Chapter 30:

Interlude V - The end(?)

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Cael Daisetsu. Captain of the Third Ray.
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He looked over the plains atop a huge tower. The Exodus Project. Bookmark here

A familiar voice called out behind him.Bookmark here

“I’m impressed. I could see it all the way back at the castle.”Bookmark here

“Your Majesty.”Bookmark here

Cael turned around and knelt. It was King Leon the XVII. Bookmark here

He looked to the sides. The other towers were just as huge. The L-shaped armaments easily dwarfed over everything else beside them. The Alliance Army camp and the heavy artillery defensive line down below looked like tiny ants. Bookmark here

“Is it operational?”Bookmark here

Cael stood up. “Would Your Majesty like to see a test fire? The other five towers are still being built. The other two— like the one we’re standing on right now, are being tested for structural integrity. But the one to our right is fully operational.”Bookmark here

“Certainly. What is your target?”Bookmark here

“For now, we will fire it into the sky. We will also only set the power to thirty percent capacity.”Bookmark here

The King of Sol followed Cael to the right side of the tower. There, Cael casted Flare into the sky. The tower to the right of them let out a low but loud beeping sound. The long front end faced diagonally to the sky. Bookmark here

The king had witnessed the might of the dwarven armaments back in his youth. The front end would glow for a moment before the weapon let out a loud booming sound. The resulting projectile would make a huge hole in its target.Bookmark here

This was beyond what he expected. Instead of firing instantly, the whole length of the of the turret glowed. The bottom part of the tower lit up with various inscribed runes on it. Mana flowed in frightening abundance on the middle end, supplying the front. Bookmark here

The tower itself started to hum, and electricity manifested itself on the turret plating. A sort of electrical orb formed at the front end of the turret, glowing brighter and brighter. The surrounding areas dimmed as the orb began to expand. The orb suddenly compressed itself and flashed rapidly. Then it happened.Bookmark here

A diagonal column of light of massive proportions came out of the front and lit up the sky. No sound. Just pure blue light. The beam flickered, then disappeared.Bookmark here

The surroundings returned to normal, and the tower stops glowing altogether. Smoke rose up from every inch of the massive weapon.Bookmark here

“This is only thirty percent capacity?” The King of Sol exclaimed.Bookmark here

Cael’s face seemed to brighten up too much for a moment. “Yes, your Majesty. Just a little more time and we will turn this war upside down. The world will have to acknowledge that it is us who they should fear.”Bookmark here

“Fear is a strong word, young knight." The king turned around and walked back. "We just need to show we are not entirely helpless.” Bookmark here

A magic circle appeared below the King of Sol, and he vanished. Cael peered back at the sky. There was a huge hole which parted the clouds above him.Bookmark here

“Of course... your Majesty.”Bookmark here

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The City of Rosenburg. One of the largest trading cities in the Chablis continent. Now mostly reduced to rubble.Bookmark here

A dwarf walked inside a warehouse, dragging metal parts behind him. “I’ll destroy those heroes and take the reward.”Bookmark here

Inside the warehouse, multiple metal objects are strewn across the place. In the far end of the room, there’s a giant metal arm dangling off of huge metal chains. Bookmark here

“To do that, I need something bigger, something tougher.”Bookmark here

He placed the metal parts inside a large stone bin, which feeds to a forge. Bookmark here

“My crab mechs weren’t good enough.” He scoffed as he took a rolled up blue paper, opening it to reveal a sketch of a bipedal construct. Bookmark here

“Let’s try something… more me.”Bookmark here

A cackle can be heard from inside the warehouse.Bookmark here

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In a city built on a huge tree. The Kingdom of Edelgard.Bookmark here

Seiji looked out the window over the city below. Everything is peaceful, for now. News about the fall of the Kingdom of Lyfelune has reached the attention of King Senerius.Bookmark here

“We’re next, aren’t we?”Bookmark here

The sword in his hands hummed.Bookmark here

Don’t give up hope just yet , Seiji.Bookmark here

“It’s hard not to. Lady Amaris hasn’t been seen since she met Lord Aelius and the heroes.”Bookmark here

She’s fine. She just needs some time to rest.Bookmark here

“I sure hope so.”Bookmark here

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The Demon Continent.Bookmark here

Past the defenses, inside the castle walls. The throne room of the Demon Lord.Bookmark here

“Give it up already, otherworlder.”Bookmark here

A thunderous sound filled the room. The room itself was a mess. Dozens of fist-shaped craters embellished the walls and floor. The throne was all but destroyed.Bookmark here

A seven-foot-tall demon continued to punch the walls and destroying things. His armor was easily heroic-grade, with multiple blades extending from the armored plates. He stumbled across the room, destroying more stuff in the process. The moonlight slipped in through the holes in the wall, barely illuminating the room. Bookmark here

Everything suddenly went silent. A figure appeared in the room.Bookmark here

“Are you finally done?”Bookmark here

“Almost.”Bookmark here

The figure sat down on one of the intact chairs. “I admit, it does take a while to assimilate some of the… feistier otherworlders. What Unique Skill did you gain from this one’s consciousness?”Bookmark here

The demon paused for a moment.Bookmark here

“Nothing useful.”Bookmark here

“Alright. I’ll come back with the next subject.”Bookmark here

The figure disappeared from the room.Bookmark here

The demon sat down on the throne. He waved his hand, and everything fixed itself, good as new. Bookmark here

Status.Bookmark here

A projection formed in front of the demon’s eyes.Bookmark here

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AndromaliusBookmark here

Race: Arch DemonBookmark here

Lvl: ???Bookmark here

HP: 10000000Bookmark here

SP: 500000Bookmark here

Unique Skill:Bookmark here

_________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

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Below the screen is a list of countless Unique Skills.Bookmark here

“I need more power.”Bookmark here

He stood up and walked behind the throne. Darkness filled the room.Bookmark here

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-----AFTERWORD-----Bookmark here

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The final chapter. Massive thanks to everyone who read this! And thank you to those who supported me and helped me create this story! I will be removing the interlude messages in a few hours from now. The tenses of the other chapters will be fixed soon, and if time allows it, the final cover art. It was a good run. To criticize, it was a bit lacking in the fine details, but it’s a rushed product after all.Bookmark here

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Thank you reader. May we meet again in the future.Bookmark here

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Update I: Removed the Interlude messages. Chapters 1-15, 28-30, and Interludes have been updated with correct tenses. Format is a bit fixed.Bookmark here

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