Chapter 16:

Villains vs. Villains

Villain of Technology

*2 days have passed and Villain X plan started. They are going to take over the government. The mutants are causing distraction and in the perimeter. The brutes came in and in their positions. The agents are equipped with FCE or First Class Exterminator, ETS or Enhanced Technology Sword, EDB or Enhanced Double Blade for Alice and Flight Boots. Villain of Games and Villain X is ready to fight Villain of Technology and take over the government. The whole building is closed because of chaos outside. Anthony hack their ship.Bookmark here

“Hello Villain X, I see that you’re causing distraction everywhere.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony is distracting Villain X so that Margo have time to deactivated the bomb inside the agents.Bookmark here

“I hope you have enough recruits to stop me.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“I actually don’t have enough member until now.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”, Villain X asked.Bookmark here

*A big blast hit Villain X ship and leave a huge hole in the ship.Bookmark here

“Bomb deactivated.”, Margo said.Bookmark here

“i deactivate the nuclear bombs inside the agents. Escape the ship!”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*The agents fight Villain X agents to escape trough the hole, Anthony made. The agents go outside and meet Anthony.Bookmark here

“Anthony!”, Sam hugged Anthony.Bookmark here

“You save our lives, we’re here to fight by your side.”, Squad 2 member said.Bookmark here

“I hope your ready for the fight.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I know your not a bad guy.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“NO…NO…NO… Useless agents. Execute the plan.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“Squad 2, 3, 4. You guys take care of the mutants. Squad 6, 8, 10. You take care of the brutes. Squad 5 help the people evacuate.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Karl Bushida as Titan appeared. Roman Inoki appeared.Bookmark here

“Squad 7 will take care of the titan.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I will take care of Roman.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“Can you?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“I need to take revenge for what he did to me before.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“Alright, here’s EIG(Enhanced Impact Gloves).”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Thanks”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“Where’s Leo?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

*Leo appeared. Everyone is shocked that Leo become a Demon Lord. Alice appeared too.Bookmark here

“Change of plans. Lizzy, Eugene and Sam, you guys take care of the titan. Here’s some nuclear bombs.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I’ll take care of Alice.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

*Alice launches an attack on Hera. Anthony get surprised. Anthony attack Leo. Lizzy, Eugene and Sam go and attack the Titan. While this is happening, Villain X and Villain of Games are on the watch. Anthonys robots are flying to AVA. The fight begins.Bookmark here

[Squad 2, 3, 4 and the Mutants.]Bookmark here

“Do you think we can turn this mutants back to human?”, Squad 2 member said.Bookmark here

“I don’t know.”, Squad 3 member said.Bookmark here

“If you don’t kill this mutants then you die. It doesn’t matter whether they can turn back to human or not, the only matter is to stop them.”, Squad 2 member said.Bookmark here

“That guy over there, the Villain of Mutants. He’s controlling them. If we kill him, then the mutants should stop the rampage.”, Squad 4 member said.Bookmark here

‘There’s too many mutants, we can’t go to him.”, Squad 3 member said.Bookmark here

*Agents are dying 1 by 1.Bookmark here

“DON’T PULL YOUR PUNCHES! If you can kill them then kill them or your comrade will die.”, Squad 2 member said.Bookmark here

*The Squad are doing there best to stop the mutants.Bookmark here

[Roman Inoki, the brutes, Squad 6, 8, 10 and Neil]Bookmark here

“I’ll take care of Roman. You guys take care of the brutes.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*The squad started to fight the brutes with their swords.Bookmark here

“Long time no see Roman.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“I don’t actually remember you.”, Roman said.Bookmark here

“You will.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*Neil launches an attack to Roman, and Roman attacks too. Neil can’t deflect Romans punches.Bookmark here

[Squad 5]Bookmark here

“Who are you?”, Guards of the building.Bookmark here

“We are agents from AVA, we are here to rescue people.”, Squad 5 member said.Bookmark here

“We’ll help.” Guards of the building.Bookmark here

“Underneath this building, there is a tunnel that leads to the other side of the city. Our squad will take the lead. Guards you need to find some stranglers in this building. Outside is in chaos so we have to move.”, Squad 5 member said.Bookmark here

[Lizzy, Eugene, Sam and the Titan]Bookmark here

“You can’t defeat me.”, Karl said.Bookmark here

“Eugene and I will distract him. Sam you’ll look for his weakness or pattern of fighting.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“I understand.”, Sam said.Bookmark here

“Don’t get caught!”, Eugene said.Bookmark here

*Lizzy and Eugene starts to fight and Sam start to observe. Karl saw Sam and attack her instead.Bookmark here

“I guess I’ll have to fight too.”, Sam said.Bookmark here

*Sam joins the fight. They started to use the nuclear bombs Anthony gave them.Bookmark here

“These bombs aren’t working.”, Eugene said.Bookmark here

“he has a thick skin.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“We need to keep on fighting and try to think of a way to kill him.”, Sam said.Bookmark here

*They continue the fight.Bookmark here

[Hera and Alice]Bookmark here

“You have a new outfit. Scared of getting stabbed.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“Nice to meet you too Alice.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I’m going to kill you.”, Alice is mad.Bookmark here

“You look mad.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“Because you kill my mother.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

*Alice launches an attack at Hera. They traded blows. As expected, Alice moves faster and keep landing hits at Hera. Alice is winning against Hera.Bookmark here

[Anthony and Leo]Bookmark here

“What in the world happened to you.”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“I just evolved, and my mission is to defeat you and rule the world.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

“Villain of Games must’ve program his brain to act like his character. If I can hack him then he should think normal again.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Margo, can you hack him.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I will do my best, Anth”, Margo said.Bookmark here

*Leo uses laser at Anthony.Bookmark here

“I can’t believe Jack figure out how to create laser. I hope he don’t know magic.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I’m going to kill you and take my princess with me.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

“Leo, this isn’t you. You have to think.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I’m not Leo, I’m the Demon Lord.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

“Then I’ll have to do this the hard way.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

[Villain X and Villain of Games]Bookmark here

“Villain of Technology can’t defeat me.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“I hope you’re right.”, Villain of Games said.Bookmark here

“We’re winning.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“Leo is my best game charac---”, Villain of Games said.Bookmark here

*Blaze snipped Villain of Games. Villain X is shocked and take a cover. Leo is also shocked that Villain of Games is dead. Lizzy is shock too. Why?Bookmark here

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