Chapter 22:

The Never Ending Saga

Whispers heard in the dark

Ten whole years later, Aron keeps his right foot on the ground, with sand flying all over the place; it’s not too dramatic a scene, all that is, is the wind that’s carrying sand and leaf along with it. The weather is pleasant, and so are the people who have come to receive Aron.

Aron waves his hand at two people who are standing in quite some distance, they seem to have just got out the white Lamborghini, which stood next to them. One is pretty recognizable to be Reavan, but the other, tall, handsome and manly face that is beside Reavan seems to be unknown to him.

The younger guy seems to be the one owning the car, he also is the one to come rushing towards Aron, who is still in confusion unable to recognize him. Before Aron asks, “umm... wh-” “brother!! How have you been?”

Brother?! Aron looks up and down as though trying to figure out what’s going on, “A-Ashura?!” thought not confident if it really was him, Aron just takes a wild guess.

Ashura just hugs him, and says, “I’m glad you are finally back!”

“So am I, but glad that he served his full term unlike the last time” Reavan jokes. “Ha ha!” Aron mocks him.

Reavan continues, “well, how does your brother look, quite dashing don’t you agree?” “Hmm, he definitely looks better than the both of us” says the one most handsome (Aron) among them all. He continues, “How is she holding up?” referring to Billie.

Ashura and Reavan stare at each other for a moment, and Ashura speaks with a mature voice which hits different (anyway, no one cares about it), “she is recovering, is still undergoing therapy for the psychological state of hers, don’t know who messed up the wires” the criminal these two caught did- the whisper commented, well, that too was not necessary there.

Ashura continues, “the therapist says that it will all be fine once she meets you, as she had been seeking for what was missing in her life, which was all the love and comfort that you provided.”

“So, all I need to do is to meet her and pretend everything is back to normal?” Aron asks, to which Ashura replies, “Yaa, pretty much that, you can, can’t you?” Aron smirks.

They get back to the car, Ashura drives, while the two friends talk about multiple stuff.

Aron- “I am just so impressed at how much this kid (pointing at Ashura) has grown”

Reavan- “it’s been ten years budd., what would you expect, and also, who wouldn’t grow except you, obviously”

Aron- “shut! Anyway, what’s up with you these days? Any flower is growing in your garden?”

Reavan- “no more flowers after Ria, was what I had thought, but then there was a lawyer that I met with a year ago due to a case of mine, things seem to work pretty well. We were just waiting for you to get released so that we can get married.”

Aron- in utter disbelief, and shock “man! Awesome, but don’t forget, don’t you think I should approve of her?”

Reavan- rolls his eyes, “yaa, I know, that’s why I had been waiting for you, as you are a very good judge of character”

Aron- “true, but don’t forget, I messed it up when it came to Billie, hmm, long story and I don’t want to go back to that”

Ashura- “don’t worry brother, we trust you and since you regret what happened to Billie sis, we are pretty sure you would be the best to decide. Also, since you didn’t ask, let me myself tell you, I work for the agency as a secret agent and am thus paid and fed well, they took me up at the age of seventeen and ‘am known to be the charmer and a person who gets his job done”

Aron- “I already knew”

Ashura- “What?!”

Aron- “your whispers told me,”

Ashura suddenly presses the brake so hard that the car stops with a sudden jerk. The car is in the middle of a highway, people honk and yell at Ashura.

He then pulls the car over, removes his seat belt, turns to the back to have a good view of Aron’s face, who smiles broadly as if he was the worst jerk that the whole world had witnessed. Well, per say, he really was.

Ashura- “since whe-”

Aron- “since a few years back, I had no other job in the jail but to rot, your books that you sent monthly were the ones who kept me company, I slowly started finishing three to four books a day and then started blindly staring at the walls, not knowing what to do, what to think. –

-I thought about every possible thing, every random thing that I possibly could think of, that when I started hearing voices, as if they originated from the echoes or somewhere from within me. I was initially confused and was very much scared that I was becoming insane –

-since Reavan and I met every month, I told him about this when he told me about your Whispers. Which totally made sense as to why and how you could sniff me out when I was well hidden.”

Ashura- “glad to know we share the whispers other that that of our blood”

Aron- “don’t worry, I have got your back”

Ashura- “please take good care of me”

Reavan- who had been nodding until now changes the beautiful mood set up with, “No, Ashura, you take good care of us, being in a higher post than us, please cut us some slack senior!”

Both the brothers glare at Reavan for the lamest comment of the century. They then turn to mind their business, Aron with his phone, Reavan spaced out and Ashura restarts the car.


They finally reach their destination; Aron’s clothes are tattered and filthy as if Ashura and Reavan kidnapped a beggar and brought him to their house. Reavan gives his best suit to Aron, he gets changed without questions as Reavan otherwise nagged him so much.

They then take Aron to a restaurant, which is pitch dark in the inside with no one around, “What the hell is wrong with you people?” Aron is kind of annoyed at the dark ambience.

Reavan and Ashura just push him inside and close the door of the dark room locking him, apparently the only person in the room.

Aron yells and stops mid-sentence, “what the hell is wro-” he hears matches, and then sees a small flame.

He realises that he wasn’t the only one there, “who is it?!”

There in the beautiful candle light as it is lit with the match, a thin and beautiful lip covered with red lipstick smiles.

She doesn’t seem to talk, all that is visible is her lips, after which her face slowly comes in view as she lights another candle beside the first one.

A chill ran through Aron’s spine as he sees the most beautiful girl, his girlfriend to be specific, Billie wearing a red gown, waiting for him.

She says, “how long are you planning on standing there?”

Aron smiles as he goes near her, “how have you been,”

“Barely alive, what am I without you?”

Ewww… cringe! Aron smiles at the comment of his whisper. Poor Billie thinking he smiled for her comment feels content and satisfied.

Others, holding their own candles wait in the outside of the restaurant, “how long?!” they ask Ashura who himself holds a candle.

“Now!” Ashura’s command is followed by them as they slowly enter into the restaurant one by one. Aron is completely perplexed, but then decides to wait till the end, once every person enters, they circle these two and start walking in the same trajectory.

Unclear of what was going on, Aron gets up from his seat beside Billie, who grabs Aron by his hand and says, “Wait! I have been waiting all these years for you, can we spend the rest of the lives together?”

Now he is totally lost. what was that!? The whisper to is confused, how funny can that be?

Anyhow, he agrees, and everyone around shouts with joy. Reavan then switches the lights on when Aron finally gets to see the restaurant properly.

It was well decorated with all kinds of color papers and balloons. He then sees a big banner saying, “welcome back!”

He just looks at Reavan and eyes him then lip mouthing him, he says, “don’t you think this is too far? childish you!”

Reavan just laughs then says, “enjoy!” and moves elsewhere.


Ashura is very happy and meeting up with all the people there who have gathered.

His phone vibrates and as he attends his call, his smile slowly begins to fade. Noticing this, Reavan goes to Ashura from across the room.

He looks at Ashura’s face filled with curiosity as to what as going on. Ashura points at his phone and says, office. Reavan is a bit reassured, Ashura then goes outside the restaurant to listen to his higher officials.

He speaks for an hour or more after which he returns home without anyone’s notice.

The next day, Ashura packs his luggage and leaves out of town for his recently attained work. Aron bothers Ashura about the case, for which he says, “I would tell you about it once I return back from work. I apologize but it’s confidential”

Aron replies, “hmm, alright! See you around”


“That’s the last time that anyone saw Ashura around.” Aron says. “When will uncle come home?” Aron’s five-year-old asks, Aron replies not knowing what to say to the child, “sooner dear, sooner”

"food is ready! come down people.." Billie shouts from the kitchen as Maya lays the food on the dining, 

Ever since Ashura went missing, Aron and now with his family has been supporting Maya. after all, she doesn't have any one and so do they. thus they decided that its better to stay together, and also that Aron can protect his brother's family on his behalf. 

Reavan is still the goody neighbor, who can come home to his big family whenever he feels frustrated. He too is married to the lawyer that Aron approved, they too have a child. 

everyone was leading a successful live while who knows what happened to Ashura.


In a far away desert, in a dark cell, there the clattering of chains heard. through the minimal light entering through a small window and great heights, one can view a glistening cheek that seems to be filled with wounds.

In the cell, there lives a bearded man, with a long beard that seems to have been neglected from taking care of. Though the person looks handsome and young in an otherwise severely wounded body with scars and scratches all over, some old ones that have healed quite a bit and others newly cut through bleeding insignificantly.  The room is filled with a stench of sweat and blood, but the man is nowhere near disclosing his secrets or the confidential information.

All he does is pray that the whispers carry his message to his brother Aron. It usually doesn't work like that as the whispers of a person belongs just to him and not anyone else. Basically meaning, they cant share their whispers. 


The five-year-old pulls his dad's shirt, " I found uncle! why does he have a huge beard?"

Aron is surprised, "Dear, can you see where he is? is he saying anything?" "He is in a cell by a barren island, he says that he is captured by the Red Rain (the enemy of the federation), he wants papa to save him" the child replies ever so innocently, little do they know that the whispers were getting stronger from one generation to another, and that they too evolve. 

This might become the World's greatest power in the nearing future. The only thing to figure out was the cause of the production or existence of the whispers, which though is a single task, but not an easy one, mind you.

Aron contacts Reavan, and both the detectives rush to save Ashura from his period of hell....