Chapter 16:

Lovers Activities - 2nd part

Little green apocalypse

This makes me think…

I forgot to show him our whole house.

“Hiko! Come, I’ll introduce you every room of this house!”


“Still in the books?”


“Since we’re here, I’ll show you where my mom stores all of her plants.”

“The place is directly connected to here, my mom built it here out of laziness.”

“Whenever she found herself slumped on her desk, her remedy was to go and see how the flowers were doing.”

“You don’t have any flower allergies, right?”

“No. I think you would have noticed it otherwise.”

“We never know. They are very sensitive. You have to avoid making too much noise.”

“If that’s your condition…”


“Why is there a digital code on this door?”



“Because my mother was really insistent on security?”

“You don’t know the reason yourself, do you?”

“… Not really.”

“Yes, it’s pretty extreme, but that means she definitely didn’t want us in there, right?”

“Did she tell you the code?”

“No. I remember it.”


“It’s cool and full of humidity.”



“Eh? Yes! It’s true.”

“You know I can repeat what I said if you haven’t listened…”

“Haha, sorry.”

“It had been quite a few days since I came back here. I think I missed it quite a bit.”

“Do you want me to introduce you to each of the plants?”

“… No, no thanks. I’m not sure we’d be done before dawn.”

“Too bad…”

“When we come back from our trip.”

“Promise it!”

“Yes, of course. I promise you.”

“And wasn’t you the one who said we had to keep quiet?”


“Go. Show me that place.”

“… Give me your hand.”


“Your hands are kinda soft, you know that?”

“You think? The main thing is that they suit you, right?”

“… Yes. I love them.”


We spent an hour to go around.

Obviously, I told him about some plants. It was stronger than me…

As well as their origin.

And their ideal temperature for development.

I think he was quite surprised when I told him about their use in different mythologies.

Besides, I may be wrong. It must have been two hours.

After than I showed him the game room.

“There’s that too?!”

“Yes. Mom used to buy board games quite frequently. Every time she went further in her research to be precise…”

“And it was so common that she had to make it a room?”


“… You want to play?”

… What a fiery gaze.

“Yes. If you want.”

“What do you want to play?”


“Goose game.”

A game based on luck. Our chances are about the same.

But the reality is that I spent a lot of time on this game.

… And my mother beat me all the time.

It’s time to reverse the vicious circle!



“I won again.”

“You don’t seem to be too lucky, in this kind of game.”

“Are you implying that this is just luck?!”

“No. Just that you have less than the average.


“Let’s make a rock-paper-scissors.”

“Whoever loses tidy up the game?”

“OK! In three rounds.”

“Rock. Paper…


He played rock.

I played paper.

“A round for me!”

“Second round! Rock. Paper… -“

“I’m going to play rock.”


“… Scissors!”

He played scissors.


“Games are a battleground. Only the strongest survive.”

“You will pay for this!”

“Get ready!”



“I’m going to play rock.”


I know you’re not going to play rock!

And you won’t risk betting on scissors twice!

So, you are bound to play paper.

The victory is mine!

“Rock wins against scissors. You lost, Lyre.”


“In this kind of game, it’s important to know the opponent.”

“This is how I easily fooled you.”


“What a low-blow.”

“It will make up for the earlier one.”


“… Let me help you.”


“It doesn’t really amuse me, if it makes you depressed…”

“I’m not depressed…”

“You say with the expression of an undead.”

“You have a piano? Do you know how to play it?”

“Yes. Well, I’m trying.”

“I loved playing it for mom, when she was really hard on her job.”

“Are you giving me the benefit of your talent?”

“… Only before we go.”

It’s been a while since I’ve done it, I need to practice it first…

“Alright, is that a promise too?”

“Yes… But don’t you think that makes a lot of promises, all of them?”

“It’s all up to you.”

“Let’s only use promises for the important things.”

“It’s okay with me.”

“Do you still have things to show me? Your house looks more and more like a cave of treasure.”

“Oh, no. There isn’t much left. Just the nuclear bunker and…”

“There’s a bunker?!”

“… No. I’m kidding, hahaha!”

“You should have seen your face, hahaha!”

“You really take my house for a speaceship, don’t you?”

“Why are you smiling like that?”

“… It’s nothing.”

“So, where’s this bunker?”

“Ah! You didn’t listen to me! I told you there was none!”

“Have you tricked me?”

“I told you it was a joke!”


“Why are you laughing now?!”

… After that, I showed him our food stocks.

Mom had refueled a month before the fall.

At that moment, he didn’t say anything.

A lot of things coincide, don’t they?

Things started to get more and more obvious as time went on.

The days passed.

“Try to regulate the power you use.”


“You need to build more muscle here.”


“Your position is good but you lack reaction. You think too much.”


Hiko continued to train me as best he could. He was teaching me his fighting style. I was teaching him to harness his power. He was training me to master mine better.

An outside point of view was very important. He pointed out to me a whole bunch of weaknesses that I had never seen before.

A week had already passed.

We made it, each time, again. At first, it was the morning. The we extended the time, until we ended up on our knees at sunset.

Each day, every day.

The time was short. I had to assimilate everything very quickly.

At the end of the third week…

“I’m ready to face you.”



“On guard!”

“There three weeks went by quite quickly, but it was not always easy.”

“I don’t think I’ve strained my body that much before.”

“You managed to learn all of this very quickly. It’s not given to everyone… But again, you have something more.”

“… I imagine this will be the last fight.”

“I can’t teach you anything more.”

“I’m going to give myself to the max, and if you lose…”


“I will take you far from here. I will isolate us until death catches up with us.”

“Do you agree with that?”

“No problem.”

“If I win, we’ll go. But not right now. I need a little more time for one of my techniques.”

“Understood. Let’s get started!”

I will go to the max from the start too.

I have to remember that feeling.

When my body tore apart.

… I have to focus it.

“An opening!”

… You will not pass!


A well-placed circular kick.

I’m not sure I’m doing so much damage.

But I can strengthen them!

Get out of here, fruit of my fear.

… You’re going to help me this time.

“You finally got to put it in place.”

“Is your body holding up?”

“Don’t worry about me. You have a fight to win.”

“It’s true…”

“But it’s not a bad thing to worry about your loved ones, right?”


“Not yet.”

“It’s not the end!”

A month ago, that would have stuck me down.

I’ve changed.

I will no longer be the girl who mourns her mistakes.

I only managed to strengthen my left arm.

But it can be useful for the attack as well.


My left hand focused of defense.

The right one, on the attack.

“Take this!”

“… Argh!”


… It must become an automatic process.

I must take advantage that his guard is broken.

Weak point.

“You’re not on guard, Hiko.”

“Don’t underestimate me!”

… He has to protect his neck.

One more time!



“You’re resistant.”

“My goal allows me to be able to hold out.”

“… Your blows are very powerful. It doesn’t come from your physical training, right?”

“No, indeed. I manage to move this… What am I supposed to call it?”

“I’m just going to call it an extension of my body.”

“I can get that part moving.”

“I can conserve myself more and more. It takes less and less energy from me.”

Unless my energy grows?

“… I see.”

“In that case, don’t disappoint me. Give it all you got!”


He’s trying to aim for my legs.


… It was a feint!

“It’s time to recharge, I guess.”

My body is heavy.

His drain has really grown in the meantime.


“… You can do that too.”

“I see you’re using all possible solutions.”

“… And that’s just the beginning.”

“Each morning…”

An opening!

The ground…

“I prepared this fight, all the ground…”


“Is full of traps, Lyre.”



I have it!

… How much he dug?!

“You’re crazy! How many yards is this hole?!”

“Forty meters deep.”

And it’s me, who’s special?!


“Don’t you think you’re taking too long to come back up?”


God damn.

Protect the root!

I haven’t learned to do…

I need to believe! It will be ok!


Catch me!

Pull me up.

“That makes a lot of summonses. Before, you would have passed out.”

“I go forward. It must.”

“I’ve found meaning in my life, Hiko. And I’m ready to protect it!”

“And you’re also one of my priorities!”


“What a spirit… If I hadn’t dodged, you would have definitely knocked me out.”

“But you have to keep your sequence. Don’t stop there!”

“… Who told you it was the end?”

“My feet…”

“It’s the same thing you did to my brother.”

“But at this distance, I can’t miss you!”

“Mom Lisa’s Secret Technique…”

My mother only taught me two things, in fight.

I think she wanted to show me something funny, and I ended up memorizing it.

… Thank you, mom.


“You lost.”

“… I admit defeat.”

“I didn’t expect you to know this stuff.”

“… I’m ashamed to speak honestly about it.”

“Mom showed me this once. I was so impressed that I copied it onto my stuffed animals…”

“But I didn’t think it would work. I still doubt my ability to knock you down.”

“You waited until my balance was disturbed then.”

“… The weight scale could change enough to make it easier for me.”

“You underestimated me.”


“To think it was me saying that all the time at first.”



“My reward.”

“I can’t hear your thoughts anymore.”

“I wish I knew again, what’s going on in your head. It hasn’t happened since this time.”

“… Maybe there’s still more to be discovered in your power.”

“If I find it, I could read my sister’s mind…”

“I want to know the end of the story…”

“The denouement is approaching.”

“Do you think we’ll get your sister listen to reason?”

“I’m sure.”

“If she’s my sister, she’s like me. There is nothing to worry about.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“When are we leaving then?”

“Give me a week. I still need to fine-tune my power.”

“I’ll help you in that case. Tell me if you need a training teammate.”

“I don’t really want you to serve as a subject for my experiments…”

“I would be remiss to hurt you.”

“… It’s true that if I I’m hurt, I will be of no use.”

“I don’t think I’m really useful anymore.”

“No! I assure you. You can still help me.”

“It’s nice to think of me, but don’t worry. It will be fine.”

“Who goes to the shower first?”

“I won, so I’m the first!”

“Treat yourself. You deserve it.”


“… Thank you. Thank you for everything.”

“For everything you’ve done…*sob*

“I couldn’t have done it on my own. I feel like I can do it.”

“… You had the abilities, I just showed them to you.”

“You should be thanking yourself.”

“No… You’ve done a lot.”

“Every day, you got up at dawn to do your research in your corner. I saw you, you looked if you couldn’t tell me more.”

“I will be eternally grateful to you, for all you have done for me.”

“… Understood. Go to the shower now. You’re all sticky.”

“Ah. Don’t look at me with those eyes, you’ll make me wanna cry too.”

“Go away. Go clean yourself up.”

“… No! No bites!”

Ah… Why…

Finally, I went to shower, and I started dreaming again.

A world, at peace. Devoid of conflicts.

I could finally do it.

Mom, Hiko, my sister.

I changed. I can make my dreams come true.

I will fulfill my dream.