Chapter 10:

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Hunter Skills

Second day of the great hunter festival.Bookmark here

They are all back in the stadium after regaining energy and healing from most of their injuries.Bookmark here

And the presenter begins the speech:Bookmark here

"Hello again everyone. Today will be the second and last day of the hunter trials. Normally it is one week of each day a test but this time it is different. Since in this year there are very qualified and powerful participants. * Whispering * Not that there are many participants left after yesterday's massacre... "Bookmark here

"Well, the only test that remains is the invasion of the castle, there will only be two teams."Bookmark here

All participants receive a message on the hunter card.Bookmark here

Akiro looks at it and sees that it is the list of the two teams, each team has 12 participants. He is astonished that only this small number remained of the 240 that were previously.Bookmark here

Akiro looks at the names on his team.Bookmark here

"Blue team: Einar, Akiro, Sofy, Russell, Kenta, Galeo, Tristán, Mina, Riama, Fiss, Albert and Felix"Bookmark here

He knew everyone except for this Albert and Felix.Bookmark here

“Number 206. Rank A. Albert Feist. Heavyweight."Bookmark here

"Number 73. Rank B. Felix Presto. Dark combat specialty. Special skill: Smoke Generation. "Bookmark here

Then he glanced over at the Red Team roster. The only name he paid attention to was Kiken's, that name is only used in Japan. He imagined that it would be the giant of the train since he seemed very strong and is one of the only ones who remembers the train from Japan.Bookmark here

The presenter explains the game:Bookmark here

“Invasion of the castle, in this test the hunters will be sent to another dimension with more space and better prepared for this test. A team will be directed to the great castle that will be in the middle of the forest. While the other team will appear on the outskirts of the forest in a camp. Each team will have special hunter gear, traps, weapons, clothing, and food. 2 hours of high school will be given. As soon as this high school is finished ... The team on the outskirts must attack the castle. You can only win in two ways for each team, the first, leaving all the hunters of the opposing team unable to fight or on the other hand that the invading team manages to kill the king, a fake doll inside the castle, or to win the team protective is that they do not manage to kill him within two days. And if the test then it can last two days. Don't be in a hurry to finish. "Bookmark here

Akiro looked very excited, he was already in the final, he would have liked to do more tests but it was fine with him. So he would be in a guild sooner as he wants.Bookmark here

Then the first team, the red team, is prepared to leave for the castle dimension.Bookmark here

And if the giant of the train was in that team, I notice that many people in the spectators looked at him badly. Deciding to ask Einar on the subject if he knew anything, he replied:Bookmark here

-It was because of what most likely happened yesterday. He only killed several teams in a fatal way, none died but left most paraplegics or with traumas, his entire team abandoned it seems to me.Bookmark here

Akiro felt a different sensation now when looking at him. He was not the same fear as before, he knew he was strong. But now he felt that he had to defeat that monster no matter what.Bookmark here

Now it's the blue team's turn. They are all placed on a floating circular platform.Bookmark here

Akiro realizes that one of his team was the fat man he sent flying. He looks at it quickly and turns again hoping he hasn't seen it.Bookmark here

It takes only 5 seconds since they are all on the platform and from a ray of golden light they all disappear from the stadium.Bookmark here

Akiro opens his eyes and sees for the first time such a large forest, trees approximately 50 meters high.Bookmark here

They leave the platform to see what their base is like. But they don't see anything on the ground. But then walking forward they notice some stairs in the trees. They look at the glasses and yes, right in the middle of the trees there were some cabins.Bookmark here

Everyone goes up to see, everything was well accommodated inside with televisions that are supposed to give them the signal to be able to attack. Each was assigned a room with food, beds, a bathroom, new clothes, and weapons.Bookmark here

Akiro is in his room, he had clothes on the bed that seemed made to measure for him. It is tried on: a black jumpsuit, with the part of the wide legs and all the upper glued with long sleeves and a belt with different hooks and ropes. It was created with special fibers, only with the touch he noticed that it would be very difficult to break, he even tried to bite it and as he suspected it was impossible to tear it off. And next to the bed an iron baseball bat. He loved it but felt very watched like that. He couldn't understand how they knew he liked it.Bookmark here

He leaves his room and sees his housemate Einar. He wore long black pants, a plain white shirt and a dark blue jacket that fell to his knees. Something quite different from the previous clothes that was wearing a gray sweatpants and a blue sweatshirt. Akiro asks him:Bookmark here

-You don't have a weapon?Bookmark here

-You don't remember, I have a special skill, I don't need it.Bookmark here

-Ahhh, *in a low voice to himself * lucky one...Bookmark here

-You've said something?Bookmark here

-Nothing nothing, you imagine things.Bookmark here

-Okay, let's see the others to talk about how we will invade the castle and find out where it is.Bookmark here

While Einar was still talking, Akiro took the remote from the TV in the cabin and turned on the TV.Bookmark here

He jumps on the couch and says:Bookmark here

-Yes, you can go. You already let me know when the plan is.Bookmark here

Einar covers his face with his hand and leaves the hut.Bookmark here

Hunter Skills

Hunter Skills

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