Chapter 15:

Blue Tears

Soul Weapon

May ???, 3184
??? - ???

“You did well,” a deep voice compliments, “Even against a god—or just a vessel, I suppose. But still. Good. You didn’t… die. You continued to think clearly and fight with conviction.”

I lie on the ground—or rather, the void—as the voice talks to me. I don’t have the energy to move. Now, these dreams aren’t that scary for some reason. I’m not pitted with that deep fear and anxiety. They’re just… confusing.

“You’ve gotten stronger. That training with Jiro has definitely helped.”

My eyes snap forward.

“Do…,” I try to mutter.

“Oh, you want to speak? Then speak up. Please.”

For some reason it’s extremely hard to force my voice, but I muster the strength to talk.

“Do you… trust him?”

“Hmm,” the voice thinks, “Asking for my opinion on something. It seems as though you trust me now. Or perhaps, you’re just desperate for an opinion so you don’t have to make the choice yourself. So you can blindly follow others, like follow the leader. Like a mindless being.”

He pauses.

“What would have happened if I said yes? Or maybe, no? Does it matter what I think? You have doubts about Mirai as well, understandably so.”

“So you…”

“No. I’m not saying I trust her. But I’m also not saying I don’t. I’ll agree, she’s suspicious. But weren’t you? Aren’t I? But here you are finally talking to me and asking what I think about things. Perhaps you’ve finally realized that I’m not a devilish creature—well, perhaps I am. But you now know I’m not out to get you.”

He pauses again.

“So let me ask you something, now. Two questions since you tried to ask me two. The first; Do you believe that there are two sides to this coin? Is it Mirai versus Jiro? Do you have to pick a side? Of course, that was more than two questions. But most of those were rhetorical. So let me answer the one. Yes. You want my opinion? Pick a side. There may be many other players that show up in the future, but ultimately, it’ll come down to two camps. Test the waters a bit in both. See what sticks. See what repels. I won’t decide for you—this isn’t my body.”

He pauses for a final time.

“Now, my second question. Do you know who I am?”

With the cluster that was his first question—or rather, first questions—his second question was straightforward and flat. Who is he? How should I know? But before I could open my mouth to answer, light shines in my face and…

“Wait,” the voice suddenly said with concern in his voice.

Darkness suddenly fills my vision once more.

“Stay on guard. For the Blue Tears.”

White then bleeds into my vision as I open my eyes to find myself in the infirmary once more. This is starting to become a familiar place and I don’t think that’s a good thing. I slowly push myself up into a sitting position and dizzily scan the area around me. To my right lay and sit a few other various students that got injured in the tournament. And to my left, sitting on a chair in front of a window, is Kiyoko.

“Are you okay,” she quickly asks, “I heard what happened. It was a tough fight, but for you to be knocked out for this long…”

Almost ignoring Kiyoko, I try to focus my attention and scan the room once more. Isamu isn’t here. He could be in another room, but there are multiple empty beds here, so that’s not the case. I look back at Kiyoko and speak.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s already Friday morning.”

“Wait—what,” I exclaim with what little energy I had, “I missed the semi… Wait, who won? Between Isamu and I.”

Kiyoko looked down and fiddled with her fingers.

“Neither of you,” she said, looking up at me with her eyes, “You knocked each other out.”

Kiyoko looked at me nervously, seemingly afraid of my response. But instead, I just laughed.

“W-What’s so funny?”

“In my mind, I feel like I was getting too excited for Isamu. Yeah, he could keep up with Takashi in his First Gear, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not overly impressive. It is only First Gear, after all. But fighting him that day. I built him up as some strong rival the days before. And I could tell, when he fought me as himself, he did the same thing. I’ve never had the honor of having a rival before. And although he held back at the end, it feels nice to tie. I’d have felt worse if I lost—or if I won.”

I let out a breath of air and smiled. Kiyoko returned with one of her own and we sat in silence for a moment, not wanting to ruin this moment. That is until Kiyoko spoke up.

“By the way,” she says, “About the finals.”

“Oh, yeah. Who’s fighting?”

“That’s the thing,” Kiyoko continues, “It’s Ena and someone named Hikari.”

My breath stopped.

“Is… everything okay," she asked.

“When does it start?”

“Almost an hour.”

I swing my feet off the bed and make my way out of the room.

“Wh—Hey, wait up,” Kiyoko yells from behind me, “What’s going on?”

I explain to her who Hikari is and how quickly he beat Ayame—and how happy he was about doing so.

“Doesn’t gossip spread quickly around here, how didn’t you know about him,” I ask as we march down the halls.

“Aw, come on! You know that it never gets to us!”

I don’t know exactly where I want to go, all I know is that I want to find Ena. So I decided to check the first place I could think of—the tournament grounds.

“Hey,” Kiyoko speaks up, “Didn’t Ena not want us to watch any of her matches? Personally, I don’t quite care, but aren’t you going to respect that?”

“No,” I say flatly.

As I march my way into the tournament grounds, I scan the packed crowd. She’s not here. Neither is Hikari. As I turn around, Miho appears in front of me.

“Hey, bro—”

“Have you seen Ena?”

“Hm,” Miho says innocently, “No, I haven’t. Why?”

“Okay. Miho, Kiyoko. Let’s split up and try to find her. Call me if you do.”

“I get why you’re worried for her, considering her opponent,” Kiyoko says, “But why are you freaking out like she’s about to die or something?”

“I don’t think she’s going to die. But to be honest, ever since I woke up, I’ve had this deep feeling like… something bad is going to happen.”

“As though you can see the future,” Miho asks.

“No, not like that. I don’t know if this is a proper explanation, but it’s almost like you can feel someone watching you, right? It’s like that, but instead of eyes on me, it’s just… danger.”

“Hm,” Kiyoko hums in thought, “Well, if you think something’s going to happen, we better not take it lightly just in case. Fine, let’s split up. But we don’t have much time. Only about half an hour or so before she’d probably arrive at the arena.”

We all nod our heads and take off in separate directions. Of course, before going off too far, I check the prep room to find it empty. Makes sense, I suppose. There aren’t any more fights going on aside from Ena’s in a little while.

I exit the room and wander the halls and exterior of the school, but still—no luck. Not even Hikari, whom I really didn’t want to run into to be honest. On my venture, however, I ran into a couple students. Isamu and Genji.

“Ah, hello Kuraya—Kura,” Isamu stuttered before bowing.

“Oh, hi,” I say, half distracted.

“That was a great fight we had. And I do apologize for my actions before the end,” Isamu apologized before bowing once more.

“No, no. It’s okay, really.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to introduce you. This is Genji. A good friend of mine,” Isamu bows apologetically once more.

“Hey,” Genji says as we shake hands, “I’m sorry about him. He’s just very proper and formal, but that can make him a little awkward.”

Genji chuckles before noticing my serious nature.

“Did we catch you at a bad time?”

“Oh,” Isamu says unknowingly, “Is something the matter? I’m terribly sorry for interrupting.”

Isamu bows again in apology.

“I—no. It’s just, I’m looking for someone. You don’t happen to know Ena Minamoto, do you? The Princess of Fear or whatever.”

“Ah, her,” Genji mumbles as he and Isamu share a glance, “We know her, but we haven’t seen her. I imagine she’s getting ready for her fight. But why would you want her?”

“I think she’s not doing well. Maybe in potential danger.”

“I don’t mean to be rude,” Isamu says, “But she’s not much of a caring person, herself. So why would you be concerned for her? Not that her safety isn’t a priority, of course, but I’ve heard of your match with her. Aren’t you two not on good terms?”

“That’s not really… Okay, to be honest, I really don’t know what kind of terms we’re on and I don’t have time to explain. I need to find her before her match. I’ve got a couple other’s looking for her, too.”

“I feel like that could be a lost cause,” Genji notes.

“Why,” I ask.

“Well, there’s a chance that she’s off campus right now.”

“How’s that possible? We’re not allowed beyond the border’s walls.”

“That’s an exception to her. Ena’s family isn’t just big and rich—they partly own the academy.”

“What,” I exclaim.

“One of her ancestors was one of the founders. It’s often that Ena leaves the campus to go back to her family’s home via helicopter. You may have noticed it every now and then.”

“I thought that was just for supplies or something. Wait—How do you know all of this?”

“Uhh,” Genji stutters, “I’m just observant… And I like to research people.”

“So you’re a stalker?”

“Enough,” Genji yells, “Isamu and I can look around the academy, but I’ve also given you a potential lead. So let’s call it even, alright. You don't need to mention that to anyone."

“Alright,” I laugh, “Look, I’ve got to go. I’m very grateful for you guys, but I’ll see you later!”

I run off and wave back as they do the same. Ena might not be even on campus right now? That just means my search also includes the sky, now. I’ve always thought that the helicopters were for supplies, or business men. Not for Ena. And the helicopters always had some kind of logo on them, but I can’t remember what.

A few minutes pass as I search the outside of the academy, eyes scanning the area as well as the sky—until I spot something. A helicopter. Thank you Genji. I follow its movement with my eyes and run back into the school to head to the top floor. Looking out the windows of the school, I follow where the helicopter will land. I eventually stop at a pair of fancy glass and wood doors that lead to a large patio.

The grey helicopter slowly lands as I notice the logo. Three blue tears in a triangular formation. Blue Tears. This is it. Once the helicopter comes to a stop, the blades don’t slow down all the way as Ena hops out of it. She doesn’t look as saturated as she normally does—as odd as that description may sound. Her skin is unusually pale as the color in her hair has slightly faded. Noticing me, Ena and I lock eyes for a moment as her hair waves in the wind from the helicopter that begins to rise from behind her. She begins to march forward and moves past me with a clearly annoyed face.

“I told you to leave me alone,” Ena snaps.

“Technically, you only told me to not watch your fights.”

Ena stomped her foot and spun around.

“Can’t you take a hint,” she yells.

I stand, frozen in shock as Ena turns back around and marches down the hall. After a moment, I started after her.

“Look, I don’t know why you’re suddenly acting like this—”

“I’ve always been like this.”

“But,” I continued, “This fight is dangerous. Your opponent—he’s just evil.”

“I never asked for your help. You know, in fact, I’ve requested the opposite, multiple times.”

“Just listen to me,” I say as I continue following her march down the halls, “I’m pretty sure he’s one-shotted every opponent he’s had so far. He’s basically out to kill.”

“Yeah, who isn’t?”

“What are—Look, just stop and listen to me.”

Ena continues to march faster. Frustrated, I speed up and grab her by the shoulder. I spin her around and pin her against the wall. Ena almost jumps as she has an embarrassed face on before it quickly fades away. We lock eyes for a moment until—


With my face turned, cheek turning red, Ena pushes me backward and continues her march. I stand, unable to move as Ena leaves down the hall. Snapping out of my trance, I rub my cheek as I make my way toward her.

“Ena! Stop,” yell.

“Why,” Ena yells back as she turns around, “Why do you care? Just leave me alone and let me fight on my own!”

“Why are you fighting me on this,” I ask as I slowly walk forward, closing the gap between us, “I thought we were friends, what’s happened?”

“We were never friends!”

“I… I don’t care. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“What does it matter,” she yells, “I fight, get hurt, climb back up, and win. That’s always how it’s been and that’s how it’s going to be! So long as I win, it doesn’t matter what happens before that.”

“That’s the issue! Look at yourself! You look like a zombie—I don’t know what happened, but you’re in no condition to fight.”

“It doesn’t matter what happened. So back off and let me win on my own!”

“But you’re not going to!”

“So says the one who’s already out of the tournament.”

“Why do you look so ill?”

“I don’t want to say.”

“I don’t care, tell me.”


“Please,” I beg, “Ena… I care about you. We were friends for a little bit, but ever since your first match… you’ve grown cold. Colder than ever. And now look at you. You're in no condition to be here, let alone fight. Please. Tell me what happened.”

Ena stands in front of me with her fists clenched as she looks down to the ground. It almost looks like she wants to cry. She opens her mouth multiple times, trying to find the right words for what to say.

“Look,” she finally says, shakily, “What happened to me doesn’t concern you. It’s just… I’m not used to people. Like you. I don’t want to go into it.”

Ena pauses while trying to string together more of her thoughts.

“It wasn’t the first match that made me push you away. It was just… inevitable.”

“Are you saying that you were forced to push us away?”

“I just,” Ena sniffs with her head low, “I just want friends. I’ve never had friends.”

“What about the two girls that you hang out with?”

“They’re not… real friends.”

“So why can’t you have friends?”

“I can’t get into it.”

“I understand.”

We stand in front of each other in silence.

“You can tell me when you’re able to, okay,” I finished.

Ena slowly nods her head as she now more noticeably tries to hold back from crying.

“Will you listen to me now?”

She nodded her head once more. I led Ena to a bench nearby and bought us some food as she calmed down. I almost forgot to message the others to let them know that I found her. Once ready, I explained the situation to Ena, including the strange feeling I had, to which she brushed it off as just me being crazy.

“Are you well enough to fight,” I ask.

“I… I don’t know.”

The both of us looked down at the ground for a moment before she continued.

“I don’t know if I’ll win… But I sure as hell know I’m not going to lose to a dirtbag like him.”

With a grin on her face and fire in her eyes from her cold body, Ena looks at me with conviction.

“That’s good enough for me,” I say in support.

Although I don’t believe in what I said, I need to give all the support I can for Ena. Not only is she unwell physically, but she doesn’t seem to be mentally well at the moment, either. I can’t let anything slow her down. Almost forgetting, I pull out my APM from my pocket and check the time.

“Oh shoot,” I exclaimed, “Let’s go!”

“Why? What’s wrong,” Ena asks, worriedly.

“Your fight’s about to start in just a few minutes,” I say as I tap my wrist.

“You mutt,” Ena yells as she slaps my shoulder, “You should have told me earlier!”

The both of us rush down to the main floor and part ways at the tournament grounds.

“Good luck,” I wish.

“Thanks, pup. But I won’t need it,” Ena says as she winks before entering the prep room.

I enter the tournament grounds to find it packed with the most people I've seen for any fight, ever. And not only are there first years, but there are second and third years, too. I wonder if Mirai planned it so everyone can view each year’s finals. If that’s the case, I’m definitely interested in watching both the second and third year’s.

In the center of the arena stands Hikari alone. Rolling my eyes, I scan the bleachers for Kiyoko or Miho and find them both, alongside Ayame, Genji, and Isamu, all sitting next to each other. Miho lies across two bleachers as students beside him complain about his space. I make my way over to them and push Miho to the side, stealing the spot he saved for me.

“Thanks,” I nod.

“Yeah, anything for a loving brother,” Miho says sarcastically as he recovers from my push.

The others around laugh as I turn to them.

“Hey, I’m sorry about all that. That wild goose chase.”

“Don’t worry about it, man,” Genji says.

“Is Ena okay," Kiyoko asks.

“She’s fine, I think,” I nod my head.

“That’s great,” Isamu smiles.

“Hey! Hey! Shh,” Miho hushes us as he waves his arms, “She’s coming.”

Ena slowly makes her way up to the arena as the crowd cheers louder than I’ve ever heard it before. As Ena arrives at her side of the arena, Hikari speaks.

“Well, hello, princess,” Hikari mocks.

“Of fear, for your information.”

“Oh, I’m quaking,” Hikari laughs.

The referee walks to the center of the stage and speaks.

“Hikari Juba, are you ready?”

“Without a doubt.”

“Ena Minamoto, are you ready?”

“Yes,” Ena says with a firm nod.

“Then,” the referee raises her hand, “Three! Two! One! Activate your Gears!”

With a swing down, the referee runs off stage, preparing for the worst.

“First Gear,” Hikari yells.

He grabs a staff that forms in his hand and swings it down, summoning half a dozen light beams from the sky. Almost hitting her, Ena raises her hands and yells something…. It almost sounded like—

“Second Gear!”

From above her, Ena summons something that blocks the attack. A large blast of smoke and light forms for a moment as the forces collided.

“First Gear,” Ena then yells as her two Gemini drones fly out from behind her back.

With a flick of her hand, she sends one of her drones straight for Hikari’s legs, almost knocking him to the ground. Hikari regains his balance and waves his staff down once more. Like last time, more light beamed down from the sky. Although due to the hastiness of the situation, it was much less accurate. Ena jumps out of the way and only gets her foot striked by one of the beams. Ena winces in pain as she makes her way back up.

“Can’t handle this,” Hikari asks mockingly as he extends his arms to his sides.

“I’m just getting started.”

Ena extends her left hand toward the drone that hovers beside her. With a snap, she extends her finger outward then aims it at Hikari. As she does, her drone’s face starts to turn its internal gears and spin. As it does, its face starts to extend out like a barrel and aims itself at Hikari. With a wave of her hand, the drone starts to charge up a shot as a red light glows from the canon.

The red laser fires out of the Gemini drone at speeds almost untrackable by the human eye. Regardless, Hikari thrusts his staff toward the shot as it makes contact with the laser. Instead of deflecting or exploding, the laser gets caught between the jagged beams and swims between them like a fish.

“What an evil energy,” Hikari notes as he looks deeply into his staff, “I must expel it.”

Hikari swings his staff as the drone’s laser flies out toward Ena. In time, Ena ducks the attack as it lands behind her, knocking her forward onto the ground. Seeing the opportunity, Hikari raises his staff into the air, ready to swing down and strike Ena with his ‘heavenly light’ as Ena makes a sign with her hand.

As he does, however, his staff gets caught on something. Hikari struggles to regain control as he swings his staff across his body to release it from the grip. What flew off of the staff was Ena’s second Gemini drone, now looking noticeably different, much like her other drone. This drone, however, had what looked like a basketball hoop sticking out the back of it with a bright red glow from the inner side of the ring.

Hikari distracted by the drone, with a snap of Ena’s fingers, he gets sent flying across the ring and tumbles to the ground. Hovering just behind where he was once standing is the canon Gemini that releases red smoke from its barrel.

“Dammit,” Hikari curses.

Hikari rises to his knees as Ena does the same. They both catch their breath as they stare each other down thinking what their next move will be. Ena turns her head to the audience and lands her eyes on mine. I give a wordless nod to tell her that she can do this. She gives one back as she looks to the ground for a moment. Ena then rises it and looks at Hikari.

“Your God didn’t give you enough power,” Ena states.

“Oh, he hasn’t given me his power yet,” Hikari replies as he stands up fully, “I’m earning it.”

“Oh god,” Ena rolls her eyes.

Ena’s canon Gemini flies to her side as she grabs it to help herself up as she rests her hand on it's body. She then calls her hoop Gemini closer as it starts to circle around Hikari with the canon Gemini hovering in front of Ena. She then began to take a couple slow steps forward as Hikari swung down his staff to send another attack.

Instantly, the hoop Gemini flies above Ena in preparation for the energy strike. As it crashes down through the roof, instead of hitting Ena before striking the ground, the energy instead hits the drone. As it got hit, it didn’t explode. Or rather, it didn’t take any damage at all. Instead, the glowing ring grew even brighter as the center of it glows a bright white. The drone had absorbed the energy.

“You steal my attack, I steal yours,” Ena yells.

The canon Gemini flies in front of the hoop Gemini as they seemingly connect to each other. As they do, the canon charges up with a white light before firing the powerful blast. Being able to do nothing but raise his hands, Hikari blocks the attack with his body and flies across the arena. During the fall, he lets go of the staff as it drops between him and Ena.

As the hoop Gemini appears to enter a standby mode, most likely recharging energy, the canon Gemini flies back toward Ena. Once again, she rests her hand on it but she whispers something. Suddenly, the drone’s canon starts to shrink back into itself, reversing the rotating movements it did before. It slowly hovers forward before stopping a couple feet in front of Ena.

The top and bottom of the drone's metal case start to shift inward, creating a doughnut-like shape. However, as revealed by pulling back the outer layer, something was lying within the drone. With the metal outer layer retracted, a dozen black tentacles that glow blue at the tips gently fall out of the bottom of the drone.

After the Gemini finished its octopus-like transformation, it darted forward towards the staff. Realizing the situation, Hikari jumps for his staff as they both reach it at the same time. Grabbing the handle side, Hikari pulls the staff close as he struggles against the tentacle Gemini that wrapped its tendrils around the staff’s many pikes.

Ena extends her right hand as she clenches her fist. The hoop Gemini retracts it’s hoop inside of itself. On the top half of the drone, it’s outer layer metal shifts down into the bottom half, revealing the interior—much different looking than the other drone. The inside of this drone reveals a couple blinking red lights with two rows of, what looks like screw heads, going down the circumference, angled in opposite directions.

She then points her finger and flings it in Hikari’s direction. As she does, many of the Gemini’s screw heads start to blink as they release themselves from the body of the drone and fly toward Hikari. Barely reacting to the flying shrapnel, he looks in their direction with a shocked face as he pulls down his staff. Bursts of light strike down from the sky directly in front of Hikari and the tentacle Gemini. Not wanting to be destroyed, it releases its grip on the staff and retreats back to Ena before getting pelted by the energy.

While the light striked down, the shrapnel flung itself at Hikari, exploding in a red blast as he got sent flying across the arena—this time, keeping hold of his staff.

“Now,” Ena yells as she swings her hand.

The shrapnel Gemini flies high and hones in on Hikari as he makes his way back to his feet. As the drone gets ready to drop more explosives, Hikari swings his staff down as it sends another group of light beams down from the heavens. Caught in the direct line of fire, the shrapnel Gemini gets completely engulfed in light and explodes from the power.

Ena covers her face with her arms as the tentacle Gemini moves behind her. Not wasting time, Hikari raises his staff into the air once more.

“This time, you’ll feel his judgement!”

Hikari swings his staff down as the heavenly light pierces the ground and hits Ena, covering her in the bright light of energy. After the flash of light, smoke covered part of the arena as Ena, eyes white, dropped to her knees and slumped over. Smoke stems off of her body as Hikari grows a wide grin over his face and laughs. The referee makes his way to the stage before pausing.

“What are you waiting for,” Hikari angrily asks.

The referee simply nodded his head toward Ena. Hikari gave her another look and realized why the referee stopped. He clenched his fists around the staff as the tentacle Gemini, who didn’t disappear, slowly made its way to Ena’s body. It then gently wrapped its tentacles around her torso, neck, and arms, and pulled her up. Being puppeted by the drone, it’s almost as though although her body doesn’t have enough strength to move, her mind is still there and is being transmitted through her Gemini drones.

Ena stands, with the help of her tentacle Gemini, with her clothes ripped and burned with scars all across her body—especially in her right foot where she previously got striked. Her pale skin now truly looks like that of a ghoul’s. Ena’s hair partially drapes down in her face as her hair ties had burned in the strike. With the blood and dirt, her hair became a little dirty and stuck in minor clumps and on her face. If she looked bad before, this is almost unbearable to watch.

“You’re just extending your punishment,” Hikari scoffs.

After allowing Ena to rise to her feet—in a way—he then rises his staff, ready to fire another attack. A couple tentacles move their way down Ena’s arm and start to raise it up. Her arm, extended, points in Hikari’s direction as the tentacles slither further down her arm to her hand. Without even the strength to move her hand on her own, a tentacle pushes it up. It continues further to push her finger forward so she points at Hikari—or rather, above him.

Suddenly, a barrage of purple glowing shrapnel rains down from the sky above Hikari as they crash into the ground in a circle around him. He frantically looks up to find parts of the drone he thought he had destroyed still flying above him. About to pull down the staff, the tentacles around Ena’s arm then squeezed her hand so her fingers moved closer to each other. Then—

She snapped.

At once, all of the shrapnel exploded around Hikari as the drone continued to fly its parts toward him. By the end, a large ashy purple smoke filled the arena before slowly fading away. Underneath all the smoke lay Hikari on his stomach as blood trickles from all around his body while his clothing remains tattered. All without any staff in sight.

The referee runs to the center of the stage and raises his hand.

“The winner of The… Tournament That Will Determine Who Will Save The Future And Who Won’t—first year division, is Ena Minamoto! Congratulations!”

The crowd screams and cheers as the nurses and medics quickly came to Hikari’s side and made their way to Ena’s, too. However, without releasing her tentacle Gemini, she turns her body to our direction. Using what strength she doesn’t have, Ena moves her legs and walks forward—still being supported by her Gemini.

Slowly, she makes her way off the arena as nurses step out of her way, not sure what she's doing. Ena trudges past the nurses, students, and teachers. Worried, I jump down the bleachers and make my way to Ena as the others follow. As we meet up, Ena raises her head to look at me. Her eyes, now filled with faint life, stare ahead of her, trying to focus on me. With her Gemini slightly releasing its grip on her, Ena stumbles a step forward and drops her head. Despite her consciousness fading, she still lifts her head back up.

“Are you proud of me, you puppy?”

Ena’s soft yet damaged voice asked me as she collapsed into my arms, releasing her tentacle Gemini and exiting her First Gear.

“Of course.”

We drop to our knees as I shut my eyes and hold Ena close. A faint smile grows on her face before going to sleep.

The tournament is over. And this milestone now marks my new life as—no, it marks our new lives as those who will save the future… or something like that.

Soul Weapon