! "

Your choice will influence your progress so make sure to pick the wrong, I mean the right choice.

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