Chapter 45:

Keep it safe (the end)

Who will the Villainess choose?

“My lady we are here.” Only when the coachman announced did I realize why the bird left. The place has a holy aura and it must not be able to bear it.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath of relief as I took out the shards of glass that had dug deep into my skin. I did not have the time before to get rid of them. Fresh blood oozed out when I took them out and I winced.Bookmark here

“Aahh” a small scream escaped my lips and just then the door of the carriage opened. My painful eyes turned alert in a second but it was none other than Damien.Bookmark here

He looked at me with red eyes as his eyes trained over my wounds.Bookmark here

“How did this happen!” He asked with a worried face as he looked at me.Bookmark here

“Aah, nothing, just something hit the glass and it broke., since I was sitting too close to it. It hit me straight. But I am fine now.`` I replied as I tried to stand. Bookmark here

He moved in and held my hand with worry in his eyes.Bookmark here

“You are not looking fine at all. Come with me. Let's get you treated first.” he said as he took me towards his carriage instead of the temple but I stopped and pulled my hands away.Bookmark here

“No!” I said, with a pitch higher than needed and he turned and looked at me surprised as he had never seen me raise my voice that much.Bookmark here

“I will be late for the meeting.” I replied , trying to be calm again. I was feeling horrified. I was feeling scared as if my heart would jump out of my ribcage any moment. I would die by the anxiety of the bird coming back or the attacks that would happen on me when I sleep.Bookmark here

“Akira, you are injured! Please come with me. I promise I will bring you back after getting you treated.” he pleaded, his voice was soft and his eyes were concerned but I did not care. I shook my head with conviction. This was the last thread of hope I was holding and I did not have the patience and courage to hold it anymore.Bookmark here

“No, I will go in now. Either you come with me or not.`` I said in a cold voice and got my hand away from his grip!Bookmark here

I turned to go to the temple when I felt his hands on my waist, shaking me to my core.Bookmark here

“You are one hell of a stubborn girl!” he shook his head as he berated me. Then his hands moved to my shoulder and thighs as he held me gently avoiding my wounds.Bookmark here

His touch was so light as if he was afraid that even a bit more pressure would injure me further. It felt like I was made of glass, yet I was happy. I was contend with the care he was showing to me.Bookmark here

We slowly walked into the temple. The priests who came to greet him looked surprised at the scene folding in front of their eyes. Bookmark here

I felt embarrassed and tired to move but his one stern eye was enough to stop my fidgeting movements.Bookmark here

Then he glared at the priests with much more fierceness and they all bowed their heads.Bookmark here

“We are here to meet the high priest.” he announced and the priests looked at each other as if pointing at each other to speak from him.Bookmark here

“What is it?” I asked to cut their silent conversation when one moved forward, hesitating.Bookmark here

“My lady, you are injured. Don't you think you should get treated first.'' His voice had a slight worry and a lot of fear as he kept stealing a glance at the expression of Damien.Bookmark here

“No, I am fine. If I wait to get treated first, I will be late for the meeting with the high priest as I have a fixed allotted  time.`` They all looked at me surprised as if they were not expecting this was the reason for my haste.Bookmark here

Their eyes filled with admiration, looking at my devotion. As they all nodded, Bookmark here

“Then, you go ahead, I will ask the high priest to treat you personally. His hands have healing power which he could use on certain occasions.” he kept saying as he opened the door of the room.Bookmark here

We walked in and saw a man sitting with closed eyes in the middle of the room.Bookmark here

He was looking younger than me as his skin was soft like a baby which had a strange glow on his face. As if sensing our movements his eyes snapped open as he looked at me and gave a warm smile.Bookmark here

“I thought you were not going to come anymore.” There was no surprise in his eyes when he looked at me having so many injuries on my body.Bookmark here

Damien moved and gently laid me on the sofa.Bookmark here

“Thank you.” I whispered to him but he said nothing. I could see he was still upset with my decision but there was nothing I could do, so I stayed silent.Bookmark here

“How are you, my child?” asked the man as he touched my wounds.Bookmark here

I felt a cold sensation in my body and then my eyes widened when I saw my wounds getting healed with the speed visible to my eyes.Bookmark here

He chuckled looking at me with a stunned expression. Bookmark here

“Close your mouth, little girl. I thought you have already been amazed enough since you have come here.” ‘come here! Come where? What was he talking about? Was he talking about the temple!? But then I did not feel amazed even once since I entered the temple! I didn't even see what it looked like since I was in a rush to meet him.Bookmark here

But then why did he say so? Then my eyes widened when I realized what his amused eyes were pointing at!? Was he talking about my landing in this weird palace? Did he know that I did not belong here and I am from another world? I looked at him with further horrified eyes and he nodded with another chuckle, confirming my doubts.Bookmark here

“You are braver than I thought. When Damien told me about you, I was so happy that I did not even sleep waiting for you.” said the man sitting beside me. I looked at my skin that was soft like a newborn baby and then at him.Bookmark here

“Aren't you sleeping when we entered?” I asked and they both blinked and then the high priest laughed as if I had cracked the funniest joke.Bookmark here

“This is the amulet you need to get rid of your dreams. I have sent the amulet before though a lady, but you broke it. This time take care of it, as it is the last one i had.” said the man as i looked at the emerald pearl that was just like the amulet i have received with the strange girl from the market in the town.Bookmark here

“Will it keep me safe?” i asked with hesitating and the man patted my head.,Bookmark here

“Yes, until you keep it safe.” I held the amulet tightly in my hands.Bookmark here

“Then I will keep it safer than my own life.”Bookmark here

The end!Bookmark here

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