Chapter 13:

Blossom Forest/Valentines Day/New Year Final Chapter

Blossom Forest

It's a new year Valentine's Day to be exact.

Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura Hirari “I love you girly! Kyokura cries “I have loved you since the first time we met!” The Lovers Kiss!

Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri Iwao “Let’s spend the day together!” Sumiri “Sure thing Love!” Holding Hands!

Dezaki Kosashi and Sunoda Chitsu Kosashi “We’re a great couple!” Chitsu “Yes definitely!” Embracing Hugs!

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami Komari “Want to know something bat Shit crazy?” “I’m madly in Love with you!” Hanisami “What The Fuck? I love you too!” The Mad Couple both share a Kiss of beauty!

Okimoto Ryurata and Yashishida Matsurime Ryurata crying “I love Matsurime my heart beats for you!” Matsurime sobs “I feel the same I'm sorry I didn't tell you I love You!” They both kiss finally!

Shibata Sakura and Morimoto Souta Souta “Remember I said let's go there sometime?” Sakura “What? I'll go I just don't know where!” Souta “It’s a surprise!”

Sakura “Can I open my eyes now?” Souta “Yes!”

Souta “I said the first time we met in The High & Might Cafe we should go to The Blossom Forest the Cherry Blossom Sakura Trees like your name Sakura. Sakura “Uh They’re so ravishing holy Shit!

Souta “Shibata Sakura from the first time we met to today It was love at first sight your beauty left me breathless those gorgeous eyes that smile.” Sakura “I’m speechless!

They both lay down and go stargazing and point out constellations.

Souta “One last surprise High & Mighty Cafe Shibata Sakura will you do me the honor of taking my hand in marriage your Asshole of a Dad doesn't support what you do!”

Sakura Crying “Um Fuck Yes I love You! “Kiss me you Dumb Ass!” Souta “I Love you too!” “Sakura I'm sorry I didn't tell you I didn't know how.” Sakura “That was my first kiss and this is my first relationship!”

Sakura “You better call me at midnight let's give this thing a try this love is outta control!” Souta “My heart beats for only you!” Sakura “I’m dying my Fucking hair another thing I've never done! Souta do it!”

The beautiful Cherry Blossoms in the wind as The Sad Rain returns but in a interesting melodic song.

The two lovers kiss embrace in a hug.

The Blossom Forest song plays in a wholesome Piano ending this journey for the time being.

Thank you for coming along until again!