Chapter 3:

I Loved Him

Sorrowful Love

Not moving from the shock of being kissed by Daichi, Rika then accepts what is happening and then blushes deeply. Daichi pulls away from her lips then continues to stare out the window. Having been kissed for the first time by Daichi, Rika is confused but happy from the kiss and wonders "Did he kiss me because he loves me?" Being alone with no women to interupt is the perfect chance to ask him. So Rika began to ask "Do you-" The ferris wheel stopped and their ride was over. Daichi moved out of the ferris wheel and headed towards the exit. Rika still wanted to ask Daichi whether or not he loves her, so she gets out and tries to catch up to him. Daichi stops walking and Rika looks down before trying to ask him again. Looking up ready to ask the question, she realizes he didn't stop for her but the group of women waiting for him. Daichi flirting with the women made Rika lose all her confidence, and made her unable to ask Daichi if he loves her. Rika ran to the amusement parks exit and walked home not crying but smiling at how foolish she is. Rika ponders why she fell in love with someone like him but she remembers how he was when they first started dating. Daichi was not as popular back then, she had him to herself. They laughed together, talked about trivial things, and Rika could feel Daichi's love. As Rika thought about her past happy memories with Daichi, she walked to a nearby bookstore. Planning to drown herself in books, she stacked them one after another. Rika went to the register to buy the books, and plopped the books down on the counter. A somewhat familar mans voice says "Woah, thats a lot of books!" Hearing that somewhat familiar voice Rika looks up at the cashier and reconfirms the man speaking is Haru. While putting in her pin number Rika replies unenergetically "Hello Kawasaki-san. Yes, there quite a lot." Haru finishes bagging the books and hands them to Rika. Rika wobbles a bit when handed the bags full of books. Rika looks at Haru lightly bows then says "Goodbye." Rika continued to walk out the store still a bit wobbly. Trying to get home and start reading Rika picked up her pace but then heard Haru slightly shout from behind "Wait Suzuki-san!" Haru comes running towards Rika and easily catches up to her. Rika slightly puzzled asks Haru "Is it okay to leave while you're still working?" Haru cheerfully smiles and says "My shift just ended. Anyway do you want me to help you carry your bags?" Rika replies "Yes! Thank you for helping me." After walking for a few minutes they arrived at Rika's apartment. Rika asked Haru "To repay you would you like come inside for dinner?" Haru replied "N-no, it's okay." Haru stomach growled as if it was protesting what he just said. Haru shyly replied "I guess I will accept your offer." Rika promptly opened the door to her apartment and they walked into Rika's living room. They placed the bags of books down on the floor and Rika said "You can make yourself at home here while I cook the food." Haru replied "Okay, Thanks." Rika walked out of the living room and went to the kitchen leaving Haru alone in the living room. Haru looked around the room and saw book after book stacked on Rika's bookshelf. Haru noticed that most of the books had the same author, and he realized it was his favorite authors books. Rika came back into the living room and placed two plates down with curry and rice on them. Haru smelled the curry and his mouth watered. Haru said "It smells really good! Thanks for the food!" Haru began eating the curry, he kept eating faster and faster with each bite he took. Rika replied "Haha, thanks. I like curry so I perfected how to make it." Rika started eating too slightly giggling at the pace Haru was eating. Haru finishes eating and asked "You have a lot of books from the same author in here, are they your favorite author?" Rika also finished eating and replied "Yes, I love their writing style." Haru replied "They are also my favorite author." Rika replied " Really? As you can see I have a lot of books written by them, so would you like to come over and read them with me another day?" Haru smiled and replied "Sure." They both stood up and Haru walked to the door. Rika followed to see him off. As Haru left he said "Well see you then." Rika replied "Yeah." Rika locked the door and went to clean up. Once she was done she went to her room laid down on her bed then started laughing while thinking "What a funny guy." The next day Rika found Haru at college. "Hi." Rika said to Haru. Haru replied "Hey. Thanks for the food last night it was really good!" Rika replied "It's not that big of a deal but you're welcome." Out of the corner of her eye Rika spotted a woman she saw with Daichi before, she started thinking about her relationship with Daichi and tried thinking about what she should do about her relationship with Daichi. Rika got startled by Haru shaking her shoulder. Haru asked "Are you okay? You weren't responding to me." Rika grinned and replied "Yes, I'm fine. Do you want to go to the courtyard to eat lunch with me?" Haru smiled and replied "Yeah, lets go." Haru and Rika walked to the courtyard and found a sunny spot to eat together. Rika opened her lunch box filled with delicious food's and Haru started staring at Rika's lunch box. Rika laughed and said "Do want to trade some of my food for yours?" Haru repeatedly nodded his head and replied "Yes!" Rika handed Haru some of her food and Haru gave Rika some of his. After biting into some of the food Haru said "It's super good!" Rika replied "Thanks." While they were eating Rika and Haru started talking about their favorite author and Rika started feeling happy again.

While walked to the cafeteria Daichi looked out the window to his left and noticed that Rika was sitting outside eating lunch with someone. Daichi stopped walking and stared out the window a bit longer. After looking for a while longer Daichi saw Rika smiling and laughing with the...guy next to her?! Daichi rushed away from the window and carried on going to the cafeteria.

After they finished talking and eating Rika went to her partime job. Once her shift was over Rika went back home, she moved the books she bought yesterday from the bags and put them on her bookshelves. Rika suddenly remembered she was going to invite Haru over to read them with her. Rika texted Haru asking "Do you want to come over at 4:30 pm today to read the books I bought?" Haru responded "Sure :)" When it was time for Haru to come over Rika was fidgeting with anxiousness. Rika heard a knock on the door and went to open it. Rika smilied when she saw Haru and welcomed him. Rika said "Hello, come on in." Haru replied "Hey." Haru followed Rika into the living room and he started looking through the books trying to find one to read. Rika went into the kitchen and brought out two cups of tea for them to drink while reading. Haru said "Thanks for the tea." Rika replied "No problem." They started reading the books they chose and periodically drank their tea. After a while Haru looked at Rika then asked "Why do you have so many books?" Rika looked up at Haru and shyly answered "I bought them to distra-" Before she could answer someone started banging on the door to Rika's apartment. Rika stood up, she opened the door and was suprised by someone grabbing her wrist and pulling her inside. After looking at the person pulling her for a few seconds she realized it was Daichi. Daichi pulled Rika by the wrist and said "Who is this?! You're dating me aren't you?!" Rika weakly replied "He's my just my friend Kawasaki-san. Am I dating you, I think I'm dating you?" Daichi looked at Rika with anger then said "Think?! You think you're dating me?! What do you mean by that?!" Rika looked down at her feet then looked back up at Daichi and replied "I want to break up with you Daichi." Daichi stared at Rika in shock then replied "Break up? You're mine, what are you talking about?" Rika looked at Daichi and asked "Are you going to stop cheating on me? Are you going to show you love me? Are you going to become mine and mine alone?" Daichi looked at Rika with a blank expression then said "What do you mean by yours and yours alone? Show you that I love you? Why do I have to do that for you? You're mine thats all that matter's, I dont have to be yours alone." Rika teared up and said "Is this what you thought our relationship was, that I'm just yours? I dont want a one sided relationship anymore. Please just get out." Rika pushed Daichi out and locked the door. She walked back to the living room and started lightly crying. Shocked from what happend in front of him Haru stared at Rika for a few seconds. Haru looked down then slowly started to pat Rika's head encouraging her to let it all out. Rika sobbed for an hour while thinking about her good and bad memories with Daichi. After calming herself down Rika looked at Haru with her swollen red eyes and said "Thank you. I'm sorry for letting you see that." Haru looked at Rika with a hopeful smile then asked "Do you want to go to the beach with me tomorrow?"
To Be Continued
I'm sorry it took so long to publish this chapter. It took a while because I was busy and I also wanted to make this chapters plot a bit better than what I had planned. So I put a lot of thought into the details and dialogue. I was really tired when I finished writing this so I didn't get to proof read but I know I kept you guys waiting so I'm going to publish it as is. I'll come back and proof read when I get some sleep so until then please forgive any mistakes. I hope you guys like this chapter. :)

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