Chapter 9:

Snake eyes

Hunter Skills

Kenta tired and kneeling on the ground while watching an impressive show.Bookmark here

Akiro seemed at his limit but continues to face the giant snake one by one while the rest fought on the serpent's back against Fiss.Bookmark here

Akiro he just hits the snake with the bar that makes it sway and it looks like he is suffering, butBookmark here

Akiro falls to the ground with a flick of his tail, but like this over and over again.Bookmark here

Meanwhile on the back Einar and Russell are fighting against Fiss, at the same time as Sofy and two of Kenta's teammates, who are:Bookmark here

“Number 68. Rank C. Galeo Rider. Specialist in combat with weapons. "Bookmark here

“Number 105. Rank B. Tristan Redhead. Specialty in medium-range combat with chains."Bookmark here

They fight a bear the size of two grown men.Bookmark here

Einar with his sword tries to cut Fiss but he dodges him again and again and with a whip he has hit him, at the same time Russell tries to make a clean punch but also dodges him.Bookmark here

Sofy, Galeo and Tristan have a hard time fighting the bear, not only because he is powerful, but also because he is the fourth member of Kenta's team:Bookmark here

“Number 143. Rank C. Mina Graves. Special skill: Eyes X "Bookmark here

Just when it looked like Einar was going to hit Fiss they all fly off to the side.Bookmark here

Akiro managed to knock the snake down after dozens of attempts in a row with just a steel bar.
Kenta was hallucinating after seeing that last blow which made the great snake fall.Bookmark here

After fainting, the snake returns to its human form. One of the Fiss team.Bookmark here

All on the ground, Einar saw the perfect opportunity to attack Fiss. This time he whispered something, no one could hear or even understand what he said.Bookmark here

After Einar finished saying it, 5 monstrous hands from under the ground appeared in front of Einar.Bookmark here

These hands went straight to Fiss, who tried to dodge them but they were too fast. They caught Fiss by all limbs and neck. Little by little these hands tightened and tightened on Fiss's body. Causing the one squeezing his neck to suffocate him and he passed out. But the hands were still clenching, but just when he fainted Einar already ran out and cut the hands with a single sword movement. The hands were gradually fading but it seemed clearly that they were also trying to catch Einar at that moment.Bookmark here

Einar picked up the chicken from the ground and tossed it to Kenta. He caught it and said:Bookmark here

-Thanks for the help.Bookmark here

-You don't have to give them ... -Einar said it as he fell to the ground and closed his eyes and saw how Akiro ran to his aid.Bookmark here

Einar wakes up and sees how he is on Akiro's back. As tired as he was, he didn't even care. Look around and see that apart from being Russell and Sofy, there is also Kenta's team with them, even Mina who became a bear.
Bookmark here

Walking slowly through the ruined city, which is now more destroyed by the current fighting. Just 5 minutes after Einar woke up, the signal sounds that the first game is over. Akiro and Kenta raise their hands with the chickens. Everyone in the stadium from the cameras can see everyone who has been able to pass the test.Bookmark here

The grandfather telling a man who sat next to him that this is his excited grandson, in turn the journalist was hallucinating from another end of the stadium after seeing that the young man who annoyed him managed to pass the first test.Bookmark here

He ran after remembering that he would have to give him his camera.Bookmark here

In the stadium the images of all the winners were passing one by one. The entire stadium fell silent after seeing one of the greatest atrocities they could imagine. Riama was sitting on a rock with 5 rubber chickens under his feet and around 30 bodies of people who had no legs or arms but were still alive.Bookmark here

He looked at the camera coldly and then smiled wickedly.Bookmark here

And right after Riama another winner was shown. The tall man of 2.20:Bookmark here

“Number 3. Rank S. Takahashi Kiken. Footwork specialist. Special skill: Hard Object ”Bookmark here

This man appeared with a single chicken in his hand and the other in his pocket. All the members of his team were with him but with faces that he knew were worse than it seems.Bookmark here

Meanwhile other hunters on the ground with papers and threads through their bodies as well as the occasional chicken embedded in some that this makes them win as well.Bookmark here

The presenter begins to speak:Bookmark here

“So ladies and gentlemen finish the first test. Tomorrow the results will be given of which teams pass or if there are new teams. I ADVISE you to rest again. Tomorrow will be something more interesting…. ”Bookmark here

* Walks away laughing echoing slowly until his voice fades from the stadium *Bookmark here

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