Chapter 0:

Chap 0

The original taste of life

The original taste of lifeBookmark here

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John/ ColleagueBookmark here

I had just finished my shift and was about to return when my colleague invited me to drink. 32 years old single family with no one to wait up I decided to play to the wharf.
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We drank at a sidewalk bar on the way home. It was my decision because I am close to the owner of this restaurant.Bookmark here

As soon as the glass of wine was poured, john lamented to me:Bookmark here

Bro, I'm 26 years old and still haven't had a love affair, do I still have a chance?Bookmark here

I immediately replied:Bookmark here

This 32-year-old brother still thinks he has a chance, he is still very young, don't think too much.Bookmark here

Yes, I myself still think I will have a chance in love. But it's been a while, I'm losing my mind.Bookmark here

The owner brought up the bowl of squid skewers, now we can drink. This is the restaurant's traditional spicy skewers of squid, I always order it when drinking.Bookmark here

When john tried a piece, he exclaimed:Bookmark here

So hot and spicy!!!!Bookmark here

John's words sounded very familiar, sounded very similar, the original taste of life.Bookmark here

I laughed because what I was thinking was cringe and hilarious john asked me:Bookmark here

What are you laughing at? (john got angry thinking i was laughing at him)Bookmark here

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Me: - nothing, let's eat.Bookmark here

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