Chapter 21:

Epilogue: A Crash Landing

The Fall of Prince Hayashi

One year later.....Bookmark here

Ring...Bookmark here

Ring.. Bookmark here

Ring...Bookmark here

I picked up my phone. "Hello?" Bookmark here

"Souta! Thank goodness you picked up!" Satomi shouted on the other end. The sound of a door slamming closed rung through the phone. "I think I forgot to pick up milk on the way back from university! Can you pick up some for us?" Bookmark here

"Again?" I asked. "How much milk are you drinking?" Bookmark here

"Well, it's for me and for Custard," she said. "He loves milk for some reason." Bookmark here

"Although you shouldn't'' really give cats milk at all?"Bookmark here

"I think he'll be fine with a little!" she argued. "Anyways, just go get some! See you later tonight." Bookmark here

I smiled. "See you later." Bookmark here

She dropped the phone, I fixed my backpack behind me. Bookmark here

One year had passed since I met Satomi and Mori, and one year had passed since I last went to Kumano. Me and Satomi admitted our feelings for each other the day before I left to get back home to Onomichi, much to Mori's amusement. That's when I offered for her to live with me in Onomichi, together in an apartment off the university campus. Who would have thought she would have said yes so quickly? Or that we'd slip into living together so easily? Bookmark here

Luckily, she doesn't slap me or kick me at all anymore. Unless I say something totally stupid that is. Bookmark here

We even got our cat, Custard together. A small calico kitten, barely a year old. She was calm, cool, and apparently, a big-milk fan. Bookmark here

Mori went back to the United States, but not without meeting up with his uncle for the first time since three years ago. He enjoyed the states, to the point where he planned on working and living there after university. Him and his girlfriend were cute together. She opened up a side to him that none of us thought existed: a sweet, happy side. Mori had moved on completely, finally making his account public and reconnecting with his high school friends. Bookmark here

Me and Satomi lived in Onomichi together, making new friends and meeting each others parents. Kota would have always have a part in our lives, as being the reason we met in Kumano a year ago. But as for his force on us, he lived in the past we both decided to keep behind us. A new, shiny future together. One that we both deserved since that day we met a year ago. Bookmark here

The endBookmark here

Author Notes:Bookmark here

Hello! It's Zen! I'm so happy to bring this story to an end (although I did imagine a different ending early on in my story planning). I hope you all enjoyed this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it. I do hope this piece could win the contest, but there's a lot of good competition in this contest! Bookmark here

As for my future plans, I don't plan on writing another piece any time soon. But I do have an idea for an isekai manhwa type piece. Yet, college is my top priority. I'll let you all know if that idea becomes an actual story or not. Bookmark here

Please follow me on instagram: @zen.writing for more updates on my writing! Thank you all for reading and I hope you had an amazing time reading this book!Bookmark here

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