Chapter 24:

The end of reality

Waking up in a new world without any memories

"Back away! I'll take her all by myself!", Taiki ordered his friends and entourage. Without even hesitating a second, the two remaining followers of Orax raced towards Taiki, who beheaded the two with a quick sword blow. The heads flew from their bodies and their lifeblood splashed out of their bodies. As a result, her bodies fell to the ground. Before Orax could cast a spell, a black portal appeared behind him, dragging him in. The magician wanted to defend himself, but this was not crowned with success. Shadow arms devoured him. "You may have defeated me as you took my power from Maledicti, but you will never defeat my goddess! It doesn't matter, if I die. She will give me her grace!", Said Orax haughtily, with Taiki replying in a dark voice: "Don't worry! You will not die! You will only suffer as my slave for all eternity until you go completely insane! This will finally pay off your debts to my fallen comrades! And now get out of my sight!" Without giving him a moment to say anything, he was dragged into darkness, after which that portal closed. 

Shortly afterwards, he turned to Chizu, who grinned happily as the darkness engulfed him more and more. In Taiki, anger was ignited. The God of mortal sins oversized him. All of a sudden, Taiki rushed forward and swung his sword at the goddess, who was able to fend off the attack. With a quick blow, the goddess wanted to attack the young boy. But Taiki ducked. As a result, their attacks became so fast that their movements could hardly be seen with the naked eye. Everyone in the room watched the fast fight with their mouths open. Lightning hissed through the area. The flame of hatred swallowed the room. The floor was torn open. Hurricanes raged in the throne room. Immediately, all spectators went to the edges of the room, otherwise they would have been hit by one of the spells. You could see that Chizu had a lot of fun fighting taiki. 

Their collective power was so strong that the space was even curved. Time stopped. The world turned grey. Only Taiki and Chizu could move freely, as their power was strong enough. Suddenly, their forces collided. Power gathered in the center. "Good! Keep going! Unleash your wrath and destroy this world! I create another dimension where everything repeats itself again! Become the new demonking, until I summon a new person who will kill you and then performing this fight with me again!", Laughed Chizu. But Taiki did not think of destroying this world, so he restrained his powers. But out of the blue,Taiki was thrown back, causing him to bang hard against the wall. Everything hurt. He felt weak. "Haha! And I thought you were going to kill me! Then I have to destroy you and summon a new person!", Said Chizu slightly disappointed. 

The goddess stood right in front of him. She clenched her strength and she wanted to cast a powerful spell on him. Taiki got up breathing heavily. He didn't want to give up now. "There must be a way to kill her without destroying the world!", The young boy pondered. All at once, he rolled to the side and stepped aside from Chizu. Before Chizu could use another spell, Taiki fired a shadow at her, which captured her. Suddenly, she no longer felt any strength. "What is this? Where did you get this power from?!", Chizu was frightened, because she knew the magic. "I'm not going to kill you! I steal your magic through my titles! I will make you one of my subordinates and you will obey me without rebuttal until your debt is settled!", Replied Taiki, to which chains chained Chizus arms and legs and neck to Taiki. She was bound to him. When the goddess wanted to use a spell, nothing happened. Time went on. The world received its colors.

The shadow cage and the fire of hatred disappeared. All spectators grown stiff after they saw Chizu panting in endeavour, as she received an electric shock, because she wanted to attack Taiki again. "This will happen from now on every time you try to contradict me or disobey me! I have taken all your power! And now it's all mine!",Taiki turned to the now powerless half-demon. "You will soon be destroyed, you piece of crap! I will never obey you!", She shrieked, after which she received another electric shock. "You will now tell me, if there are other gods beside you, because I want to either enslave or destroy them all, if they also have the same ideas as you or are also as cruel as you! I will also seize those dimensions, because that is my right! It will be my property! I am the king of the seven deadly sins, the most powerful of this world and the enslaver  of all gods! I shape reality the way I want! I shape everything the way I want! I am not rejecting the spirit of hatred, but I am harmonicing with it!", He now turned to all the people in the throne room who could not believe their ears, because they did not expect that from Taiki. 

Akito and Lora are shivering. Der nobelman didn`t ressist anymore and gave Akira to Taiki who smiled happily. Not even Chizu, who could now feel for herself what it is like to have no power and to be desperate.

The end or not?