Chapter 23:

Taikis revenge rises

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Both the wolf pack and each demonheads knelt before Taiki. They saw him as a full-fledged leader. But suddenly Sasori, Bertinoff and a squad of soldiers ran to Taiki, nervously raising their swords. "There is no need for you to raise your swords against them. I command all demons to stop all fighting immediately! From now on, there will be peace. I have now absorbed all the power of the demonking, which is why I am much more powerful than him! I want to visit Leiko and Leika, as well as the princess who has proclaimed herself Queen of this country, am I not right, Lora?", Taiki said as he turned towards the end in a certain direction, where the current queen stood. "Is there a problem, Taiki? I mean.....I'm the last member of the royal family......So who else should become ruler of this country?", The queen wondered when she fully dissolved her spell and was now in front of Taiki. "That may be.......However, I doubt that you didn't have your fingers in the pie! As we were accused of treason, you were the only one, and Eliphas, who did neither look like that you were influenced by a spell, nor had you the impression that you had a guilty conscience! You must have enjoyed the sight of our despair, haven't you? You must have imagined how we all suffered and then died after hours of torture, right?", Taiki asked the queen, who seemed slightly insecure. 

"This must all be an imagination of you! There are much more important things to do, for example the Elvenkingdom, as they may still be or want to be at war with us!", Lora tried to change the subject, with Taiki then saying: "This will not be necessary because, as I know Leiko and Leika, they certainly do not want to wage war with the humans and the demons, especially when they hear that there is a person in the realms of the warriors who was even more powerful than the demonking! They will surely soon enter the castle of yours and make a truce! The deal will certainly be such that the elvensiblings talk themselves out of it in such a way that they receive the least penalty and at the same time get best result for themselves and then I will show them what they get for their betrayal!" With every word Taiki said, his voice became deeper. So they made their way to the throne room to discuss what will happen next. Lora sat on the throne. Next to her was the main commander on the left and Akito and Akira on the right. Taiki stared darkly at Akito as he pawed the elf all the time. 

Lord Bütlenberg, Baron Robin and Sasori knelt before the princess, who now had a crown on her head. She was crowned queen, which made Taiki feel queasy. Taiki stood in front of the queen with his entire group. The wolf pack with Felia, Nodin and Osiris, the demonheads Namrai, Larah and Rex and Taiki's own friends Rya, Cyril, Ikarus, Tsuyoshi and Chizu were all behind Taiki. Only Hebior meandered on the young boy. He also did not want to leave the side of his new master. "I propose a peace that will last for eternity! I will take care of the kingdom of demons from now on!", Now the young boy began to speak. But Lora just smiled and replied: "And how do you intend to repair the damage caused by the demons in my kingdom?" Taiki then said: "I will of course provide you with some men who will help you with the damage and we should also consider signing a peace treaty!" However, the current queen was rather less impressed by this and replied: "That's all well and good, but in my view it's far from enough. How do you intend to pay me the men who have fallen in this war and the money that these battles cost? In addition, a certain part of your country would belong to me, since the demons lost the war. The elves would also have to give me a part of their land."

"How dare you...", Larah began to complain, with Taiki interrupting her with a hand gesture and then apologizing: "Forgive her behavior." The wolf pack growled slightly annoyed because the queen had too many wishes. Then Namrai flew to his king and whispered in his ear:"If you will, my Majesty. We could simply destroy everyone in this room and take up this realm right away." "As tempting as that may sound, Namrai, but I want a final peace, because too much blood has already been shed," Taiki denied the demon's suggestion. "We'll see what we can do.", The young boy then turned to Lora. But she didn't seem satisfied. Taiki had to pull himself together quite a bit, as his gaze constantly turned to Akito, who was groping Akira immorally. He literally took the final straw. Then Taiki continued: "In addition, I would also buy your slave free and put her in my service. I thought that was fine as long as you got the right amount of money." Akito briefly stopped touching the elf, who now looked relieved, as she herself knew that it would only have consequences, if she did something against the nobleman. 

"That's true, but I've changed my mind! I don't want to sell her because I have many duties for her to fulfill.", Akito replied. This only enraged the young boy even more, which could be seen in his eyes. "Calm down a bit. Let's just punish him calmly.", A voice sounded in his head all of a once. It was the dark Taiki, who now wanted to expand the desires of the young boy. "I made a promise! And I would pay any price you want.", Taiki said hastily. However, Akito replied: "Then give me the demonkingdom." When everyone involved heard the request, everyone was frightened, especially the demonheads, knowing what to expect, if Taiki accepted the offer. The young boy found himself between the devil and the deep blue sea. He could not simply tell the fate of so many living beings from this country, where most of them were still innocent. Namrai and Rex were about to get argue when Taiki replied: "I'm sorry! I will not pass on this realm, especially not to you! However, I would be willing to give you a lot of money!" However, Akito waved it off: "Then we just don't have a deal." Taiki was enraged. The anger burned in his veins.

Before the young boy could argue any further, he was interrupted when suddenly Leiko, Leika, Admeus, Lord Bachus and Lord Tenor burst into the throne room. "My queen, we rushed as fast as we could! We also always wanted peace. But unfortunately, Lord Bachus, Lord Tenor and Lord Amor conspired against us and murdered our father and imprisoned us! However, we were able to escape with the help of our bodyguard!" The two elves, who had just been accused of high treason, were shocked. They had thought they were coming along to negotiate peace. When Tenor wanted to object, Taiki shouted with resentment: "So that's the way it is! You want to punish someone again for your crimes! You really are awful! You should get the death penalty, you miserable dung cattle!" Leika was silent. She had been acting weirdly since the death of her father. She was very afraid of her own brother. "How dare you, Taiki, to talk to me in that way! I am the elvenking! You should learn some manners!" enraged Leiko. 

"I condemn you to death! Admeus! Kill him for insulting me!", Then commanded the elvenking, whereupon Admeus immediately sprinted into battle. The demons and the wolves wanted to stop the elf from attacking their master, but Taiki waved them off. The elf came closer and closer to the young boy. Taiki's entourage made way for them  to fight. He comfortably pulled out his blade. "Now, I can finally show who the strongest ist!", Thought Admeus. All of a sudden, their blades clank on each other. But suddenly, Taiki swung his blade so fast that no one really noticed the attack. Taiki's attack was so powerful that it divided the elven's sword into two. "What the.....", Admeus began to speak. He hasn't quite realized what was happening. But out of the blue the elven's head flew into the air to the feet of the elvenking, who was startled. "How did you do that with just two strokes?! That's impossible?! Who are you?!", Startled Leiko. No one could believe how quickly the actually strong warrior was dead. From Admeu's headless body, the blood burst out. After a few seconds, the body fell to the ground and a river of his claret made its way to the elvenking, who then stumbled. His limbs flickered.

The elves were faced with a monster that could kill them in seconds. "You still have a debt to settle, Leiko and Leika! You will serve me and so will every elves!", Taiki said in a dark voice. "And so will every human!", Taiki turned to Lora in a threatening voice. Bertinoff and Sasori immediately drew their swords, fearing that Taiki would attack the queen. But instead, Taiki raced forward blazing fast and grabbed Akito by the collar. He began to choke him slightly. "Are you releasing your slave now?", Taiki kindly asked the nobleman with a nasty smile. He pressed so hard against his neck that Akito couldn't answer. Bertinoff and Sasori wanted to intervene, but Hebior stopped them by projecting a shadow wall in front of them. Tsuyoshi, Cyril and Icarus looked contentedly at Taiki, who gave the nobleman what he trully deserved. 

Only Rya looked slightly uncomfortable at the young boy, as he was consumed by a darkness. The elves of Leiko were grown stiff. They could not move. It was as if something was holding them. When the dragon girl wanted to intervene, a monster suddenly burst into the throne room. It was the former demonking presumed to be dead. Namrai, Rex and Larah were particularly shocked to see him, especially since Baaz and the airvalkyrie died and they thought that he also was gone. When Taiki saw Maledicti, he let Akito go and rushed forward to the monster. Akito breathed heavily. He was in shock. He was afraid of that monster that nearly killed him and that he had allies that could easily fend of a warrior like Bertinoff. The skeleton's eyes sparkled fiery red, as did his irrepressible hatred of the young boy. "I want to kill you! I want to slaughter you! You did this to me! I want revenge! I want revenge, Taiki Wakanabe!" 

All at once, the demon shreded such a powerful lightning storm on the group that it threw everyone around, except Taiki, who remained steadfast and murmured annoyed: "I have enough of this crap! Ruler of Gluttony! Out of the blue, a dark shadow poured out of taiki, clutching Malediciti. Then a light from the demon hissed into the young boy. Maledicti could not move. "So Orax had his fingers in the pie again.", Taiki noted, as he sucked out the new magic of Maledicti. He screamed in agony. He writhed in front of the pain. He suffered. It didn't take long for the light to leave him. Next, his body fell to the ground. "Finally, get out of your dirty hiding place already, Orax and his two followers, who survived Chizu! I have sensed you for a long time! I knew what you did with Maledicti, but now you have no way to escape! The road ends here" Taiki said to the hidden people, who suddenlydisolved their magic and appeared next to the entrance of the throne room. 

"And you can also reveal your true identity, Chizu, or should I rather say goddess Chizu, who brought me here, just like Maledicti before!", He turned to the half-demon, who grinned contentedly. Everyone was in shock. The strongest fighter was actually an goddess. "Finally, you have figured it out! And that's why our coveted fight will now begin! I've been waiting so long for you to finally be strong enough and to fell into that dark abyss, so that you spirit of revenge will burst out of you and destroy everything in order to become the new demonking, but you've even done something far more interesting! You were able to connect the spirit of revenge with you peacefully!", Chizu congratulated. At a single blow, she snapped her fingers, after which a shadow turned the entire room into a cage. "This space is impenetrable! Nothing can go in or out, except Taiki defeats me! Let´s get started!", Laughed the half-demon in delusion.