Chapter 0:


The Raven of Rowe

The Gold and Red. The first Great War of Gaia. The gods were created to be perfect, as were man and mer. However, nothing can truly be perfect. The gods were tyrannical, playing sick games and ordering sacrifices just for fun. The Great War seemed impossible to win, but the combined army charged on, led by the king of the elves and the heroes of man. Bookmark here

When the dust settled, this mortal army defeated the gods. The then prince of the elves took the blade and crown of his father and stood beside the new king of men, the Hero of Rowe. Bookmark here

The elves left the old kingdom behind, seeking greener pastures, and for a time, man lived together in peace. But, this did not last, and the land was segmented into six kingdoms: Rowe; Alden; Regalia; Vardar; Ezo and Phaxi. Each created their own dynasties and fought for power. Bookmark here

Hundreds of years on from the segmentation, the flames of war still burned brightly. A group of warriors gained fame, they cleaved their way through every opposition they faced their leader was stern faced, he shot down all who challenged him without even breaking a sweat. But once the wars ended, they vanished as quickly as they appeared.Bookmark here

No one truly knows where they are to this day, but they are out there. Bookmark here

Quite recently, there was a discovery in the Whispering forest, north of Rowe… a stone tablet, etched with symbols of the first beings. A great evil lives amongst us, and when it makes its move, this world will be in grave danger. But, a great warrior will arrive, armed with a black bow, and will save us all.Bookmark here

The Raven of Rowe

Sen Kumo
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