Chapter 17:

The Night Of Chaos Part 2

The Rise of Outcasts

High End was structured in a very weird manner. The place was so vast that it would take days to travel from one end to the other. Yet, there were only two gates. Geographically, less than a quarter of the district was located on a massive cliff while the rest was on the plain land so there was a long slope between the two areas. The front was on the top of the cliff while the rear was connected to the ocean.Bookmark here

Who thought this was a good idea to build a district like this?Bookmark here

We thought about attacking from the sides as well but the walls are way too huge and it was pretty much impossible to walk on that land, especially with three thousand men and Nox.Bookmark here

We were standing few miles away from the district.Bookmark here

We had eight thousand men in total. All from various districts, even from the ones that belonged to Cassius. A few months ago, his body was discovered in a pit near IX-99 CAS. With his death, it was fairly easy to take over his districts. Thanks to that, we managed to get our hands on more weapons, so we were able to provide them to every single individual. Some of them got highly explosive guns with bare minimum recoil, some were using Cardons, the ones that Valentino and the others used during the attack at Alessandra.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath.Bookmark here

"Listen up, people. This will be the longest night of our life. Most of us will be dead in the process but don't fear, we are more than ready to launch an attack. We will proclaim victory at the crack of dawn. It will be the start of a new era. So, hold your weapons tight and move forward."Bookmark here

The whole area shook because of their screams.Bookmark here

Why were we making such noises before the attack? Well, we did inform them… the reason was quite simple. Firstly, they were more likely to have an idea when we will attack because it was known throughout the districts of Low End. Bookmark here

So, we put some effort to let them know the day of our arrival. This way, they could spread their forces and it would be easy for us to take down the port. That was the best place to send a huge number of people. That's why we have five thousand men on the ships and three thousand with me. Bookmark here

A hundred of us stood right in front of the slope that led to the main gate. We had a fake vessel with us. There were a bunch of soldiers staring at us, reading to counter our attacks.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, on the rear.Bookmark here

“I can’t clearly see the port, there is just too much fog.”Bookmark here

"It will work in our favour as well."Bookmark here

"Hey Valentino, are you sure these ships can withstand the cannons on the port?"Bookmark here

"Jeronimo did say that these ships have a tough body, I think so. But Jacob did say they have a lot of cannons installed on the port. The numbers worry me."Bookmark here

Even if they had a huge number of weapons, they would survive as long as no external blasters??? were involved.Bookmark here

The ship was slowly moving towards the port. Their surroundings were covered with fog and the only thing they could hear was the sound of water. Their hearts were beating at a fast rate. It would be a huge loss if even one of those ships were to sink since each carries a thousand men, along with weapons.Bookmark here

They still hadn't completely come out from the fog; they heard a huge noise.Bookmark here

“What happened?”Bookmark here

Valentino shouted.Bookmark here

"We have been hit, sir. It seems like they have spotted us."Bookmark here

Then, they heard more noises after that. The ship that Valentino was on, shook as well.Bookmark here

"No need to panic. Hold your ground and fire in a straight direction."Bookmark here

He was holding off to Nox until he got the port in his sight since it was quite difficult to fire a shot with it.Bookmark here

Valentino and his men kept shooting in the straight direction, hoping to get some targets. It was working to some degree. Bookmark here

The fog disappeared and they got to see the port. It was massive. Numerous towers and cannons across it. But what truly shook them was the number of people standing. The whole port was filled with men, holding blasters, ready to shoot. Bookmark here

Valentino sweated after witnessing such a scene. Why were they here? What happened at the main gate?Bookmark here

He immediately made contact with me. Bookmark here

I started sweating as I heard the situation.Bookmark here

"Valentino… I think someone leaked the information."Bookmark here

"But only a selective knew about the ships. Those five thousand men came to know about the ships right before boarding them. We have a control system here to keep an eye on who they talked to."Bookmark here

“I think I know who did this.”Bookmark here

I started grinding my teeth. Bookmark here

"MAGNUUUUUUM" I screamed with full force. "Valentino, immediately make contact with your men and order them to blow up Opus and capture Magnum alive. We will deal with her later. It's starting on our side. You should go all out yourself, make use of Nox however you feel like it. We may have been cornered a bit. This is just the beginning."Bookmark here

“HAHAHA. You are more enthusiastic than usual. Understood.”Bookmark here

With that, I aborted the connection and screamed.Bookmark here

"Fire!"Bookmark here

All of them started firing bullets towards the main gate. In response, the opposing soldiers started firing at us as well but it wasn't effective because people in the frontlines were wearing bracelets that created shields. They were powerful enough to hold off the bulletsBookmark here

but only from the front and sides. The back was unprotected. Bookmark here

One of us used an extremely big blaster that blew up the gate and killed a lot of them.Bookmark here

“Charge directly into the districts.”Bookmark here

I and many others used the Cardons to fly directly to the entrance as others were following on the ground. Bookmark here

The slope wasn't exactly wide so a lot of our men fell into the junk, that surrounded the area, once the enemy started throwing grenades. There was no other way to dodge instead of moving forward. Bookmark here

We were providing them aerial support while using the bracelet shields to protect ourselves. They were very limited so we couldn't give it to everyone.Bookmark here

Things were heating up as we were charging towards the entrance.Bookmark here

-On the other side-Bookmark here

Valentino was busy activating Nox as the ships were firing non-stop. The port took some damage but once the ship was badly damaged; it could go down at any moment. Valentino's ship was barely damaged because they took extra precautions to keep Nox safe. His ship was surrounded by numerous red shields. Bookmark here

“How long, Valentino?”Bookmark here

“Almost ready.”Bookmark here

With a huge sound, one of our ships sank in the water while a majority of the people already got killed during the attacks. Almost one thousand people got killed this early. Their morale was getting weak. Bookmark here

"It's done. Now, leave the deck this instant, the pressure will be intense."Bookmark here

Valentino aimed the weapon at the port, it was hard to get a good aim with this. Once he got one, he pulled the trigger.Bookmark here

A crimson red beam was emitted from the vessel and hit the port. There was a massive explosion and half of the port was destroyed. Bookmark here

The recoil was so intense that it knocked Valentino quite far.Bookmark here

He had adjusted the power the orb would exert. Originally, the plan was to use less power than that since there was no real danger at the port.Bookmark here

But now, the situation was different and he had to blow half of the port. But thanks to that, the vessel could hold two more shots before it broke down.Bookmark here

Valentino stood while rubbing his head. In front of him, was the mass destruction of the port. The sky was covered in smoke and there was fire everywhere. Half of it was gone and most of them were already dead. This was surely effective.Bookmark here

Valentino released a sigh of relief.Bookmark here

The path to enter the district is not that difficult anymore.Bookmark here

-Inside the District-Bookmark here

There was chaos everywhere. People were instructed to stay calm but things went out of hands once the news of half of the port getting destroyed circulated. Bookmark here

This was the best opportunity for those who hated the council to cause havoc in the midst of all this. They were already tired of living under the consequences that didn't concern them.Bookmark here

They started their rampage by setting up the mansions on fire. They started destroying shops and killing people.Bookmark here

All of this was so out of control that the military had no choice but to respond with a baton charge. But things were beyond their control. The entire district was like that.Bookmark here

“Kill the Giuseppe, don't let anyone escape. They really caused us a ton of trouble."Bookmark here

“Please spare my children.”Bookmark here

“No one is getting out of here alive, old man. Neither you nor us. Burn down his mansion.”Bookmark here

As the mansion was in flames, they held the rifles and filled the entire family with holes.Bookmark here

“There they are.”Bookmark here

A soldier shouted and a bunch of them gathered around them.Bookmark here

“You bastards, how can you cause such destruction at a time like this?”Bookmark here

"Shut up, this is our way of releasing out 40 years of pent up frustration."Bookmark here

With that, both parties opened fire at each other.Bookmark here

Citizens got caught in their rapid-fire and there were screams everywhere.Bookmark here

-Towards the main entrance-Bookmark here

We finally breached the main entrance and entered the district. Bookmark here

“Fall back.” One of the enemy soldiers screamed.Bookmark here

All of our forces chased them towards the residential area. I was well aware of the people that lived in that section of the district. I gave my men the signal and they opened fire at the building. Some of them used explosives, some used grenade launchers and some used hyper beams that were extremely hard to use so very few knew how to control it.Bookmark here

The whole place was in flames and all we could hear were the wails and cries. It was terrifying but I had prepared myself for this. There was no going back. We have to burn down all the major sections of High End while Fina and the others rescued people from the remaining district.Bookmark here

We kept pushing them as we moved forward. I used Cardon to get higher ground and started sniping the soldiers. I couldn't use Cardon all the time because it gets really tiring so I have to take a break after every few minutes.Bookmark here

As we were moving forward, suddenly there was a massive explosion in the frontlines. Even the shields couldn't save them.Bookmark here

"That's enough, Nicolo. This is as far as you can go."Bookmark here

“Giovanni…”Bookmark here

"I have to say I heavily underestimated you as a potential threat but I will not repeat the same mistake again."Bookmark here

Giovanni’s voice could be heard but he was nowhere to be seen. Instead, right in front of us were massive vehicles loaded with firearms and cannons. Bookmark here

One of our men, who had obliterated the front gate, loaded the blaster and fired it at one of those weaponized vehicles. It took massive damage but it wasn't completely destroyed.Bookmark here

“Scatter.”Bookmark here

I shouted as those weaponized vehicles prepared to shoot at us. A lot died in the process. I flew towards the one at the leftmost end and made a hole on the top part using a Jero cutter. Jeronimo created this and according to him, it could cut through metal with ease.Bookmark here

I threw a grenade through that hole which took care of that vehicle, it couldn't be of use to anyone. Now, only three more were remaining.Bookmark here

The same person fired the blaster once more and it completely destroyed that damaged vehicle. But his arms were broken. They couldn't endure the constant pressure those blasters exert and got killed by the remaining weaponized vehicles. Bookmark here

They started firing all the cannons at once and we had to take cover, but that wasn’t enough. We were getting surrounded by the soldiers.Bookmark here

"How long, Fina?"Bookmark here

“We are almost there.”Bookmark here

"Change of plan, drop those bombs at our location. Two weaponized vehicles need to be destroyed.Bookmark here

Then, a moment later, we heard the sound of a plane.Bookmark here

“Retreat and take cover.” I shouted at everyone. Bookmark here

The plane started to drop bombs at our location. They were strong enough that they demolished the entire area. It managed to destroy the remaining weaponized vehicles.Bookmark here

That’s the plane Fina and the others were riding, the Three-Winged Plane. They also dropped a massive metal box which exploded and released a gas which put out all the fire.Bookmark here

The whole place was filled with nothing but smoke. We heard footsteps. More soldiers appeared from the smokescreen. The chaos continued once more.Bookmark here

As I was running towards the building on the right side, which was on fire just a moment ago, a bullet came from the left and hit the shield. Immediately, I took cover inside the burned building. It was Giovanni who shot at me.Bookmark here

He was wearing a helmet that covered his entire face and a leather suit that was, probably, bulletproof.Bookmark here

"Let's settle this once and for all, Nicolo."Bookmark here

“Bring it on.”Bookmark here

He started sprinting towards me. I went in a little further into the building. He kept firing at me and so did I. My shots were not working at all, as expected. As for his bullets, I had to take cover behind pillars. Bookmark here

This cat and mouse chase went until both of us were out of bullets. That was what I was waiting for. I threw my gun and ran straight towards Giovanni. I knew about the gun he was holding so I was also aware of the fact that how many bullets it could fire at a time. I also put into consideration the fact that he might also have more than one gun in his arsenal. Bookmark here

Just as I expected, he pulled out another gun and started firing at me. I was using the pillars to avoid getting hit as I was running towards him. Once that gun reached its limit as well, I took a long jump before he could take out another gun, and snatched his helmet in the process.Bookmark here

He turned, to get it back and received a kick on the face. His face was bleeding. Without wasting this opportunity, I took a short jump, grabbed him by the face and hit him with the knee. That broke his nose.Bookmark here

As I was preparing for another attack, he punched me with great speed and strength, I was on the ground. He punched me three more times then pulled out the gun and fire.Bookmark here

It barely missed as I rolled and put my hands on his gun. Now, we were both struggling to get the gun. I used the force to twist his right arm. He let out a huge scream and kicked me in the stomach that caused me to spill some blood. Bookmark here

He was ready to pull out another gun but I kicked his legs which disturbed his balance. I used that chance to kick him in the face in order to knock him down. That was the only vulnerable place he currently had. Bookmark here

I started kicking him in the face. I was preventing him from getting back up again. As he was coughing blood, I grabbed his left arm and twisted it as well. He let out another screech.Bookmark here

He was down for good but still conscious.Bookmark here

“You are way weaker for someone who handles military affairs.” I said as I pointed my gun at him.Bookmark here

“Huff Huff Huff! Want to know something interesting?”Bookmark here

???Bookmark here

“I was merely a lapdog to him.”Bookmark here

“Who?”Bookmark here

“The one who orchestrated this entire thing.”Bookmark here

…….Bookmark here

"What do you mean by that?"Bookmark here

"You must have realized by now that there was a traitor among you."Bookmark here

"Are you talking about Magnum? The one who is in charge of Opus."Bookmark here

"HAHAHA! No, I am talking about someone else."Bookmark here

I started sweating… what was this all about? Did I make a wrong call on Magnum?Bookmark here

“I felt really pathetic to even think about this. He manipulated the entire thing just to get what he wanted. There is no point in keeping it a secret anymore. Want to know his name?”Bookmark here

He had a big smile on his face. I didn’t say a thing.Bookmark here

“His name is____”Bookmark here

My eyes widened. I quickly made contact with Angelo, who was still at our base.Bookmark here

“Angelo, where is ******* right now?”Bookmark here

After his response, I continued.Bookmark here

"Keep an eye on him, things are taking a rather different turn than I expected."Bookmark here

After giving him some more advice, I aborted the call.Bookmark here

“Hehe, what are you going to___”Bookmark here

*Bang!*Bookmark here

I shot him right in the face. I didn't have time for his talks. I needed to get to father as soon as possible.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I came outside to see if we had won the fight but there were only a few of us left. I didn't think we would encounter anything of that calibre again. Bookmark here

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