Chapter 63:



1. Lokesh Kumar became one of the greatest players in NBA history in his long career. He and his teammates won 11 championships for the Spacewalkers.

Nobody dared to call Houston a failed team anymore.

2. Lokesh went on to marry Neha. They have two kids: a daughter, and a son.

3. After his retirement, Lokesh became the head coach of the Indian National Basketball Team, training them for international tournaments. So he did get a government job, just not in the usual way.

4. Lokesh also works to promote basketball in India.

5. Kobayashi Ichikawa was called by many as the best point guard in Spacewalkers history.

6. After his retirement, Kobayashi became the president of the Japan Basketball Association.

7. Kobayashi also started his own organization called The Ichikawa Kenji Foundation, named after his late father. The organization aims to help improve Japan’s overworking office culture, and make work life better for every citizen. His efforts have been praised by the Japanese government.

8. Odai Beckham Jr went down as the most dominant power forwards ever.

9. After his retirement, Odai started a program called. “Hoops for All” where he aimed to reform prisoners through sports. The organization also aims to get African-American children into sports and off the streets.

10. Odai also helps organize tournaments in orphanages and prisons, looking for new talent.

11. Danny Reynolds and Eva never split up again. They stayed together till the end.

12.Dan managed to send both Alice and Benjamin to college.

13. Dan later went on to become the Mayor of Seattle City.

14. Keon Jordan Jr retired as the most finessed center in NBA history.

15. After his retirement, Keon became a TV analyst for TNT.

16. Keon also organized basketball camps all over Africa, looking for new players and new talent.


1. After two more years of defeat, Team Baltimore split up and broke apart.

2. Stan and Petar Varga had below-average careers.

3. Jared McRod was traded to Los Angeles, where he would win a championship later with Josef Biely.

4. Josh Okongo was bounced around the league for a long time. Once he mended his attitude, he won a championship before he retired. He won with Lewis Ronald and the Las Vegas Decks.

5. Deandre Washington was arrested for DUI and illegal possession of firearms.

Interesting fact: The novel, 64, has sixty four chapters.


1. Lokesh, Dan, Kobayashi, Odai, and Keon were all inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

2. Terry Parker went on to coach a team in the Canadian Basketball League. They love him there.

3. Lokesh, Kobayashi, Odai, and Keon stayed in Houston for the rest of their careers.


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