Chapter 1:

Death has arrived

Living with the living

"Y-yer majesty?"

The king suddenly jolts awake after falling asleep on his throne and with a loud, deep and bellowing voice that rumbles the entire room says,

"W-what is it?!"

"Y-y-y-you have a visitor."

The king sighs deeply.

Let them in.

The little creature scurries off quickly and slams the door behind them. followed by quick-paced steps that sound like heels moving toward the door.

The door suddenly slams back open and out steps a tall slender woman with sullen features. her black as coal hair flying down to her ankles, covered in dirt and grime.

With a raspy and venomous voice, she says,

"Look at you! You've done nothing for weeks but sit there and watch those wretched souls grovel at your feet!"

"Persephone please go away."

"No! you have a damn job to do so get off your ass!"

The king sighs again.

"Don't you think theirs more for us out there? I mean all these people tell me about the amazing lives they had. They tell me about adventures, love, families, and celebrations. Don't you want those things?"

"Are you shitting me?! Have these fools really gotten to you after all these years? You have a job to do. So get off your butt, those poor souls won't rule themselves."

With much trepidation the king slowly stands and walks to the door, looking behind him he sees his queen sit down on his throne and cross her legs with a sly and evil grin. 

Slowly the king opens and shuts the door behind him with as much dramatic sadness as possible, and as soon as the door shuts shows a large toothy grin. 


He once again grabs the handle with a firm grip and with only a moment of concentration melts the handle shut.

'I only have a few minutes'.

Quickly running the cavernous hallways the king looks over his shoulder at every turn. moans and screams coming from every door and hallway.

'Left, left, right, left, right, right, right, left, right, left, left.'

He finally comes to a large golden door and slams it behind him. inside her finds himself in a small room the size of a prison cell with nothing but a mirror and a small ring in the middle. 

"This is my only chance."

Quickly grabbing and putting on the ring the king smiles in relief.

After a moment of silence, he looks into the mirror. his large dark figure scares even him. 

Then finally his figure melts down, his large teeth and horns turn into generic brown hair and clean white teeth, his dark gothic armor turning into black civilian clothes, his height diminishes to a meager 5'5", and finally his bulky body turns into a rather scrawny and weak physique.

With a voice like gold, he says,

"Not perfect, but I can work with this."

looking at the ring the king cant help but grin with glee.

"It's finally time for me to choose my own role."

After another moment of hesitation, he chants, 

"כי אני אל המוות, לשלוח אותי אל העולם לעיל"

A dark void suddenly surrounds him and a tornado like wind blows against the walls around him. Just as his body fades away, for a moment he can hear the door slam open.

The king slowly opens his eyes to see himself on a grassy hill overlooking a large city, his bare feet sinking into the thick cut grass.

With a smile he realizes...

Azrael, the god of the underworld, for the 1st time in history, stands in the mortal realm of the living.


Living with the living