Chapter 44:

Attack with Glass!

Who will the Villainess choose?

“Your highness, we are here.” said the guard as the carriage stopped. I thought that it would be my palace but it was a royal palace.Bookmark here

I looked at him with confusion when he smiled at me.Bookmark here

“Since we both need to go back to the high priest together, why shall we waste time in going to two different palaces. You can rest here and then get ready. I have already ordered the knights who left first to ask maids to prepare everything for you in advance.” he replied as he held a tendril in his hands and tucked it behind my ears.Bookmark here

I looked at him surprised! How did he reach the conclusion that we both were going there together!Bookmark here

“Umm, Andrew, I have only taken permission for myself. You know how strict the priests of temples are. Even if you come with me, I am sure they will stop you in the high temple and will not allow you to meet the high priest with me. Then why are you even trying to come with me?”Bookmark here

“.....................”Bookmark here

I took a deep breath as Andrew finally let me go! Though it was hard and I had to convince him a lot, in the end, I won. I looked outside the carriage that was taking me to my palace.Bookmark here

I will soon be there.Bookmark here

“My lady, welcome back!” The servants wished me as I nodded at them and entered.Bookmark here

“Shall we announce to my lord that you have returned?” asked the butler but I shook my head.Bookmark here

“Not now, Asmund. I have some urgent work to do first. Maria, prepare the bath and bring a simple dress out. Anna, go and prepare a lot of gifts for the temple. I am going to the temple to meet the high priest.`` I ordered them in an urgent tone.Bookmark here

They looked at me surprised as it was not in my schedule to meet the high priest when I left but looking at urgency in my eyes, none of them wasted time in asking me foolish questions.Bookmark here

I walked straight to the bath. Bookmark here

“My lady, what happened to your hands?” asked Maria, as she took off my clothes and I went into the pool.Bookmark here

“I accidently got scratched by a broken mirror. Please take care of the wound.” She did not look convinced at all by my lie since the marks of niais were too evident.Bookmark here

But she knew that she should not question her mistress. So, she nodded and bandaged the wound properly. It got hidden in my full sleeves dress when I entered the carriage.Bookmark here

Whole journey I kept on praying that things would go fine. When I heard the sound of that bird again.Bookmark here

“Koo kooo.” but in spite of opening the window like always with a smile whenever the bird arrives. I closed the curtains and covered my ears. Bookmark here

But as if the bird was adamant too. It started hitting the mirror by its beak creating a screeching sound. My ears almost bled by the way the mirror was screeching, and if that was not enough, it cracked the mirror by its force.Bookmark here

I looked at it with wide eyes and like always it smirked looking straight at me. I felt goosebumps all over my body the way it reacted. As if it was telling, I won and you lost, Akira.Bookmark here

“How far is it?” I asked , tapping the back of the carriage.Bookmark here

“Just a few more minutes, my lady.” I only took a breath of relief when I heard that! Finally! It would not be able to win.Bookmark here

But then I heard the sound of shattering glass and the mirror broke completely. Its pieces hit my hand and my neck as I was too close to it.Bookmark here

“My lady, are you alright?” asked the knight who was shocked looking at me and then at the bird.Bookmark here

“Get rid of this bird, first.” though i did not want to kill a bird! It was too vicious! And I was not sure what it would do next to stop me. “Now!” I added when I did not see him moving.Bookmark here

The bird tilted and looked at me as if warning me to not do any foolish thing!Bookmark here

“Yes, my lady.” he replied with some hesitation.Bookmark here

He moved his horse closer to the carriage, but the bird was agile enough to fly away whenever the knight came closer to it. And only then did I realize the knight was no match for the bird. Bookmark here

And I am wasting time by stopping in the middle of nowhere. That way, I would be late and then the other priests would not let me meet the high priest. And there would be less chances in getting another meeting fixed too as they would take me as an irresponsible person!Bookmark here

“Let it be. Start the carriage, we are getting late.” I was instructed to look at the show they were presenting to me. The bird looked at me with vicious eyes, and all his beauty lost then and there. Now it only looked evil to me.Bookmark here

“Yes, my lady.” said the knight and the coachman started the carriage again.Bookmark here

“Koo koo.” The bird came in and was ready to move his beak to attack me again while I was already bleeding from various places when I heard the sound of another carriage close by.Bookmark here

I took a shard of glass in my hand and pointed it towards the bird.Bookmark here

“Come closer and i promise i will not hesitate to kill you by my own hands.'' I warned the bird who was glaring at me.Bookmark here

It moved closer and I used the shard straight at his wings, shredding a few feathers in the process.Bookmark here

“Koo kooo.” it started screaming loudly and I chuckled.Bookmark here

“Why didn't I warn you before?” wherever it tried to come closer i hit it again and again until it gave up and flew away with a loud shrill.Bookmark here

I was surprised as i was not expecting it give up when i heard the coachman say,Bookmark here

“My lady, we are here.”Bookmark here

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