Chapter 23:


Dive into the Night

Heyyo, Bookmark here

Thanks for reading through Dive into the Night. This is the first novel I have ever written so I do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.Bookmark here

When I started writing for this contest I only had around 3 weeks to write this entire story. I knew what kind of story that I wanted to tell, but the difficult part came when it was time to put thought into words. I stalled because I was unsure whether I could properly convey the feelings of the story through text.Bookmark here

I drew inspiration from many different sources when I wrote Dive into the Night, some of these manifested as subtle references to other media within the story, while others were drawn from life experiences I or people I know had gone through. For instance, the worlds of Persona 5, Nier:Automata, and Bloodborne were key inspirations for the world of Dive into the Night. I wanted to tell a story of change and of acceptance, being able to both acknowledge your past while not letting it define your future.Bookmark here

I hope that I will have the motivation to write more novels in the future as this has been a truly exciting experience. Although maybe without chugging multiple cans of espresso every day.Bookmark here

So until next time.Bookmark here

Thank you.Bookmark here

-RedialBookmark here

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