Chapter 17:

Message of hope

Little green apocalypse


I have to get a minimum of it.


I have to direct this flow of energy.



Take shape.


It works.

I manage to better control my power.


I will densify its character.

Exploit its resource and multiply its strength.


“Why are you closing your eyes?”

“I’m focusing! FO-CU-SING!”

“Is that so? Ok, ok.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I found this in your room. It was on your window sill.”

“Why are you searching my room?”

“It was for…”

“Wait, wait. I wasn’t looking for your underwear or anything!”

“… Why would you want my underwear?”

“Eh? For nothing…”

“You say weird things, Hiko.

“And you, I would never get used to your reactions.”


“Teach me…”



“Stop… shaking me!”

“Alright, listen to me carefully.”

“You mustn’t show your underwear to other men.


“Because it’s the rule.”

“What about the girls, can i?”

“Uh… I think so. But only if there are girls.”

“You understood?”


“Why didn’t your mother teach you this stuff…?”

“Anyway, are you going to read this letter?”

“Ah! Yes, I open it.”

“… Do you want me to read it for you too?”

“If you don’t mind.”

“My dear Lyre…

I hope you are well.

What happened must have shocked you quite a bit.

I came home, but you weren’t there anymore.

You know you shouldn’t go out, under any circumstances, but whatever…

I will put you back in your place when the time comes <3.”




“Mom is angry.”

“It’s still quite violent, she could be understanding…”

“… I continue.”

“I also noticed that you took plants without my permission.

Do you remember the German Supplex I gave you when you were little, when you stole my notes? ~

How about testing the im-im-improved ver-version…?”

“Hey! Calm down!”

“Sorry mom, sorry mom, sorry mom, sorry mom, sorry mom…”

“It’s okay, you’ll just have to explain it everything that happens to her.”

“You don’t know her!”

“She doesn’t give a damn about explanations! She does what she can think of!”

“She almost knocked me out last time! I had a headache for a week!”

“She gave you a head trauma, yes!”

“Ah… woe. I continue…”

“It amuses me in advance, just to imagine your face reading this. Hahaha!

… I’m already aware of everything you have done.

And I think it’s more like me who should be scolded about this time.

But don’t hit your mother too hard, my head is not as strong as yours…

… I wanted to remake our world.

My goal was to make you see the world without anyone being able to dispute your existence.

I make search about your cells to find out what made you so unique.

My first research was about your regenerative capacity.

At first, I thought it was just your blood.

I realized that it was much more than that…

But I didn’t mean to put you through a ton of experimentation cruelly.

You wouldn’t have understood and…

I couldn’t have supported it.

That’s when your sister was born.

About eight months after you.

You can call it a clone, if you know what that means.

If you don’t know, you friend will tell you.”


“It’s a kind of a living being, based on a sample of another living being. I think this is the easiest explanation to understand.”


“I wasn’t going to hide it from you but, I didn’t know if you were old enough to understand.

I wanted to take her home but…

Her condition didn’t make her transferable.

My experiences continued as I educated you.

And… Your sister started to awaken her powers.

The problem was, I wasn’t alone.

The pressures started to build up.

I had to turn off the sources.

… And I quit.

I abandoned your sister for fear it would affect you.

I’m a horrible mother, right?

I can’t do as much as you, sweet heart.

My abilities are limited, but I will have done my best.

I’m in the lab right now, if you don’t have the address, it will be at the end of the letter.

I’m not telling you to come, on the opposite, I would like you to run away, beyond the horizon.

I would like to force you to…

But I can’t, you will refuse it anyway, regardless of my warnings.

My daughter is stubborn, she doesn’t mind what her mother feels…

So… I’ll tell you everything there’s to know about you and her.”


“Ah… Too much information!”

“Don’t run away.”

“… I’m not running away.”


“I’m starting to understand. I expect what will be write after that.”

“Aren’t you going to stop me from reading it?”

“It’s her choice. I have to respect it. She was the one who raised you.”


Me. My sister.

What are we?

I’m ready to know the truth.

No matter where I come from, that won’t change a thing.

My will and my passion will not waver.

2nd part – Origins

“You must have doubted that in the end. If not, I apologize if the news shocks you.

I’m not your biological mother.

And the story I’m going to tell you is going to seem far-fetched to you.

Or not, you would take the most illogical thing for granted…

Sorry, I didn’t show you the human reproductive pattern.

And everything related to this subject.

I hade to hide it from you, otherwise you would have noticed.

You would have noticed that you’re not totally human.”

“… Totally?”

“You look delighted when you haven’t even finished reading everything…”

“… I’m not a monster.”


“Your body, your blood, your thoughts.

You are almost like a human, with several exceptions.

I noticed some of your organs were messed up.

There are things that you miss, and other things that you have besides.

Your skin has different receptors.

How can I explain this to you…?

When the sun hits our skin, it will change complexion.

You, the sun rays turn into energy. It’s like the rays are feeding you.

Your blood flow only when you want to.

But your body doesn’t produce blood.

Since I had no other solution, I created artificial blood for you from yours…

But something must necessarily activate this function in you.

We finally come to your third specificity.

You don’t have to breathe.”


“I think that’s enough as a test. It’s been three minutes.”

“Any average person can’t last more than two minutes.”

“I had never noticed…”

“I think not breathing worried me.”

“As if a trauma was linked to it…”


“And the last thing I noticed…

You can grow things on your body.

Kind of like when a human has goose bumps.

Your mechanism looks very similar.

Besides, do you remember the rock I gave you?

It’s not really a gift in and of itself, it’s yours.

She was with you when I found you.

… This mineral doesn’t come from our planet, Lyre.

I don’t know what happened, but…

I came to a theory.

An organic form was stuck to this mineral.

He survived in space and eventually landed on our planet.

… Your sister, Lys, seems to know more about it.

But she doesn’t want to tell me.

I think, like her, you are able to know.

It will definitely help you get to know yourself more…

… And learn to love you.

… I’m itching to hit you.

How could you do that, idiot?

I really believed you were going to die.

I begged Lys to stop this.

Seeing you in such pain drove me crazy.

I don’t want you to suffer.

Life is open to you. I want you to enjoy.

I want you to live, my Lyre.

Tune in, and visit our beautiful planet.

… And maybe even the universe. Who knows?

You’re capable of anything. You’re not my daughter for nothing.

Even though I’m an incompetent mother…

I believe in you. Kiss your friend for me.

Be strong.



“Does it come to your mind?”

The void.

I remember that feeling.

I feel someone.

It’s not me.

I feel a great hatred…

And yet a great compassion.

“I can’t see… I can’t. What am I supposed to get out, of this?”

“I don’t know. What conclusion do you come to, with all this?”

“I don’t know. Am I half-human?”


“I knew it. It wouldn’t be that simple…”

“… Say, Hiko.”

Do you think I have the right to hope, to someday become like you?

“Do you think I can become human?”

I too want to live with others...

“Why do you want… -“

Do all of those things that are not possible on your own.

Laugh, talk, discuss about anything.

Feel, touch and react.

Heal, live, love and die.

Can I do all this?

“Why can’t you?”

“If anyone objects, I’ll let them know how wonderful you are.”

“No one can hate you. You’re way too nice.”


“But I agree with your mother. You’re unconscious and I can’t wait to know her punishment.”

“… You’re sadistic, Hiko.”

“I’m going back to train.”

“Also, take care of clearing the garden of all your traps! I get caught inside one when I got out of the shower…”


My stone.

… What are you, to me?

You are me.

But you’re not me.

Just a being born out from my capacity of self-reproduction.

… No, not exactly.

Your genes are different.

That voice… I know it.

I’ve heard it before…

The most perfect Being in this vast void ocean…

The indisputable…

What a stupid mistake.

Was it a mistake?

It was wanted.

I didn’t think I was capable of such crazy things at this point.

Who are you?

… So, you can finally see me.

Then? Are you enjoying the merry-go-round?

What are you talking about?

All this. Everything of this, my child. Your existence. You like to see these lesser species, crawl on the floor in front of you, don’t you?

… I don’t understand what you mean.

It’s in your genes.

You’re a part of me.

Truth be told, you could even say that you are me.

However, I don’t have control over your body.

Do you appreciate my power?

No, not exactly… You’re not using it enough.

You don’t know how to use it.

Don’t you have the skill?

Yes, you have it. Are you not aware of it?

Yes, that it.

Do you want…

Do you want your mom to help you?

… You’re not my mom!

Why are you talking so strangely?!

… I guess growing up with a human turned your head.

I will unlock 20% of your power. You will understand by using it.

See you next time. ~


No. No. No


Contains it…

There’s too much.


Hiko, stay covered!

Plants! Grow as higher as possible!




It can’t be my strength.

It doesn’t stop.

The flow is like a broken pipe…

Peaks… More peaks…

I can’t stop my body….


It will be alright.

Calm down.

I’m here to protect you.

You don’t have to worry…!

Ah… Less strong.

You absorb my strength Harp…

Calm down…

I don’t know how to stop…

… Focus.

Don’t panic.

Analyze your power.

Obverse it.

Breathe in.

The chime… I hear it.

I have to stop all these bells.

I must accept this power.

… Appropriate this power.

You belong to me.

Obey me.

Finally calmed down.

… It was scary.

I feel such strength…

I’ve never felt it until now.

It’s like my energy has been multiplied a hundred times.

I can beat my sister with that.

… But I fear this power.

I don’t trust its origin.

I’d better not use it, right?

And Harp manage to absorbed part of it…

… That’s the power of Hiko.

If Harp starts pumping my energy again…

I’m good at staying in bed for a long time.

He managed to eat half of it… I was able to control myself better, thanks to you. But still…

So, does that mean you feed off my energy?

I hope I can give you enough, but I don’t know If you should eat that much…

Yes, yes, I got it.

We will share in this case.

How do I get down from here?

It’s high! Wow!

But I must be able to land on my reinforced arm, right?

… I hope.

Can you help me Harp if I miss?

Ah… No problem, I can do it on my own!

Let’s go!


Ah! Finally, it wasn’t a good idea! I want to go back!



… What is that?

I guess I’m good at taking a shower again…

What did she say already?

Self-creation reproductive being?

What does that mean?

Is there something to do with that, right?

I’m going to wash myself.

I smell the mud.

… And Harp isn’t happy.


“… Why are you crying?”

“Harp is like you…”

“… What?”

“Take care of it, it’s your child…”

“What are you talking about? It’s up to you to take care of Harp…”

“Rah! Forget it, I carry you. We’ll talk about that inside.”


“Your face is full of mud! We’ll see that after!”

“You’re horrible…”

“… If that’s what you really want.”

“Ah. No! I was kid… -“

It was a joke.

“Is that so? Anyway, I love you no matter how you are.”

“Ah! Let go of me! I don’t want to hear that, being so close to you!”

“Stop fidgeting! I will make you fall.”

“What a temperamental girl.”

This feeling of wanting to hide behind any objects, to make me small enough so that no one sees me…

I’ve been feeling it recently.

“It’s Shame.”

“I don’t like to be ashamed!”

“Nobody like it.”

“So, you’re normal. It makes you happy?”


“Come on, don’t make a face. I don’t care, you know that.”

“No matter how you act, I love you for who you are.”



“Why are you saying such embarrassing things?!”

“It’s also fine if you’re embarrassed. You’re getting closer to your goal, aren’t you?”

“Maybe we should recap the emotions you’ve already felt.”

“… We will unlock the others!”

“Hey! I’m not a game!”


“Good. Was the mud and we’ll discuss it all when you’re done.”

“Hold on!”

“Come here.”

“You got mud on your face. Let me take it away from you.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

“Now… You can go.”

“… Yes. See you later….”


Why do I still feel embarrassed…?

Emotions are so complicated…