Chapter 1:



I kept on running, speeding, in attempt to escape the fire inside of me. I let my feet carry me to wherever it will take me until I collapsed on the ground, heaving and sweating heavily.
“What’s happening to me?” I asked myself as I clutched my sides.
The doctors said it was just flu, as the tests imply, but I know it’s not. I’ve had this fever with extraordinary temperature readings for weeks. And no matter what medicine I intake nothing ever helps. There are days that I can tolerate the burning emanating from inside of me, but there were specific days which I can’t, like this day.
I was starting to adapt to my almost 112 degree Fahrenheit temperature when things turned worse. It felt as if there’s an open fire in the pit of my stomach burning all of my innards. I clutched my chest as a terrible heartburn began, making me gasp for air. I curled into fetal position to ease out the pain, but it’s futile. I was still trying to recover when a sharp blazing knife like burn, cut through me, making me scream.
I regained my senses after the fire inside me subsided, regaining all my senses, I was welcomed by the malicious crackle of flames around and then the burning from my surroundings reached my skin.

“What would they do with an orphan?” a first voice in baritone reached my ears.
“I don’t know,” a second voice replied. “Let’s not question our client’s decisions.”
Client. I know I heard them right. The orphanage is going to sell me? Then it all came back to me, I was kidnapped. I was kidnapped for fairly unknown reasons that even the kidnappers weren’t aware of. My reverie was broken when someone pulled on my hair.
“The girls awake!” he informed his companions, making two buff men walk towards my prone and exposed form. “Why don’t we play with her for a while?”
My heart started racing as I cipher the easy to decode message in the glint shining in their eyes and the smug smirks in their lips.
“Please don’t hurt me,” I begged them.
“This will only hurt for a bit,” one of them uttered. “You’ll be enjoying what we’re about to do to you in no time.”
With their first forceful contact with my skin everything went black. I never knew what happened, but when I became aware I was already dripping wet; the roof was blown away, the ground was cracked, everything was wrecked. When I averted my attention at the ground I saw my abductors passed out with burn marks all over their body. Bookmark here

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