Chapter 11:

The Lie Part One

I Found A Homeless Girl

Saturday 8:00 A.M:Bookmark here

Saturday, one of the best days of the week, an entire day to yourself to do whatever you want. My perfect Saturday always starts off with sleeping in, eating an amazing breakfast made by Hona, playing a few games, reading love manga and studying. Now, I know that last one might sound boring to most people but, it's something I enjoy, I mean that's what my parents sent me to a new school to do anyways and well I might have forgotten about that.  Bookmark here

*Tweet,Tweet, Tweet* (Sound Of Birds In The Morning)Bookmark here

(Yawn) Ahhh the start of another perfect Saturday. (Nagata turns his body over to see Neno sleeping by him naked). "Whaaaa ahhhhhh, Ne......Neno.... !!!!!  Bookmark here

(Nagata Falls Off The Bed)Bookmark here

"Owww, that hurt."Bookmark here

"Mmmmmmm, why are you being so loud Yu-kun .....I was trying to sleep...(Yawn). Bookmark here


" Well, I thought you would be happy having a girl sleeping with you........Plus your bed is super comfy..hehe. "Bookmark here

(Nagata turn around quickly)Bookmark here

 "Well whatever, just, can you out some clothes on at least...?"Bookmark here

 " Fine....I guess... "  "Okay, you can turn around now."Bookmark here

 "Honestly, next time you come in my room tell m- ..........AHHH NENOOOOO, YOUR ONLY WEARING A PANTIES! Bookmark here

(Neno comes closer to him)Bookmark here

" You should be happy a girl is willing to show her body to's ride to not look because if a girl mustards up the courage she's comfortable around you and if you don't it's embarrassing...... "Bookmark here

"I can't help it you surprised me and I'm still new to this......"Bookmark here

(Neno leans her breast on Nagata's back and hugs him) ( bloop)  "I love you Yu-kun!" Bookmark here

"Um well ...... I have to take a shower so uh........(Nagata gets to get up but she's up smiling and falling on Neno) Bookmark here

Ow, are you okay Ne........(Nagata looks down at Neno and sees her embarrassed face) "I....I'm so sorry........I did not mean to do that I....I will just go.......(Neno grabs his shirt and pulls him down to kiss him)       "Mmmmmmm,uh,mmmmmmm,eh.......hmmmmmm Bookmark here

Onee-chan your cute sister has news........ Huh ........EHHHHHHHH.Bookmark here

"Hona, it's not what you think I just smiled and fell and welll.....uh. "THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE AND ACCIDENT...... ONEE-CHAN IS A PERVERT!!!!Bookmark here

"NO, I'm not.....Neno tell her I smiled and fell!" " Yu-kun slipped and fell, but he used my breast to break his fall. " "HUH, YOU KNOW THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT DON'T SAY IT LIKE I WANT TO!" Bookmark here

( Neno socks her Tongue and smiles, hehe)Bookmark here

 "I new it onee-chan is a PERVERT!"Bookmark here

" What your not listening..... "Bookmark here

Bookmark here

(Later down stairs)Bookmark here

"By the way onee-chan, mom and dad called and they said there coming into town to visit and they are staying with us for the weeken."Bookmark here

 (Ding Dong)Bookmark here

"What, I have not told them we have a girl living in our house.....and worse(I have forgotten to study) "Hey Hona, Neno.....come hear."Bookmark here

" What Onee-chan I need to get the door mom and dad are here......Bookmark here

"I need your help, we need to hire Neno so I need you to go hire her why I get the door, also....... mom and dad sent me here to study and which I have done nothing of that, sooo, Hona I need you to help me lie..... So here's the plan............"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

 Bookmark here

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