Chapter 17:

Villain vs. Villains II

Villain of Technology

*Blaze shot Villain of Games. Villain X begin to hide.Bookmark here

“I’m guessing Anthony didn’t barge in without a plan. I need to get out of here.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

*Villain X saw that there is a barrier around the area so he can’t escape.Bookmark here

“I made it in time.”, Blaze said.Bookmark here

“Noooo…”, Leo said.Bookmark here

[FLASHBACK]Bookmark here

*Leo is lying in bed, about to be turn into a Demon Lord.Bookmark here

“Why do you still need me? If you are the Villain of Games then you should have a game character inside you.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

“Well, yes I’m a game character myself but after 15 years, that game character wears off.”, Villain of Games said.Bookmark here

“You’re telling me that I can still go back to my normal self. Hera can still see me as normal?”, Leo asked.Bookmark here

“Yes, after 15 years, you’ll go back to normal. I forgot that you are doing this because of her. I did the same thing myself.”, Villain of Games said.Bookmark here

“What happened to you and your lover?”, Leo asked.Bookmark here


“I’m gonna kill him and take my precious Jenny.”, Jack said.Bookmark here

*Jack transform himself into a game character, Brand(A strong fire game character) and kill Jennys boyfriend.Bookmark here

“Are you Jack?”, Jenny asked.Bookmark here

“Yes.”, Jack said.Bookmark here

“What did you do?”, Jenny asked.Bookmark here

“I’m here to take you from him.”, Jack said.Bookmark here

“But I’m happy with him.”, Jenny said.Bookmark here

“You can be happy with me. We’ve been friends the whole time and you know I loved you all this years.”, Jack said.Bookmark here

“If you love me then you should be happy that I’m happy, not taking away my happiness.”, Jenny said.Bookmark here

“I know what I did.”, Jack said.Bookmark here

“You’re not my friend, you’re a monster.”, Jenny said.Bookmark here

*Jenny walks away.Bookmark here

“Jenny! That’s right, I’m a monster. I’M A MONSTER!!!”, Jack said.Bookmark here

*Jack rage and accidentally burned the whole area and burned Jenny into ash.Bookmark here

“Jenny, JENNY!!! I’m sorry. Jenny…”, Jack is suffering after killing Jenny.Bookmark here


“What happened to you and your lover?”, Leo asked.Bookmark here

“Lets start the procedure.”, Villain of Games ignored his question.Bookmark here

[END OF FLACHBACK]Bookmark here

*Leo started to find Blaze while fighting Anthony.Bookmark here

“I’m gonna kill the person that killed you Mr. Creator.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

*Lizzy is shocked when she see the serial killer Blaze.Bookmark here

“That guy… That guy is the one---”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here


*A child Lizzy is sitting on the lap of her mother.Bookmark here

“I want you to become a good person.”, Lizzys mom said.Bookmark here

“I will become a good person.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“Then what do you want to do?”, Lizzys mom said.Bookmark here

Bang…Bookmark here

*Lizzys mom get snipped in front of her. Lizzy looked at the guy that killed her mom.Bookmark here

“That girls gonna have trauma. If you’re mother didn’t hear my plans then this shouldn’t happened. What a poor girl.”, Blaze said.Bookmark here

“That guy killed mom. Mom, I know what I want to do. IM GONNA KILL THAT GUY AND EVERY VILLAIN IN THIS WORLD!!!”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

*Lizzy is angry and sad at the same time.Bookmark here

“Mom… mom…”, Lizzy is crying.Bookmark here


*While Lizzy is still shocked and preoccupied by the appearance of Blaze, the Titan is about to grab her but---Bookmark here

“Lizzy look out!”, Eugene said.Bookmark here

*Eugene pushed Lizzy away and he got taken instead. Lizzy watch Eugene gets eaten.Bookmark here

“Eugene.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

*Sam is still fighting the Titan.Bookmark here

“Give Eugene back.”, Sam said.Bookmark here

*Sam gets punched hard and hit the wall too hard.Bookmark here

“What am I doing? Eugene, Sam. I should focus. The sniper guy is on our side but I’ll take him later. The titan first.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

“IM GONNA KILL YOU, YOU STUPID TITAN!”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

*Lizzy fight the titan alone.Bookmark here

[The Mutants and the Squads]Bookmark here

“Somebody help.”, Squad 2 member said.Bookmark here

“There’s too many of them.”, Squad 3 member said.Bookmark here

“Everyone this is the end.”, Squad 4 member said.Bookmark here

Bang…Bookmark here

*The mutants stop their rampage.Bookmark here

“The mutants stop.”, Squad 4 member said.Bookmark here

“That guy killed the Villain of Mutants.”, Squad 2 member said.Bookmark here

“Another one down.”, Blaze said.Bookmark here

“Everyone start capturing the mutants. We’ll see if the Villain of Technology can turn them back into human.”, Squad 3 member said.Bookmark here

[Leo and Anthony]Bookmark here

*After Blaze second shot Leo found him.Bookmark here

“Found you.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

*Leo punched Anthony hard and gets thrown off. Leo then begin to aim his laser to Blaze. Blaze next target is Leo. Blaze look at his scope.Bookmark here

“This guy is aiming at me. I wonder if he can kill me from there without a scope.”, Blaze said.Bookmark here

*Leo shot his laser and Blaze shoot his sniper. Leos laser killed Blaze but Blaze enhanced sniper didn’t kill Leo.Bookmark here

“That should do it.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

*Lizzy also saw it. Anthony get back up and fight Leo.Bookmark here

[The brutes and the Squads]Bookmark here

“This swords are so OP.”, Squad 6 member said.Bookmark here

“Don’t get too carried away. Even if they are few left. They are still brutes.”, Squad 10 member said.Bookmark here

“Lets end this.”, Squad 8 said.Bookmark here

[Roman and Neil]Bookmark here

“Your not tired yet?”, Roman said.Bookmark here

“I’m not.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“I should think more. I always relay on my weapons but I didn’t really use my brain too much. If this is Enhanced Impact Gloves then it should be more powerful than before. It absorbs energy. If it can absorb Roman punches and store the maximum amount of energy then I can release it with the maximum impact. That should be enough to kill him.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*Neil finally uses his brain. Neil block Romans punches in order to gain energy.Bookmark here

“Not yet.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*Another punch.Bookmark here

“Still not enough energy.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*Another punch.Bookmark here

“I’m tired.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*Another punch from Roman lowered his defence. Roman punch Neil in the chest and it pierced through Neil chest. Neil is running out of time.Bookmark here

“You’ll die with my arms inside you.”, Roman said.Bookmark here

“I’M NOT DONE YET!”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*Neil punch Roman in the face releasing all the energy stored in the gloves. The punch removed Romans head off.Bookmark here

“It’s finally over.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

*Neil removed Romans hand inside his body and sit with his remaining breath.Bookmark here

[Lizzy and the Titan]Bookmark here

“I’m the one who should kill that sniper guy but it doesn’t matter anymore.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

*Lizzy continue to fight the Titan. Meanwhile inside the titans belly.Bookmark here

“I’m about to die. I lost the half of my body. I wonder what is Lizzy is doing.”, Eugene said.Bookmark here

*Eugene realize that Lizzy and Sam is still fighting and doesn’t want them to die.Bookmark here

“I’m not gonna die yet!”, Eugene said.Bookmark here

*Eugene grabs all the nuclear bomb.Bookmark here

“If you have thick skin outside then you must’ve thin skin inside. Goodbye Lizzy.”, Eugene said.Bookmark here

*The Titan punched Lizzy so hard that it fling her off. The Titan is about to grab Lizzy but it exploded into pieces.Bookmark here

“What happened?”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

*Titan blow into pieces and also Eugenes body. Lizzy saw Eugenes hand with all of the bomb triggers and realizes that Eugene sacrifice his life to kill the Titan. Lizzy is crying and realizes that Sam gets punched.Bookmark here

“Sam!”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

*Lizzy checked her heartbeat and it is still beating. Lizzy is glad.Bookmark here

[Alice and Hera]Bookmark here

“You will lose.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“I will lose, again and again but I will always come back up.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I’m gonna kill you!”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“Margo, enable speed and agility reaction.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

*Hera begin to move faster and dodges Alice strikes. The suit is controlling most of Heras movements.Bookmark here

“I can’t believe you dodge that. Is that because of the suit?”, Alice said.Bookmark here

*Alice strikes again but Hera dodge it. They fight and Hera stab Alice in the front. Hera is unsure because she doesn’t want to kill Alice.Bookmark here

“Hey, Hera, What do you think will happened if I won this fight?”, Alice asked.Bookmark here

“I don’t know.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“My mother is against me being an assassin with her. She wanted me to become a good girl but I failed her.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“No, You didn’t failed her.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I’m gonna passed soon.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“You can still survive and---”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I’m fine now.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“Why are you sorry? If you didn’t kill me then I will still become a bad guy. Thank you for ending my suffering.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

*Alice died.Bookmark here

[Anthony and Leo]Bookmark here

“Margo can you hack him?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“Yes but it’s too complex, Anth.”, Margo said.Bookmark here

“I’ll buy you more time.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony is beginning to be tired. Margo notice this and---Bookmark here

“I can hack Leo but it will take more time. Anth is getting weak and weak. I’ll have to go in risky. I don’t want Anth to die. I have to do this. No matter what happened I’m Anths AI.”, Margo said.Bookmark here

*Margo hack Leo in risky way. Anthony can’t defend anymore and Leo aims his laser to Anthony but he gained himself. Margo broke after hacking Leo.Bookmark here

“Leo!”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

BOOM…Bookmark here

*Leo died. It turns out that Villain X planted a bomb in Leos heart and killed him.Bookmark here

“Leo…Leo…”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony see Villain X with a remote in his hand. Anthony is angry and go to him. Villain X grabs a gun and shoot Anthony. Anthony deflects it with his suit. Anthony remove Villain X limbs.Bookmark here

“You’re out of people now.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“You will never win.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

*Villain X saw the AVA in the sky exploded with the use of Anthonys robots.Bookmark here

“Who’s winner now?”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“You will never defeat all the villains in this world because you’re nothing.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“You’re wrong.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I am the Villain of Technology.”Bookmark here

BANG…Bookmark here

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