Chapter 6:

Epilogue: Discovery

Forbidden Words

It was just the next day after the horrible incident. An incident I miraculously survived.

I was in a hallway leading to an only room. Above the door, there were two words that informs the people going in on it. It says Investigating Room.

As I went nearer, my heartbeats started going faster. I was trying to remember everything that happened during the incident yesterday. And as I recall more memories from it, the more I felt sad and scared.

I stopped in front of the door and breathed out loud.

"Oh, you're out there? Please come in."

I jolted a little when I heard the voice inside, but as he told me to, I entered the room.

Inside the room were two sofas and a glass-made table in the middle of it. The room was also well-lit and more objects with good designs surrounded the room. A truly comfortable room as opposed to what I was imagining earlier where there were only two plastic monoblocks, a wooden table, and a hanging light that barely lit up the room.

Seating on the sofa was a guy named Dominick, or at least based on his small name tag around his chest. He has golden hair that is well-groomed, skin that was so white, and a sharp nose that definitely showed his race. He was wearing a black format suit that would please ladies with just its appearance. All in all, and with a smile, he was someone you'll definitely trust to share some personal stories.

"Please sit." He pointed to the unoccupied sofa in front of him to which I sit on.

"I've already read the papers you've submitted. So I'll just confirm some things on it." He spoke so well I could only nod. "You've written there that the intruder had some people with him?"

I touched my temple with my index finger, thinking that it would help me remember things from the incident. "Yeah, I heard it from the radio. My memory was a little hazy but I think I heard from the radio that there's a small guy with them that was hard to catch up with as he runs from them. It was unclear if it's true but they've said that there's also one on the second floor who manages to sneak."

As I spoke, he got a little notebook and a pen. It looked like he was marking on it as I describe the two other people I've heard.

"I see. Now going forward, about the tall guy, He announced his name as Mahika?"

"Yes! I won't forget his name! He's a person that truly represents an insane killer. He's the one who almost took all of us in there!" Hearing that name again felt like there was a button pushed on me to be active in the conversation. "He was so strong that he was able to break our batons with just his bare hands. He also took many armed guards by just himself!"

Mr. Dominick first sipped on the tea in front of him and after taking it down, he nodded as he listens to my claims. "And this Mahika guy somehow survived a shot from you to his heart?"

"I know this is unbelievable, but please believe my words. But it is still clear in memory that when I shot him on his heart, his wounds healed mysteriously and the bullet came out it!" I was so eager to tell him this part of my story that I started standing up as I explained it with actions.

"Sorry, but can you explain it more in detail?"

That question forced me back to my senses. I finally noticed that I was rudely standing in front of him and started raising my voice so I tried to calm myself and sit down again. "Sorry about that." He only waved his hands as if saying that he did not mind it. "But what do you mean by more detail?"

He held his chin with his hands that were holding the pen. "Hmmm, let me change my question. Before it happened, did he repeat some words you said at those moments?"

Even though he changed it, going more specific on his question just surprised me. But I still tried to remember those moments. "I can't remember the words specifically, but I think he did."

After hearing it, I felt like his face got more serious as he note something in his notebook. After writing on the notebook, he returned it with the pen to his side then he reached for his phone. "I'm gonna make a call but I still have some questions for you so please feel free to drink the tea for now." He pointed to the second hot tea that was nearer to me.

"I-i see. Then I will." I reached for it and put it near to my mouth. Before taking a sip, I blew some air to cool it first. While I was drinking it, I can't help myself not to listen as he talked to the person on the phone.

"Yeah, It's the place where Dr. Tokuichi was hiding. And we had lost his contact with him they're definitely the same person as they were described." He paused for a second, maybe as he listened to the other side before talking again. "But I have news to you... It looks like they somehow have a share of the new weapon... Yeah, that one... I'm not sure too but this is a big discovery for us... Yeah, so we should hurry to report it to others."

He took a sip on the tea as he listened more to the person on the other side. "So I'm recommending to change our plan. I now want to publicize the weapon to the whole world and make every country lean on us... I know. It's limited but that just gave us a reason to reasoned it out as naming as more valuable... Yeah, but for now I'm sending a scout on them, but if he somehow took them out, then that's better."

He said more but it looked like it was just their way of farewells.

He took the phone down and came back to me. "Sorry about that, now coming back to you. My next question had a lesser thing to do with the incident but more about you."

It made me wonder what was the reason for it, yet I accepted it. "What is it?"

"Say, do you have any relatives?"

"Most of my relatives had already died from the recent civil war so I'm already living on my own. Why do you ask?"

It felt like his face brightened up after hearing it. "Ah no, nothing, I just got curious." He took another sip as he looked at my empty cup then asked another question after. "Saaay, You really hate this Mahika guy, right?"

Without mere seconds, I quickly replied. "I do, I definitely do! If given a chance, I'll surely take a revenー" I wasn't able to end my sentence as I felt dizzy and nearly fell if I did not manage to support myself with my arm.

"Revenge?... Then I guess you'll definitely like our gift for you." He smiled bewitchingly but it was far from the smile you'll be comfortable with.


That was the last word I could manage to voice, then after that, everything around me got dark and my body felt numb. I wasn't sure I remember it correctly, but I felt like my body fell down from the sofa that gave the signal to sleep.

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