Chapter 11:


I watched Life Spring into my eyes

I don't really understand why I wanted to write this novel. But I started the first chapter all the way back in my senior year of high school, where I didn't continue it for about a couple of years until now--my college sophomore days. I never thought I was actually going to finish the story idea but the MALXHoneyfeed competition allowed me to dig into its roots, so thank you MAL and Honeyfeed. 

As most of you may know, the main and most obvious inspiration for this novel was really the anime "Your lie in April." I wanted to replicate the hurt and solitude that existed in that show and how beautiful it was in showing the brevity of life. However, I of course took a sort of different road. I wanted the minimal interaction that Ari and Theo had to be a main point in the story since it really just shows the ways that reality may work, or as a matter of fact how we don't know the way reality works. We can never guess how fate works and we can never know in what chapter of life we meet someone.

Onto my raw view of my own light novel!  (:D)

I want to start by thanking anyone and everyone who read or even grazed the existence of this light novel. This was my first time writing such a long piece and, midway I realized that the deadline was coming in fast and that I probably wouldn't have time to explore the rom-com tropes in their full overused beauty. My timing was horrible, my plot wasn't the best and the characters were flat. However, this was my first story, and for this reason, I love it, I love every bit of error I made and every bit of exploration I tried with it. This was such an amazing opportunity and I look forward to making another light novel!

And with that, I just want to say to everyone, enjoy anything and everything you do. Find the silver lining. Even if it wasn't the best or the outcome you want...enjoy every bit of the process because you only live through it once. 

So now I say to you, Goodbye.

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