Chapter 19:

Hundred Years Ago

The Rise of Outcasts

Year 2800 Bookmark here

The war of the nations finally came to an end. Bookmark here

Fighting is in the nature of human beings, whether they fight to achieve their goal, or to achieve freedom or to achieve a high position, they always resort to fighting.Bookmark here

The world has suffered from numerous wars in history that led to nothing except for suffering and destruction. Each time, they signed up the treaty of peace and independence. Despite that, only war awaited these countries a few centuries later and the cycle continueBookmark here

d.Bookmark here

It was the same this time but the destruction was on a whole other level than before. All the nations ceased fire and the war came to an end. Same as usual but the scale of it was humongous. Unlike before, that war lasted for 80 years. That was probably the darkest time in the history of mankind. That's why this time period was named 'Apocalypse'.Bookmark here

After the ceasefire, nations decided upon something else to prevent such wars from ever happening because they feared mankind might not survive if that were to happen again.Bookmark here

What they decided upon was merging all the nations while creating one big country that rules the entire world with no borders between the various states. What an absurd idea.Bookmark here

“What are you writing, Grigio?”Bookmark here

“Just a memoir. Now that the war has come to an end, I decided to write my thoughts for the future generation.”Bookmark here

“That’s pretty neat. Hey, can I read it?”Bookmark here

“No, not before it’s complete.”Bookmark here

“Oh, come on, Grigio.”Bookmark here

"Don't make me repeat myself, Igor."Bookmark here

Igor was an old acquaintance of mine. An ex-Russian. He helped me fight through this war and survive. Thanks to him, our country was still standing. Bookmark here

I closed the book and stood up.Bookmark here

“Where are you going?”Bookmark here

“To take some fresh air.”Bookmark here

“How about I accompany you?”Bookmark here

“Do whatever you want.”Bookmark here

I shrugged my shoulders and went to the roof, Igor followed me. Bookmark here

I lit a cigarette and leaned on the grill.Bookmark here

“So, what did you decide to do?”Bookmark here

“About what?”Bookmark here

“About creating a single nation?”Bookmark here

“I am against it.”Bookmark here

“Why? It’s such a great idea in my opinion.”Bookmark here

“It’s really not.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

"One person controlling the entire world, even if it's for a limited time, is not a good idea. A lot of former leaders may agree with this scheme, for now. Their pride won't allow it. This can lead to rebellion which will be even worse."Bookmark here

"You do have a point. Then, what choice do we have?"Bookmark here

“Just leave the countries as they are, I would say.”Bookmark here

“Hmm. So, your country won’t take part in this.”Bookmark here

“No, we have already suffered from severe damages.”Bookmark here

"Oh yea, those traitors really put you on a tough spot."Bookmark here

“Don’t label them as traitors.”Bookmark here

“Man, you really are stubborn.”Bookmark here

"They were deceived by a third party. We indeed have big losses because of their stupidity but they are willing to make up for it."Bookmark here

“Sigh. You are giving them a second chance but what if they decide to do it again?”Bookmark here

I didn’t say a thing. I knew well how rash my decision was. Bookmark here

During the midst of an intense war, a group of four somehow managed to convince half of the country that I am the reason why this massive 80-year long war was not coming to an end. That caused an internal conflict. Bookmark here

On one hand, there was a war. On the other hand, internal factions started fighting among themselves. Due to this, so many lives were lost over some misunderstanding. I understood why Igor hated them to the core but I just couldn't bring myself to abandon my people. Bookmark here

“What were their names again?”Bookmark here

“Who?”Bookmark here

“The ones who initiated the rebellion.”Bookmark here

"Oh, right. It was Cassius, Delta, Alibi and Frey. Bookmark here

“I think one of them had a lion with himself as well.”Bookmark here

"Yes. I think it was Alibi. I did torture them to death because of what they did. But I am surprised they still didn't spill the beans. We don't know who sent them."Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter anymore. The world is currently moving towards peace and I don't want to ruin that. The war is over, that's it."Bookmark here

We stayed at the roof a little longer then went to our rooms.Bookmark here

Two weeks later, I was in Washington, D.C. A meeting was held to decide which countries were willing to take part in the formation of a single nation.Bookmark here

Out of 200 countries, 180 accepted the proposal of creating a single giant nation. The rest of the countries denied their offer but they were worried that they might not survive without this scheme. Their concerns were on point, small countries won't stand alongside such a big and powerful nation. They have to give in, sooner or later. Bookmark here

I had an ace up in my sleeves. Bookmark here

“I refuse to accept this proposal.”Bookmark here

"Can we get reasoning for this? Mr. Grigio."Bookmark here

“Just difference in opinions. I won’t stop you or intervene with matters. However, my country will go into an isolation state.”Bookmark here

Everyone at the meeting started muttering. Bookmark here

“Cutting yourself from the rest of the world? That’s unacceptable.”Bookmark here

Of course, they didn't want my country to separate itself because it could provide a lot of valuable resources.Bookmark here

"Do I need to remind you all that Nox is currently in my possession?"Bookmark here

Nox, one of the nine great weapons that were created in the era of the void. The weapons that started the war in the first place. Bookmark here

“Are you threatening us?”Bookmark here

“Take it however you feel like it.” Bookmark here

This put them in a tough position. They were trying to create a peaceful world and I, basically, just declared war if our country didn't go under complete isolation. Bookmark here

"We will take care of ourselves. We will create our own society without relying on the rest of the world. Just know this, the world will be in chaos once more if you tried to interfere with us."Bookmark here

There was dead silence in the room. They were conflicted about what to do. Bookmark here

After spending weeks upon weeks, discussing the matter at hand, they finally reached a conclusion.Bookmark here

"We have accepted your proposal but just know this, Mr. Grigio. We will not provide a hand in time of need. Don't come back to us crying that you can't handle it alone. We will not provide any assistance."Bookmark here

"There will be no need for that. Now, pardon my intrusion, gentlemen."Bookmark here

I decided not to involve my country with the world problems anymore, that's why I went for the idea of isolating the country. We would surely create a better place to live.Bookmark here

I was staring at the construction of the massive walls that would eventually form a secure place to live.Bookmark here

“What help did those people offer to you?”Bookmark here

“To protect the country.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“They told me that they don’t deserve to live a luxurious life. They will build their homes outside the walls while protecting it from unseen forces.”Bookmark here

Igor didn’t say anything for a few moments. Bookmark here

“I just hope it didn’t create any discrimination among the two factions.”Bookmark here

“It will not, I am sure of it.” Bookmark here

"You have extreme faith in your people but that's not a good thing if you ask me.Bookmark here

He might be right but I couldn't go back now, they had my word.Bookmark here

It took few more years but the place was now ready for the people to move in. I was already on the deathbed but still had sufficient energy to write all of this.Bookmark here

Why am I still writing when everything has settled down? I realized a huge error in my judgement. Bookmark here

I came to know that people on the outside created four districts and named them Cassius, Alibi, Magnum Opus and Delta. Bookmark here

I came to a sudden realization that there still might be followers of those four. That was bad. If they were still out there and held us responsible, then they might start a civil war. Everything that I worked so hard for, will be for nothing. Bookmark here

But now, I can't do a thing. My son became in charge and I am nothing more than a dying old man. I am leaving this memoir for the future generation to prevent the conflict. I don't want my country to be in ruins once again.Bookmark here

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