Chapter 9:

A Wild Day

I Found A Homeless Girl

" want to do wha....what..? " (On no,she wants to take my virginity...... I'm not ready for this........)Bookmark here

Yu-kun, every since you have met me you have been nothing but kind and generous to me, (walks closer to the bed) and I am grateful and happy. You took a complete stranger into your house and fed me, bought me clothing, and a phone. (Gets in the bed) So......I....want to thank you for that. " Bookmark here

(Nagato) Turns away from Neno and looks down inside the blanket (Oh no why are you getting so excited) Bookmark here

"Yu-kun, let me help you....... "Bookmark here

 "Neno, wait you don't have to thank me by exposing your body, just you being happy is enough for me. It would be wrong of me to use you in that way....I don't want you to think you should have to do that!"Bookmark here

 (Nagata turns over to see Neno crying)Bookmark here

Please .......Yu-kun. I want to do this...... (Wipes tears) I ......have started to fall in love with you. No, I have loved you since the morning you saw me with no clothing on. It made me happy you saw me but, I was also embarrassed. SO ......please let me make you happy because I love yo-Bookmark here

(Nagata leans in and starts kissing Neno Tongue and all)Bookmark here

(Neno) Mmm Mmm ah.......mmmm.Bookmark here

(Nagata Breaks kiss and starts heavy breathing)Bookmark here

 (Both Nagata and Neno's face are red)Bookmark here

 "Neno....."Bookmark here

 (Neno Starts to slowly look below Nagata's waste)Bookmark here

(Nagata) (Oh no she sees it I bet she's interested now)Bookmark here

 "Hey Ne....Neno.... Touch it....(looks down embarrassed)Bookmark here

" Really? "Bookmark here

"Mm...mhm... "Bookmark here

Bookmark here

(Neno reaches in) Lik.........Like this..?Bookmark here move your hands like this....... Bookmark here

O-Okay.........Bookmark here

(Nagata starts heavy breathing) Mmm Mmm uhhhhh.....Bookmark here

Does.....does thank feel good...?Bookmark here

(Nagata Shakes His Head Yes)Bookmark here

(Man this is so embarrassing, Oh no)Bookmark here

*Nagata breathes faster*Bookmark here

"Ughhhhhh" Bookmark here

"Oops.....sorry........."Bookmark here

" Hmmmmmm you got me I have to take a shower. " Bookmark here

"Sorr....sorry I can't help it your the one who wanted to do it anyways."Bookmark here

" Hehe, it's okay I'm going to go take a shower, You sleep well!! " (Neno walks out and shuts the bedroom door) Bookmark here

"Wha...what just happened!!" Bookmark here

Bookmark here

( next morning at school) "I can't believe I did that last night..... (Flash Back)Bookmark here

Like this Yu-kun.......(hmmmm uhhhh, Ughhhhhh) (Flash back ended) Bookmark here

(Faces starts getting red)Bookmark here

*Passes out*Bookmark here

(Students)  Koichi are you ok? Wake up Koichi!!!!!! What happen!!!! "Someone get a teacher!!!"Bookmark here

 * One hour later*Bookmark here

Huh huh what happened.....Bookmark here

You passed out and collapsed it the middle of the class room!Bookmark here

Ahhhhhh! Oh, An-Chan its you, you scared me.Bookmark here

*Slap*Bookmark here

Owww, what was that for-Bookmark here

 "You have me a real scare passing out like that! What were you even doing to pass out like that!!??Bookmark here

(Only If She Knew)Bookmark here

" Ugh heh heh ( I can't tell her I was up all night doing sexy stuff soft a random girl in my room, I'm just going to have to lie) sorry Ai-Chan I did not eat breakfast this morning...... guess I was a little hungry....Bookmark here

 *exhales* Well if that's all it really was............ WHY DID YOU NOT EAT YOUR BREAKFAST DUMB ASS!!?Bookmark here

"I'm so SORRY!!!!!Bookmark here

"Honestly, you could have been Seriously hurt.......I was really worried here.......Bookmark here

" (Has she been sitting by me this whole time I have been in here was she really worried?)Bookmark here

(Ai gets up)Bookmark here

But anyways, Since you scared me we are going on a date after school and you can't say no!Bookmark here

So meet me by the schools Entrance Hate after school.Bookmark here

(Ai went back to class)Bookmark here

 "Phew...that was close.....guess I better email Hona and tell her I'm going to be back late.Bookmark here

(After school)Bookmark here

" Now where is she..... "Bookmark here

(Nagata's eyes are covered) "Guess who?"     Hey Ai-chan, are you ready to go?Bookmark here

 " Yes all ready! " Bookmark here

"Where do you want to go first? "Bookmark here

 "Oh I know, let's go to this cute new date I found its all cool, (Ai grabs Nagata's hand) come on let's go!!!!!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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